News links for March 24 2014 – 1

1. Tard-fester in Germany March 23 2014

14 minute video of it

2. Lebanon clashes: Violence in Beirut among Syria rivals

(Tundra Tabloids calls these conflicts, ‘Predator Vs. Alien when its Shiia Vs. Suni although this is reported as Alawites Vs. Sunni)

3. The real Palestine

4. Muslims crucify a man accused of theft in Syria

(It appears as if he is tied and not nailed. This video creates many questions that are very important. But based on what else I have seen in Syria by muslims setting up sharia punishment, which by the way is the lesser of the evils, the greater of the evils is sharia rules of evidence, it would not surprise me if this was a lethal or near lethal method of punishment)

5. Pat Condell: How to be a racist

6. Saudi father on a student visa tries to murder daughter for marrying a non-Muslim in Canada.


Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, Gaia,

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12 Replies to “News links for March 24 2014 – 1”

  1. #2 ONe of the real big problems with the MSM is the fact they have to find a good guy in fights like this one, they decide one side is evil and the other side has to be good. In reality often in the real world it i9s a choice between two bad guys.

  2. Crucifying and murdering Christians in Muslim countries is bad enough

    But what of this

    Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

    The remains of more than 15,000 babies were incinerated as ‘clinical waste’ by hospitals in Britain with some used in ‘waste to energy’ plants

    There is something profoundly evil about this practice that I find very disturbing.

  3. Salafisten in Mannheim:
    The difference between a protest group and a foreign army is the M/F ratio. Where are the women? These are all young men, ideal fighting age, and all members of an anti-German/anti-western ideology. It makes it impossible to believe that the government has not already sold out.
    Traitors should be kicked out.

  4. Richard

    Were people in the Dark ages incinerating babies on an industrial scale for heating purposes?

    No. There is something here that shows that people, normally good people, have lost all sense of morality. It has all become utilitarian. If a baby is not desired by anyone, then the best thing to do is to burn it for heating purposes, rather then just throw it away.

    It is a sad reflection of the post-Christian society that our elites have built.

  5. DP111-
    I saw that this morning but didn’t believe it. I asked one of the surgeons at MGH who said in the UK it’s more than likely to be true.
    G-d forgive them.

  6. DP111 You said it all when you said post Christian, the foundations of Western Civilization are the values of the Christian religion, the attack on that religion and those values has been going on for over 100 years and is finally paying off for the far left. We are so far away from our roots it is almost unimaginable, We are seeing the future and hating what we see, several years ago Eeyore said that the coming Dark Age would be as barbaric as we are taught the last one was. In fact it wasn’t as barbaric as it has been painted but the current one is going to be much worse.

  7. Richard

    I decided not to watch the TV program, as I know it will upset me for months.

    The authorities claim that they had the permission of the mother. But I counter that any mother that not only aborts her baby, but allows her unborn baby to be burnt for heating the hospital, has lost all claims to be human, and is the last person one should ask such a question.

    God have mercy on this generation. This generation, our generation, that thinks nothing of human beings other then units of energy to be measured KWatts.

    Thank you Richard and Yucki for your human views.

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