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1. Putin Asks Russia’s Senate to Use Military Force in Ukraine


SIMFEROPOL Ukraine — As Russian-backed armed forces effectively seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula on Saturday, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia requested that the Russian Senate authorize him to use military force in Ukraine.

(Think this is what Obama meant when he said this?)

2. Moroccan Children Terrorize Supermarket

In the town of Helmond, Moroccan children of 10 and 11 years old are acting provocatively and intimidating the public. They terrorize local businesses. The Aldi supermarket is now considered a free haven for theft. The manager of the supermarket said that aid organizations have to give help to his employees. They are afraid of revenge when they call the police.

3. Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s Ukraine position

4. Detroit Jury Awards Muslim Man A Record $1.1M In ‘Beard-Related’ Discrimination Case

“He’s Muslim, he has a scruffy beard down to his chest, he looks like he just came from Afghanistan, he’s African American because Tunisia is in Africa, I mean this man had every strike against him,” he said.

Thank you Richard, Tundra T, M, Fjordman and all who sent in material.

Each day that passes these past few years are a strike against reason and another death knell for the Enlightenment itself. I suspect that any recovery and return to the organizational principles that genuinely lead to real human rights and prosperity for all willing to work for it, will require the methods that people like Jefferson wrote about. What a shame our own complacency and lack of imagination will make that impossible until the costs of doing so become obscene.

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  1. I’m sure Putin must be terrified that Barry/Kerry are going to send out a strongly worded tweet as a result of this…

  2. At least 13 killed in north Yemen clashes – security source (reuters, March 1, 2014)
    “At least 13 people died when Shi’ite Muslim fighters clashed with security forces in northern Yemen on Friday, government sources said, underlining the chaos still gripping the country two years after mass protests ousted its leader. The fighters were from the Houthi movement which is seeking to strengthen its hold on the north – one of a string of challenges facing an interim government also battling southern separatists, al Qaeda-linked militants and an economic crisis. Local authorities said two soldiers were killed in the attack and four others were wounded when Houthis attacked a security checkpoint in the northwestern al Jawf province, according to state news agency Saba….”

  3. Sometimes life imitates art. Now life imitates a PC flight simulator, released in 1995 !

    I’m an old hardcore flight simulation fan and still have the original installation CD, the manual and the included map of Crimea, so let me quote from the “SU-27 Flanker” PC combat flight simulator brochure :

    Historical Background.

    At present, the most acute problem that may result in an escalation from a political conflict to a military one is the problem of the Black Sea Fleet. The main reason of disagreement is the fact that after the collapse of the USSR both the Ukraine and Russia made claims to the Black Sea Fleet. although historically the Fleet was always Russian. Furthermore, the main naval base of the Black Sea Fleet is Sevastopol and many other military installations of the late USSR on which Russia is making claims have turned out to be on the Ukrainian territory.

    Page 150
    To solve the problem of the Black Sea Fleet, Russia carried out several rounds of negotiations with the Ukraine from April 1992 to May 1993. Finally, on June 9, 1995 the two countries signed an agreement, under which the Ukraine recognized Sevastopol as a naval base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Furthermore, Russia received 81.7% and the Ukraine got 18.3% of the ships and vessels of the Black Sea Fleet. However, the agreement did not decide the legal status and the conditions of stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea.

    The process of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine is being further complicated by general political tension in the peninsula. The Russians making up the majority of the Crimean population are striving for independence from the Ukraine and for reunification with Russia. The population of the Crimea has formed its own government actively opposing the politics of the Ukraine. The overwhelming majority of the population is striving to get Russian citizenship. Conflicts on inter-ethnical grounds have arisen between the Russians, Ukrainians, and Tatars, forcing Kiev to bring in special units from the Ministry for Internal Affairs.

    In March 1995 the Ukrainian Parliament abolished the institution of presidency and the Constitution of the Crimean Republic that resulted in recurrent aggravation of the political situation in the region.

    What next ?

    The subsequent development of events in the Crimea is going on according to the following scenario.

    In the autumn of 1995 the Crimean Republic holds a referendum on the independence of the Crimea contrary to the decision of the Ukrainian Parliament. To ensure the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities make a decision to send regular forces into the Crimea. The special units of the Ukrainian militia break up spontaneous meetings and carry out mass arrests of the most active supporters of the independence. To ensure the security of its military installations and naval bases, Russia places all its forces in the peninsula in advanced combat readiness. A Russian naval landing force seizes a part of the military airfields. Transport aircraft transfer additional naval, airborne, and air units and military equipment. Trying to counteract Russian troops, Ukrainian Air Defence units shoot down near Kerch a Russian IL-76 transport aircraft carrying paratroopers. In response to this, two TU-22M3 bombers escorted by SU-27 fighters carry out a missile and bomb strike on the positions of the Ukrainian Air Defence and destroy two Kub SAM systems and an Early Warning Radar station.

    The local conflict that has arisen is fraught with complications. At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council the members decide to send an observation mission of NATO ships and aircraft to the conflict area. But while the politicians are trying to settle the conflict, the military solve the problem by other means …

    (End quote.)

    Now, thanks to “Euromaidan” putsch and political scheming of the Ukrainian, Western and Russian politicians this scenario may become reality. Scared yet ?

  4. #1 He was not just talking about missile defense, he was talking about giving Putin a free hand anywhere he wanted one.

    #3 A very good analysis of his statement.

    Eeyore you were talking about Jefferson, here is a quote that is still apt. “Tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” It is looking like we are at one of the times when we must once again shed blood of patriots and tyrants to refresh liberty around the world.

  5. We have seen the unmarked army, the choppers – now it looks like a battalion of this powerful air defense system is on its way from Russia to Ukraine.

    ADVANCED Russian S-400 AIR DEFENCE heading to UKRAINE

  6. There was a video on zerohedge yesterday of Russian choppers in Ukraine. it looked like an outtake from ‘Apocalypse Now!’

  7. Leo we need a free and independent Europe as much as we need a free and independent US, and as much as they need us free and independent. The Global Economy started in the 1500s and as technology created faster and faster shipping it has increased its size, also despite what people who don’t know economics think no industrial nation can sustain its economy internally. The only national economies that are totally sustaining are those where the people live in grass and mud huts and die of old age in their 40s and 50s.

    Yes we have to free ourselves first then Canada if they haven’t freed themselves but then we will have to move into Europe to help the nations that are currently being enslaved. Unless someone over there frees themselves and comes to free us.

  8. Sure. I agree with you are saying, Richard. But economy is closely tied with political philosophy and the currently dominant socialists/fascists/welfare-statists must be defeated locally in the US, Canada, Australia, European countries, etc. It must be done, even though it’s hard.

  9. For now I’m with Leo, Richard. All politics are lived locally. You help the child next door; you dream about helping the Coptic Christian child across the world.

    The key is your “free and independent Europe”. Those countries have to declare their own independence from the EU. And disengage from the Umma. I’m more concerned with rescuing victims of contemporary Europe, a place that has become inimical for their survival.

    That “plucky little island” that was Britain won hearts & minds — the WWII series, “Why We Fight” — but that blob over there can bury its own dead.

    The macroeconomic verities you describe have been a constant that informed “The Wealth of Nations”. Applied, in the Marshall Plan framework, they even rebuilt the world.

    But now, who knows? Don’t rule out a paradigm shift. The 1500s may look appealing compared to 1400-year-old Sharia.

  10. Well… The EU(SSR) is a bloated undemocratic illiberal monster of a superstate, ruled by self-appointed dictatorial elitist bureaucracy in Brussels. And until the European countries regain their freedom and independence, nothing is going to significantly change for the better.
    People must understand that they (the people) are ultimately responsible for their lives, their freedom and their culture. Individually responsible, at the family level !
    Instead I see that the chronically sociopolitically and culturally passive Europeans (that’s the majority) prefer to “outsource” all their responsibilities to bureaucracies and a bunch of corrupt statist political demagogues, but then they wonder why their culture is in decline, economy is in crisis, their freedoms are threatened, their children are incompetent whiny “politically correct” socialist idiots, and various primitive barbarian death-cultists take over the society.
    Who made it happen ? The people themselves did ! The fools who refuse to be responsible for anything and just keep sleepwalking into the abyss of social self-destruction, mesmerized by their soothing and comforting utopian “welfare-state” delusions, where everything is “free” and “equal”.

  11. How strange that free Western Christians states are becoming the EUSSR or the USSA, while Russia is turning back to its traditional culture.

    At the Sochi games, I noticed that many Russian athletes were wearing the cross. It was unusual for Western athletes to do the same – didn’t see one..

  12. DP111. Russia is actually “turning back” to a very weird eclectic mix of czarist imperialism, nostalgic stalinism, superstitious orthodox clericalism, bureaucratic socialism, pagan mysticism, anti-democratic paranoid populism and “siege mentality” chauvinism. The Russian culture is in a very deep crisis.
    The crosses mean nothing. Everybody wears them now in Russia, even gangsters and hardcore communists.

  13. “Russia doesn’t need sermons (she heard enough of them), nor prayers (she uttered enough of them), but an awakening of the sense of human dignity in people who for centuries were lost in misery and dirt, she needs the rights and laws which are not based on the teachings of the Church, but based on reason, common sense and justice, which should be followed accurately. Instead, it’s a horrible mess of a country, where there are no guarantees for an individual, no honor and no property rights, and where even a police order doesn’t exist, and where only corporations of various bureaucratic thieves and robbers rule.”

    Vissarion Grigoryevich Belinskiy (1811-1848) – a famous pro-western Russian literary critic and intellectual.

  14. Leo the left has spent many decades indoctrinating people to let the government handle all problems and do everything, the fact that it has taken them so long to achieve limited success they now enjoy should give us all hope that the emerging chaos will force the private citizens into once again taking care of themselves.

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