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1. In order to understand the new climate (in this rare instance the pun was genuinely unintended) of conclusion based reasoning modern leftists have forced back onto Western-civilization for arguably the first time since the enlightenment (communism notwithstanding of course) it helps to read this account of an actual scientist who is being bullied for failing to deny evidence and reason and support the misanthropic narrative.

H/T UK Pete

2. Mainstream Islam Sanctions Female “Circumcision”/Genital Mutilation of Muslim Women To Reduce Their “Concupiscence”

Prof Hasan’s note adds the following observations:

“Some Shafii scholars hold that circumcision of girls is obligatory, but others think that it is recommended. Ahmad b. Hanbal and some Maliki jurists hold that it is obligatory. Abu Hanifah maintains that it is recommended and not obligatory. Mali holds that it is recommended and not obligatory.”

The great Muslim polymath al-Jahiz (d, 869) noted that female circumcision was specifically employed as a means to reduce female “concupiscence,” unbridled lust—or mere sexual pleasure, derived from a fully intact clitoris:

3.  Aswan Egypt April 5 2014

Google Translate says this of the video above, showing that its related to the family feud posted here yesterday.

Video: the bloody battles between my family and Alhlaal Aldapodih Aswan
I am God and to him we shall return
Please pray for mercy for the dead and their families patience and fortitude and God is enough , and yes, the agent
Disrupted the morgue morgue Aswan and cause it to throw the bodies of the dead clashes Bani Hilal and Nubians on the land of the morgue for nearly three hours , especially that the refrigerator does not accommodate more than 12 bodies .

A paramedic confirmed that nearly eight bodies lying on the ground because the morgue refrigerator, and only one , and there were the bodies away from the other , saying they used the Department of Health and promised to fix them but to no avail .

The death toll as a result of the clashes since yesterday , between Nubians and Bani Hilal in Aswan , and reached the 22 deaths , after the fall of the three victims after renewed clashes since few , and fell dead bodies over the bridge straw entrance area of Khor Awada , the city of Aswan , which is the pool area Alhlaal .
Learn more about the cause of the problem from here

4. Here is an article about a very sick little sexual assault in the UK. Notice that they made an arrest and conviction in this case but do not name the perp. They do however, name and show a photo of a woman who was ejaculated on in public and without her prior knowledge but protect the identity of the sick fuck who did it. Fortunately another publication did name him. He is 23-year-old Mohammed Islam. Quelle surprise.

5. Here is a Bill Whittle video I missed from January 2010. It is a good epilogue for my favorite Bill W video on the Frankfurt school. Between the two videos explaining this communist subversion of Western thought it also goes some way to explaining this event that took place at Ottawa U just over a week ago. If memory serves, H/T to Yucki for this Whittle clip.

Thanks all for the material. More to come.


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  1. #1

    Imagine you are a brilliant young scientist working his way through graduate school with an eye to becoming a university professor and living a rich full life while pursuing the discipline you love. Imagine you have a lovely young wife and a baby on the way. Would you risk all that and doom yourself to becoming a low-paid instructor, without tenure and rotting with bitterness, all because you made a few politically incorrect comments about climate change? Would you have the guts to tell your pregnant wife that her life is going to be shit now, that she will never own her own house, that she did not marry a professor, and all because you just had to be Mr. Integrity and speak the truth about global warming? I don’t think so…

  2. Thanks for the link, Martin. It’s so unusual to see a politician who doesn’t lie with his every politically correct breath…

  3. 5/ It’s still confusing, maybe because I haven’t read any of the theory-heavy political stuff.

    But I certainly do know the Internationale when I hear it, as I did far too often in Spain. Usually paired with denunciations of the USA and its military bases.

    To be clear on this clip: These are communists. Where does fascism come into it? Franco’s Fascists – who still had a strong base after he died – were by no means singing the Internationale. (I wasn’t fond of them either. They still scared me to death.)

    Why not lump them together as the Totalitarian Twins?

  4. The 50% + of the classroom that specifically came to deny the basic right of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience to the organizers of the event characterize their opponents as fascists.

    I was attempting to point out that the actions of the disruptors, while in a rhetorical sense actually being fascist, are worse than fascists as they are also communists. That fascism technically allows for the means of production to be in private hands but for the benefit of the state. None of these people would allow that. Hence, worse than fascists.

  5. #1

    “Exact” sciences such as Physics and thermodynamics are far from “settled”.

    Climate so-called “science”, an amalgam of the above, plus all sorts computer modelling of processes ill understood, is of course “settled”. Thus confident forecasts can be made what the climate will be in 50 years time. #

    What one can predict with near certainty is that believing the “sky is falling” brigade, will lead tp global economic disaster. When that happens the alarmists will confidently state that the measures they advocated were not fully implemented. In fact, no matter what happens to the climate – no change, warmer, or colder, will be proof positive of AG Climate change.

    Climate Change, aka known as AGW before the name change became necessary, is just a method for redistributing Western wealth to Africa. Its the Leftists main motivation – bring down the West.

  6. Eeyore you are right about the lefts motivation, they are working hard to destroy the west and succeeding to an alarming extent, what they are forgetting is that when the worlds economy collapses (there are many more signs of this occurring every day) the social unrest will probably unseat the leftist governments they are counting on taking over the world.

  7. When future generations come to look back on the alarm over global warming that seized the world towards the end of the 20th century, he writes much will puzzle them as to how such a scare could have arisen.

    They will wonder why there was such a panic over a 0.4 percent rise in global temperatures between 1975 and 1998, when similar rises between 1860 and 1880 and 1910 and 1940 had given no cause for concern. They will see these modest rises as just part of a general warming that began at the start of the 19th century, as the world emerged from the Little Ice Age, when the Earth had grown cooler for 400 years.

    They will be struck by the extent to which this scare relied on the projections of computer models, which then proved to be hopelessly wrong when, in the years after 1998, their predicted rise in temperature came virtually to a halt.

    But in particular, Booker adds, they will be amazed by the almost religious reverence accorded to that strange body, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which by then will be recognised as having never really been a scientific body at all, but a political pressure group.


    How did the IPCC’s alarmism take everyone in for so long?
    Climate scaremongers are still twisting the evidence over global warming

  8. This AGW scam has changed its name to Climate Change, when the measured temperatures became impossible to maintain AGW.

    As usual, the so-called Climate “scientists??”, but actually Greenies, distort data, use the output of flawed computer models, and present it is as real measured data.They engage in alarms, which the BBC heartily magnify – Mediterranean climate in the UK, epidemic of mosquitoes and Malaria, millions of refugees, vanishing Himalayan glaciers,drowning polar bears, with each bear with an accusatory look at humans, etc etc. All of them were shown to be fictitious, and quickly replaced with new scares.

    Thjs agenda is not driven by Greenies but by globalist political elites. They have the power to tax us, and then use the monies to drive us into penury and paralysis

    The only way to defeat them is to drive them from power.

  9. This is a stupid question, so sue me!
    What does attack on free speech have to do with ownership of the means of production?
    At least to the bird-brain college set–?

  10. I was trying to make a subtle point. That these people shut down a speech by a very decent and kind person who was trying to raise awareness of inequality of the sexes as it pertains to men, and that these students accused her, and her supporters of being fascists.

    I was trying to say that these people are more totalitarian even than fascists. Most people got it. I am saying something which, by the way, is often true. That the advocates of a thing are often much worse than the thing they oppose. The disruptors in this case are not what we are, they are what they claim we are. Worse actually. Fascists are more liberal than these people are, as fascists at least believe that the means of production should be in private hands. Communists do not.

  11. Do you think any of them know anything about means of production?

    They’re just a blind, stupid force of hate. Point them at anyone, take off the leash, and say “Sic ’em!”
    Just dangerous animals.

  12. My snark wasn’t for them. it is for people who get it. Someday when some of these people grow up a little, they may look back on it and realize they are everything they fought against. But I shant hold up dinner waiting for that.

  13. Right.
    Few will grow up, the others will just grow older, become miserable, bitter entitlements junkies.

    There’s hope for the few, as they say ~ “I’m seein’ things from both sides now…” ~

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