News links for March 20 2014 – 1

1. Ted talk with Ed Snowdon

2. Muslim Students’ Association says it’s being targeted by Algonquin College

(My guess is that the muslims made it nearly impossibly inconvenient for any other group to use the space, as muslims are famous for wherever there is shared religious space. (Check your local airport multi-faith center for a bible for example) Check out the T shirts the man mentioned mass print

“If they leave them (prayer carpets) out then ultimately other faiths that come in after have to come in after and have to make the space convenient for them.”

3. ‘It’s like I’ve lost a family member,’ says heartbroken pet owner whose dog was poisoned in London park 

(I wonder who could be systematically poisoning all these dogs in a park in London?)

4. Akeel Hussain, of Pembroke Croft, Hall Green, is set to appear at Kidderminster Magistrates Court this morning following the death of Kirsty Wright, 21, who died yesterday.

5. Australians turning away groups of desperate and nice people who just want to become Australian and make a life for themselves and their families. For proof of this, please watch the video of them in this link.

Fuck you Australia

Thank you EDL Buck, Oz-Rita, Fjordman, Grace and all. More to come. Its still early

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4 Replies to “News links for March 20 2014 – 1”

  1. Hello there….its me again……Don Laird…..

    Ed Snowdon makes a very good point that we all need to understand;

    The freedom and neutrality of the Internet is not a conservative/liberal issue, it is not a Muslim/non Muslim issue, it is not a republican/democrat issue, it is not a faith/atheist issue.

    The freedom and neutrality of the Internet is an issue that is of fundamental importance to all humanity, to every single man, women and child on this planet. Fact.

    The issue here is privacy and security of the information that flows though the internet and the attempts by government and corporations to access and control that information.

    We can fight our ideological wars between Left and Right and between Muslim and non-Muslim, but the Internet is “hands-off” to any form of control.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Trust.

    Without it, peace is achieved by submission into slavery.

    Corporations, now deceive their customers. Governments and local councils deceive the public.

    The internet is a place among the tares you find good people who are not lackeys. They are the mirrors to set people’s phantom-limbs free.

    Is Edward Snow, such a person?

    Yes he is, because Socialism is in America ruining the Nation, and Communism is very soon to strike, provoking and testing their lack of moral character and courage.

    The NSA is full of communist sympathisers, and those backdoor secrets already known. If North Korea can have an American basket ball player, Russia can have a fugitive ex-spy to parade how good the way of the mule is.

  3. A postulation:

    The NSA spy ship the USS Liberty was attacked by the Israelis in the six day war in 1967.
    American data going to Moscow and then to the Muslims was not going to happen. Or was it all a misunderstanding and an accident against a trusted ally?

    Your survival in the hands of socialists? People easily blindsided to give it up all for Diversity?


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