News links for March 3 2014 – 1

1. Ezra’s newest trial for freedom of speech in Canada starts today. Follow it here

2. Interesting report on the muslim attack on Chinese rail station

3. Children of Islamist radicals should be in care, suggests Boris: Mayor of London warns hundreds at risk of being turned into fanatics by extreme parents

(Once again we see how governments use terrorism as a way of creating a totalitarianism more to their liking. attacks mean total loss of privacy and freedom of travel, and mass immigration by enemy forces mean the state takes away everyone’s right to their own children.)

4. Israel urged to send forces to guard Ukrainian Jews

he head of a prominent European Jewish group requested Tuesday that the Israeli government urgently send security personnel to Ukraine in order to protect the Jewish communities there, which have been targeted during the political unrest gripping the country.

(Personally I think thats a bad idea. Sending aircraft to move Jewish Ukrainians who wish to emigrate to Israel makes sense. But Israel should not send armed troops to foreign territory for these reasons.)

5. Syrian rebel forces reportedly looking for protection money in the form of gold from Christian population

  • Syria Church.jpg

    September 27, 2013: Flags of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are hung on The Martyrs Church in the city of Raqqa. The Al-Qaeda linked groups removed crosses from the structure and hoisted their flags. (Reuters)

Radical Muslim rebel groups in Syria reportedly are shaking down the Christian population for protection money in the form of gold.

In a document released by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, the groups stated that a “protection pact” or “Aqed al-Thima” was coordinated and reached in a meeting last Thursday with 20 Christian

(A Muslim, an Al-Qaeda member, a Mafiosi, an extortionist and a sadist walk into a restaurant. The waiter says, “Table for one sir?”)

6. Life term for Lee Rigby murder is ‘an injustice,’ says brother of killer Michael Adebolajo

7. The implications for monitoring people 24/7 of this tech is rather significant IMO

The low power requirements of the system provide the possibility of the technology being always on without draining the battery of the mobile device. The UW team designed a wake-up gesture to ensure unintentional gestures don’t confuse the system.

8. Malaysia Threatens Time Magazine for Reporting Persecution of Non-Muslims

(Ah moderate Malaysia. The favorite example of how a Muslim state can be liberal)


This is the Time Magazine Asia edition. The US edition doesn’t cover Muslims behaving badly. (via Religion of Peace)

The title of the essay that got Time in trouble was “Losing Faith: The Islamization of Malaysia” which criticized the so-called moderate Muslim country for its religious intolerance toward minorities.

Thank you Fjordman, M, Don L and many others. The Ezra video will be available tonight for sure. It is finished it just needs uploading.

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13 Replies to “News links for March 3 2014 – 1”

  1. UK – Vile Britain First group visits Lancashire mosque

    A group seen abusing Muslims outside a London Mosque have now launched an ‘anti-grooming campaign’ in a Lancashire Town.

    In the video members of the Britain First group, can be seen driving through a predominantly Asian area of Blackburn in what it states is a ‘new direct action campaign against the scourge of Muslim paedophile grooming gangs’.

    In London there was widespread condemnation of the actions of the group with members swigging beer and seen abusing Muslims as they left the East London mosque.

    In the film, one man says: “This is our country. You want to live here, you adhere by our laws.”

    In the new video, Britain First Group chairman Paul Golding is seen spouting, “We have gone through some areas which are exclusively Muslim.

    “Everyone has been told that we are the minority in this town. These areas we are going through now are 100% colonised by Muslims.

    “We have been visiting establishments, bed and breakfasts and takeaways.

    “We hope it will put a dent in the Muslim grooming in this town.”

    In the video the group visits a Premier Inn and a Travel lodge.

    They visit a supposed ‘mega mosque’ where an elderly man welcomes them inside not realising who they are. They simply hand the literature and walk off. He doesn’t seem to understand what they are saying.

    video on Liveveak :

  2. AUSTRALIA – Child brides have nothing to do with Islam, apart from the fact they do

    There are at least 60 child brides living in south-western Sydney, and many more girls are destined to be forced into under-age marriage, according to the head of a women’s health centre…

    […] Islamophobic narrative in which criticism of the hijab, niqab, halal food, polygyny and so many Islamic beliefs and practices are the subject of mindless attacks and sensational innuendo. In this case, it is the sacred institution of marriage that is being denigrated by disingenuously linking it to sexual deviancy and child abuse.

    + 2 pages of comments :

  3. Bomb blast kills three Bahrain policemen (BBC, March 3, 2014)
    “Three policemen have been killed in a bomb explosion in Bahrain, the interior ministry has said.

    A post on Twitter said the officers had been “dispersing rioters” in the village of Daih, west of the capital, Manama, at the time of the attack.

    Witnesses reported hearing a blast during clashes between anti-government protesters and police who were firing tear gas and birdshot to disperse them.

    Thirteen police officers have now been killed since protests erupted in 2011.

    Last month, one was fatally injured by an explosion on the third anniversary of the start of the uprising that has seen people take to the streets to demand more democracy and an end to what they perceive as discrimination against the Shia community by the Sunni royal family…”

  4. UAE jails Qatari doctor for supporting banned group (BBC, March 3, 2014)
    “A Qatari doctor has received a seven-year jail sentence in the United Arab Emirates for supporting a banned organisation. Dr Mahmoud al-Jaidah was sentenced on Monday after being convicted of ties to al-Islah, an Islamic religious society. Amnesty International has said he is a “prisoner of conscience” but the UAE government says he is connected to a group plotting its overthrow. Dr Jaidah’s sentence, delivered at the Supreme Court, cannot be appealed. He was convicted along with two others. A fourth person was acquitted
    Last year more than 60 people, most of them members of al-Islah, were convicted of “belonging to an illegal, secret organisation… that aims to counter the foundations of this [UAE] state in order to seize power and of contacting foreign entities and groups to implement this plan.” The defendants, including two prominent human rights lawyers, were sentenced to between 10 and 15 years. The UAE has said that al-Islah is what it called a “cell” of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar heavily supported the Brotherhood in Egypt under ousted President Mohammed Morsi, angering the UAE…”

  5. Two Libyan lawmakers shot as protesters storm congress, members say (CNN, March 3, 2014)
    “At least two members of Libya’s General National Congress were shot and wounded after protesters stormed its headquarters in Tripoli on Sunday evening, according to congress members. One of the congressmen, Abdul Rahman Sweihli, was shot in the leg after protesters opened fire on him inside the building. As his security detail rushed him out, gunmen opened fire on their cars as they were trying to flee…”

  6. [This is a wildly paranoid, stomach-churning “What if ?” in Arutz. Jump to the heart of it]

    “Today Crimea, Tomorrow “Palestine”
    Putin has injected thousands of Red (Russian) Spetsnaz troops into Crimea and may invade even deeper into the Ukraine. That same Russia could inject tens of thousands of Spetsnaz ( or Republican Guards) into the international airport of a future independent “West Bank Palestine State”.

  7. #4 This is a very bad idea, one that would cause massive problems if tried.

    Yucki Putin wants to be a major player on the worlds stage, doing this requires that he shows the world that Russia is once again a major power. Yes if he succeeds in Ukraine he will end up with the ability to put Russian troops anywhere in the middle east, will he probably, how will the US respong? that depends on who is President.

  8. #4
    Sending Israeli security personnel to Ukraine ? Not gonna happen.
    Today I was discussing this with my friends and colleagues here in Israel. All understand that this is a bad idea.
    Anyway, this rabbi is delusional and naive, thinking that Israel can really “ensure the safety of Jews around the world, even in foreign countries.”

  9. 4/ No, all wrong!! If that kookoo rabbi wants to go himself, he should ask Pussy Riot to pick him up at the airport.

    The Jewish Agency is only too happy to help those who want to emigrate to Israel. There’s all kinds of info available for them.

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