News links for March 20 2014 – 3

1. Report: Hezbollah sources claim responsibility for Golan attack

Hezbollah members carry mock rockets next to a poster of the group's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Hezbollah members carry mock rockets. Photo: REUTERS/Ali Hashisho

Sources close to Hezbollah’s leadership took responsibility for the bombing that injured four Israeli soldiers on the Golan border on Tuesday, telling an Arab newspaper that Hezbollah is “ready for war.”

(Classic islamic logic. ‘The fight started when he hit me back)

2. Iraqi Army Battles Al Qaeda-Linked Militants

3. Some British people celebrate that old time religion for the Spring Equinox

4. Moment jealous illegal immigrant who had butchered his wife after she became ‘Westernised’ filled up his car with petrol and withdrew £1,000 in doomed bid to flee the country

A jealous husband stabbed his wife in the neck 19 times with such force part of the blade broke, in an honour killing because he resented her ‘Westernised’ lifestyle, learning she had been unfaithful.

Muslim takeaway delivery driver Jahangir Nazar murdered Farkhanda Younis after flying into an uncontrollable rage when he discovered she had returned home after having sex with one of her lovers.

5. Canada celebrates a victory for freedom of speech and reality in general. A petition started by Ezra Levant to have a reckless and irresponsible  ‘Human Rights commission’ judge fired was successful and he was let go.

6. Video on Islamic slavery of white Europeans. (I have not watched this all yet. Only the first few minutes which looked pretty good. Anyone who does watch it, please post your thoughts in the comments)

Thank you M, Fjordman, UK Pete, 

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  1. 6/ Interesting to see the slavers got as far as Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

    Not to worry about a subject that lends itself to Islamophobia. Turns out the real villain of the piece was a convert to Islam. Only the very last bit is painful, though.

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