One lone family in Western Canada bullies school till music teacher quits and causes demonstration in response.

Once again, for reasons that are less puzzling than they should be, the identity and religion of this one lone family is being protected. Let me make this as clear as I possibly can.

If Jewish people started being beaten up and killed in Vancouver and in every case it was a Nazi doing it, not saying that the person who did it was a Nazi in order to protect the dignity of the Nazi party does not do anyone any good at all. This is a clear case of forced pretending. Insisting that a pretend version of Islam exists which much be protected from its practitioners.

Thank you M for this story:

First, a link to a written version here with an excerpt:

Longstanding Dispute Leads To Public Rally In Support Of Discovery School Teachers -Wednesday-March 26th 4PM

This community has been emotionally bullied by one family, and the problem has escalated due to the School Board’s inability and refusal to deal with the problem.

The rally is also to support a teacher who has been harassed by the family and unjustly accused of racism on a Ministry of Education website. This teacher has not been able to return to work because of the unsafe situation.

The situation began 7 years ago at Ecole Mill Bay, with a family who had a kindergarten child.  Very soon the classroom teacher was accused of racism by the mother, for mentioning certain types of food and reading a story that mentioned pigs, […]

Above, the news story about it which was sanitized to near Orwellian proportions. The only hint was that they objected to Christmas and Easter and to mention of pigs etc.

As Jews have never objected to mentioning pigs nor have any basis in scripture for doing so, we can rule out a Jewish family with some degree of confidence. And for a few hundred other reasons as well.

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  1. The largest part of this story indeed is the refusal of the media to clearly identify the perpetrators’ religion. 13 years after 9/11 and we have put ourselves in a self-imposed strait jacket. As if we don’t know, but it’s unmentionable. Most disturbing. It’s because everyone is terrified of getting sued and other social consequences beyond the money and time-waste in legal defenses. People can lose their livelihoods by speaking out.

    We MUST redefine our laws and our definition of “religion” in a legal sense to EXCLUDE totalitarian ideologies which may use the trappings of religion to gain an unearned foothold in the heart of our legal system. And that one action would go far toward an effective defense of our civilization.

    Additionally, it must be further enshrined in our law that anyone from an alien culture who refuses to integrate into the adoptive society should be barred from legal citizenship.

  2. The problem is an obvious one and it’s much more far reaching than only protecting Islamic fanatics. It extends to every cornerstone of our society; it is the religion of Political Correctness.

    Because of Political Correctness the mainstream media protects criminals of almost every stripe, refuses to ‘out’ blatant abuses of our nation’s founding principles, attacks the veracity of our peace officers unless they’re protecting some quasi-legislated insanity like our firearms regulations (that’s a whole story in itself! A lot of what people think about the firearms legislation is falsehoods perpetrated and perpetuated by the mainstream media and they refuse to acknowledge even public truths about it.) When it comes to religion, Christianity and Judaism are ignored, laughed at and misrepresented unless something negative can be dredged up. They rail at Israelis who fire on a school but defend the murderous Palestinians who used the school and its students as shields for the rockets they were firing into innocent civilians.

    Political Correctness has become the Big Lie that is being used to denigrate the good and support the evils of our society. One of those evils, the biggest one, is the rampage of fanatical Islam. Our mainstream media bends over backwards and does everything short of lie about it to protect Islam. Our churches refuse to even admit that there is a problem, thus denying us what is possibly one of our few potentially effective defenses. Our schools cry wolf about bullies but protect the bullies from those who would stop them while they do their best to neuter any form of honest free speech. Even the RCMP training academy in Regina brainwashes its police candidates to the point that field trainers have a near impossible task in de-programming these gullible young officers so that they don’t do the stupid and even criminal things that the mainstream media so loves to publicize.

    The real problem is Political Correctness. Let’s have some honesty instead!

  3. You’re right, Don M.
    Sometimes I’m so caught up with outrage at how Islam is taking over and destroying the world as we know it, I lose focus of how we got here.

    It’s PC, as you say, “the Big Lie that is being used to denigrate the good and support the evils of our society… [that] extends to every cornerstone of our society.” It’s the weapon of choice for cowards who use our decency against us.

    When did “nice” become nicer than honest?

  4. Thanks for that information, Al. I wish the CTV story that started our little campaign had been produced responsibly enough to avoid exactly the kind of mistake Yucki and I and quite a few other people I know made. There’s enough in the way of mistrust and bad feelings going around that we don’t need shoddy reporting fueling the fire even more.

  5. The teachers in this school need to take a lesson from the “Fight Club” movie. No don’t fight them with fists but with your brains. Get the family member alone in the classroom then bang your head against a wall or punch your lip enough to get it to bleed. Then run out of the classroom screaming in fear of your life. Report the family member to the local authorities for physically attacking you. Take pictures of your poor face and get it into the local newspaper. This family will not be allowed back into the school and they may even get put into jail for a night or two to cool down. Watch the scene in “Fight Club” and how he handles his boss. Get rid of this slime.

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