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1. I suppose in a way, Kim Jong Un has actually given North Koreans something to be grateful for. Imagine how much worse his new directive demanding all men sport his hair cut could actually have been.



“I did a good deed by killing the Turkish gendarmerie soldier,” the Swiss man, originally from Kosovo, told police, the Dogan News Agency said.

A soldier and a policeman were killed in the attack, the agency said.

“I don’t render an account to anyone but Allah,” the Swiss suspect said.


3. Palestinians Dream of Destroying Israel, Peace Treaty or Not

A mass rally held in the Gaza Strip on March 23 showed that Hamas continues to enjoy popular support among Palestinians. Tens of thousands of Palestinians took to the streets to attend the rally commemorating the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Hamas officials claim that nearly one million Palestinians attended the rally in the center of Gaza City.

4. Egypt orders mass trials for another 919 Islamists

(While the US is calling this unacceptable, I think many of us are calling it a jolly good start. This is what it takes to undo the damage of US support of the Muslim Brotherhood in the ‘Arab Spring’ that screwed over Egypt)

More to come shortly.

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  1. Israel: 2.5 km Hamas tunnel reached from Gaza to kibbutz

    TEL AVIV — Israel has discovered what officials termed the most advanced Hamas tunnel in the Gaza Strip.

    The military said the tunnel began near the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis and reached an Israeli kibbutz.

    […]The source said the 2.5 kilometer tunnel, believed to have been constructed over the last six months, penetrated several hundred meters into Israel. They said parts of the tunnel, lined with cement and containing tools, reached a depth of 20 meters.

    “We have no doubt we disturbed them in the middle of work,” the source said.

    The military, in what was termed a major blow to the Gaza regime, uncovered at least three Hamas tunnels meant to penetrate Israel over the last six months.

    […]The source said the target of the tunnel was believed to be Kibbutz Ein Shelosha. Hamas was said to have planned to attack the kibbutz kindergarten.

  2. #4

    The Egyptians hanged Muslim Brotherhood co-founder Said Kutbe in the ’50s and now they are threatening to do the same to a thousand-or-so of his demented present-day followers. President Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood and today the same organization threatens to destroy the nation of Egypt and turn it into another Syria. The Egyptian Army has nothing to lose at this point. Either they stop the Brotherhood, and Egypt survives, or they fail, and Egypt goes under, while all her people bleed and starve to death.

    Egypt is not concerned with what some uninformed, biased, half-witted, arrogant Western politician has to say on the subject, least of all anybody from the USA – which is now their worst enemy. Since Obama came into power, the “Free World” has become the bad guys. I can only pray that one day history sees through this media-induced fog-of-untruth that has descended.

    Stanley’s red-diaper baby is an MB operative. Why isn’t that obvious to everybody?

  3. #4 This was the enviable result of the civilized nations refusing to support civilization, now the Third World nations who want to become civilized are left with no option but to kill their trouble makers.

  4. – Richard

    Precisely! Same thing in Syria. Obama has made the USA into the bad guy that leftists and Islamists and characters like him have always said it was. Wonderful! Now, when they chant, “Death to America! Death to Democracy!”, they have a valid point. Thanks, Barack… 🙁

  5. Chris you are right, he wants to destroy the US and is doing a real good job of it, it will take us a Century of hard work to reacquire the trust of the world.

  6. BURMA ( Myanmar ) – Arakanese Mob Attacks Aid Group Offices, Forces Staff to Flee

    Police in the Arakan capital Sittwe fired warning shots on Wednesday night to disperse a mob of Arakanese Buddhists who were attacking the offices of humanitarian NGO Malteser International, a local official said, adding that police evacuated the organization’s staff after their private residences came under attack.

    The crowd was angry at a foreign aid worker after she supposedly took down a Buddhist flag from the office building in a way that the Arakanese nationalists perceived as disrespectful to their religion.

    “As there were many people, the riot police force had to fire to disperse the crowd, but no one was hurt as they shot in the sky,” Win Myaing, an Arakan State spokesman, told The Irrawaddy on Thursday. “The crowd was dispersed at about 11:50 pm last night.”

    […]“Yesterday at the Malteser medical warehouse, the owner of the building posted a religious flag, but a while later that foreign lady arrived. She took down the flag and it touched her lower body and she then put it in her pants’ pocket,” claimed Than Htun, an Arakanese elder in Sittwe. “The surrounding people saw it and the problem started.”

    “People marched to Malteser International staff’s home and told her to come out and talk to the locals,” he added. “But she did not. So the angry crowd started throwing stones towards her home.”

    […]The latest violence directed at Malteser International raises the possibility an organized campaign by Arakanese nationalists targeting all international humanitarian groups working with the Muslim population.

  7. Turkey: Erdogan’s high-pitch speech has to be heard!

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan surprised thousands of supporters in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir Thursday by speaking in an unfamiliar high-pitch or falsetto voice. The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) leader was forced to apologise about his voice, which resembled that of a person under “laughing gas.” He did, however, manage to deliver his speech in full.

    The exact reasons for Erdogan’s unfamiliar voice are unknown, yet Turkey’s AK party is under increasing domestic pressure and scrutiny. Thursday’s address is also considered to be one of the most important before local on March 30.

  8. BURMA – Rakhine People Protest Against MSF

    – Feb 28 2014 –
    Burma tells Medécins Sans Frontières to leave state hit by sectarian violence

    Charity expresses shock after operations suspended in Burma over claims of bias in its medical treatment in Rakhine state

    […]The US urged the Burmese government to give humanitarian agencies working within the country “unfettered access” in Rakhine state.

    “Free, regular and open access is essential to ensure the benefits of humanitarian activities are delivered appropriately to all people of Rakhine state,” a US embassy official told Reuters.

  9. Turkey bans YouTube as Syrian incursion plan is exposed

    Turkey has tried to stay out of the Syrian war, but a leaked recording shows officials planning a limited action. The government has blocked YouTube to halt the spread of the recording.

    Turkey banned YouTube today, a week after banning Twitter in response to damaging leaks connected to the Turkish government.

    But today’s ban followed the leaking of an audio recording of top officials discussing a possible military strike in Syria – a security breach that prompted a furious reaction from the government.

    Turkey was an early supporters of the Syrian opposition and has had several border skirmishes with the Syrian military – including shooting down a Syrian fighter jet on March 27 that it said had entered its airspace. Today’s leaked recording indicates it may be preparing to go on the offensive.

    In the recording, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, National Intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan, Deputy Chief of Staff of the military Yasar Guler, and Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioglu are heard discussing plans for a military strike – possibly including ground troops – against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a jihadist group fighting in Syria.

    In the recording, the four men discuss a possible attack to protect the tomb of Shah Suleiman, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

    Turkey has considered the tomb, which lies on the bank of the Euphrates river about 20 miles inside Syria, part of its territory since 1921, when France, which controlled Syria at the time, granted Turkey control. It is permanently guarded by a platoon of Turkish commandos.

    ISIS, the most hardline among an array of anti-regime foreign extremist groups operating in northern Syria, recently took control of the area surrounding the tomb and threatened to seize and destroy it. In a video posted online the militants said they would not tolerate “secular” troops on their soil.

    “An operation on [ISIS] has solid ground in international law,” a voice alleged to be that of Mr Sinirlioglu is heard in the recording. “We’re going to portray this as Al Qaeda, there’s no difficulty if it’s a matter regarding Al Qaeda. And if it comes to defending the Suleiman Shah tomb, that’s a matter of protecting our land.”

    The leak, apparently recorded in recent days using bugging equipment, provoked fury from Turkish leaders. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called it “a vile, cowardly, immoral act.”

  10. Libya probes top leader’s questioning over visit by two women

    Tripoli: Libyan authorities are investigating an incident, captured on video and circulated on Facebook, in which the country’s most powerful man was grilled by an unknown questioner about why two women visited his house at night.

    The Attorney General’s office said on Wednesday it was looking into the suspected wrongful arrest of the official, parliamentary president Nouri Abu Sahmain, but also into possible ‘moral crimes’.

    The case has the potential to damage Abu Sahmain, who is the top army commander and has quasi-presidential powers, at a time of growing turmoil in the oil-producing North African country.

    The video, widely circulated on Tuesday, showed Abu Sahmain looking nervous under the questioning. It was apparently filmed without his knowledge.

    “An investigation was started to look into what was reported on social media websites and by Libyan channels … regarding Abu Sahmain, head of the General National Congress,” the office of Attorney General Abdul Qadir Rawdan said in a statement.

    Sadek Al Sour, head of the attorney general’s investigations department, told Reuters: “There will be a complete investigation with all people involved.” There was no immediate comment from Abu Sahmain.

    At the time of the incident in January, rumours surfaced across Libya that he had been briefly detained by a militia to question him about the women. He strongly denied then that he had been kidnapped.

    Three years after the ouster of veteran leader Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is grappling with chaos and anarchy as the weak Tripoli government struggles to control the militias who toppled him. Armed factions have seized oilfields and detained officials at will to make political and financial demands.

  11. SWITZERLAND – Topless protest group founder denied asylum

    Swiss authorities have rejected a request for asylum by Anna Hutsol, the founder of Ukrainian women’s protest group Femen, whose members are famous for baring their breasts to make political statements.

    […]She appealed the decision but without success, the Südostschweiz newspaper reported.

    […]Swiss authorities say she will be transported to France at the earliest opportunity.

  12. TURKEY – Erdo?an speaks in falsetto in rally, shocking public

    AK Party supporters that gathered in the crowd were shocked to hear Erdo?an’s normally masculine baritone voice sound high-pitched, apparently due to the strain from consecutive rallies he held ahead of the local elections. TV viewers were also dazzled at hearing his transformed pitch as the rally was broadcast live around the country.

    Meanwhile health experts advised Erdo?an to rest his voice for some time to avoid further vocal disturbances.

    video on the page :

    Turkey says Syria security leak “villainous” – blocks YouTube

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