News items for Thurs. April 10 2014 – 1

1. A soldier at Fort Hood requests the basic right to self defense in the bloody wake of the most recent Ft. Hood slaughter.

“[T]his past Wednesday I found myself trapped in an enclosed room with fourteen of my fellow Soldiers, one of whom was barricading the door against a madman with a .45 pistol when he was fatally shot,” Mr. Cook wrote, The Blaze first reported.

“Through what I can only describe as a miracle, he somehow found enough strength to continue pushing against that door until the shooter gave up and went elsewhere, at which time he collapsed. Nearly a week later, I can still taste his blood in my mouth from when I and my comrades breathed into his lungs for 20 long minutes while we waited for a response from the authorities. This Soldier’s name was Sergeant First Class Daniel Ferguson, and his sacrifice loaned me the rest of my life to tell this story.

2. Muslim invaders turn Italian navy into escorts for the hostile forces of Islam.

(This may be the most brilliant military strategy of all time. Get the people who you are invading to make the mission of their armed forces to help you invade!)

3. UK: Jihadists as “Charity Workers”

The full truth is a bit more chilling, Sharif and his wife are supporters of ISIS, the leading Al-Qaeda-aligned group in Syria. Al Jazeera reports that in areas under ISIS control, “men [have]… been beheaded, their heads mounted on spikes. Children…slaughtered.” Other posts found on the couple’s Facebook pages include videos glorifying jihadi fighters; praise for late Al Qaeda leaders such as Abdullah Azzam and Anwar Al-Awlaki; and calls for an Islamic state.

The British media continues to label British Islamist volunteers who support jihadist movements in Syria as “charity workers.”

In December, the BBC aired a documentary about aid convoys to Syria, but – as reported by Gatestone Institute – neglected to inform viewers of the convoy volunteers’ support for jihadi “martyrs,” Al Qaeda operatives and extremist preachers.

4. Kim Jong Un re-elected as grand poobah of North Korea! by an ASTONISHING percentage of the vote!

Look at the people dancing spontaneously in the streets in celebration with reckless abandon!

No one could ever have planned that!

5. Did Obama appoint a ‘religious freedom’ tzar who feels sharia is superior to US constitutional law? If so, how would they reconcile the utter and total lack of religious freedom in Islamic states?

Engaging the American Muslim Community

Barack Obama has appointed a woman named Azizah Yahia Muhammad Toufiq al-Hibri to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. It is reported in this article here. That’s right, he’s appointed an extremist Muslim to a commission on religious freedom. Imagine that. This would be like appointing someone to the board of the American Lung Association who is a three-pack-a-day chain smoker.

Thank you Richard, UK Pete, EDL Buck, David Wood,

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8 Replies to “News items for Thurs. April 10 2014 – 1”

  1. #1 When you remove the tools necessary to implement a right you remove the right, in this case of self defense. It is credulous to think that our soldiers can’t be trusted with weapons, we need to restore the right of self defense to the soldiers serving around the world.

    #5 Every time Obama does anything on religion he increases the evidence he is a believing Moslem who hates Christianity.

  2. 1/
    I believe it was Bill Clinton who started this crap of turning U.S. military bases into gun-free zones, Bush didn’t change it and useless Obama has still not rectified it despite the first Fort Hood massacre.

  3. RE No 4, of course Kim jong younger would get100 per cent, whos dumb enough (And still breathing) to stand against him?

  4. 5/ They’ve pvned the prison system. Which is a huge subset of the black & hispanic population. Making them even more dangerous than they already are.

    Will POTUS even try to deny his real allegiance? Maybe we’ve already been hit harder than European countries. Somehow we elected the enemy to drive us straight to hell.

    I’m not going to blame my fellow Americans any more for falling under a spell, a curse. Shrewd enemy elites mapped out a strategy and the collective “we” fell victim to it. Not overnight but fast, so fast most people don’t realize what’s happened even now.

  5. Like a virgin: More Tunisians get pre-marriage ops

    It happens every April ahead of the summer marriage season, says Tunisian gynecologist Faouzi Hajri – desperate brides-to-be beg for surgery to make them “virgins” again for their wedding night.

    Fearing rejection as “used” women in a conservative Muslim country where premarital sex is nevertheless common, Tunisian women are increasingly opting for the sort of surgery

    […]The routine hospital operation takes around 30 minutes and costs from 400 to 700 euros ($550 to $960), […]The women he operates on — around 100 each year, aged between 18 and 45 — come with their faces hidden behind a scarf and dark glasses, “have a normal, active sex life”, and generally hail from working-class backgrounds.

    But conservative attitudes persist, and for many Tunisian men marrying a virgin remains a priority, hence the rising demand for hymen restorations.

    […] virginity is a primordial condition for marriage,”

    […]”If I had told my husband that I wasn’t a virgin, he would never have agreed to marry me. And it’s the same for many women in Tunisia.”

  6. USA – NC – Charlotte Islamic Academy

    Charlotte Islamic Academy is an AdvancEd® accredited comprehensive community school with college preparatory focus. Students are challenged academically and are inspired to become better citizens through their Islamic education.

    Our philosophy of education aims toward the fullest development of the potentialities of Muslim children to enable them to attain success in this life and in the Hereafter.

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