News links for Feb. 20 2014 – 3

1. >Terror enclave in Texas and a new shoe-bomb plot?

2. Mahmoud Abbas' duplicity

To Israeli students, Abbas talks peace
To Palestinians, Abbas glorifies murderers of Israeli students

3. A tooth for a tooth: Saudi who punched his mother in the jaw is ordered to have the same tooth broken in his own mouth that he damaged in hers

4. Bounty on Rushdie’s head increased as Iranian leaders reason that material mocking the pirate mohamed and his psychopathic followers are the consequence of not killing Rushdie, when in fact, had they done so, the material would be up 10 fold.

5. U.S. issues warning about shoe bombs on airplanes bound for U.S.

(Reuters) – U.S. authorities issued a warning on Wednesday to airlines flying to the United States to watch out for militants who may have hidden bombs in their shoes, U.S. government sources said.

The warning came from the Department of Homeland Security, the sources said, and it is consistent with concerns security agencies have about militants trying to smuggle explosives onto airplanes in shoes, cosmetics or liquids.

The sources said the warning principally applied to flights originating overseas and heading for the United States, rather than domestic flights or planes headed overseas from the United States.

6. An aircraft was 90 seconds from crashing into the ocean as five fires are set on board and the article makes zero references to any possible suspect, even though s/he has to have been on board and has to be known.

7. I thought he was going to carve me up like a Sunday roast, says prison guard taken hostage by Muslim gang demanding release of Abu Qatada

Thank you Fjordman, UK Pete and others. More to come

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  1. So we arrive at the Muslim Personality: peck, peck, peck; always critical, never satisfied. Like old women where the allure of the body has faded and the intimidation begins. Disability Rights and Preferential Treatment. An unholy Jihad of mental illness of the dhimmi-slave population. The Left can’t get enough of anyone who personalizes their existence as perpetual-victimed. The Ego’d.
    Killing is such sweat revenge.

    Salman Rushdie, opened our eyes to the inner corruption. That was a betrayal of the secret fraternity.

  2. 6/ Flying Etihad into Abu Dhabi, Mr. and Mrs. Mason should have reflected that since the ‘Travel Prayer from the Holy Koran’ had been blared through every speaker and headset in the plane before take-off, a little fire here and there could do no harm.

    If that didn’t work, they could have tried adjusting to the encounter with Islamorealism with one of the selections from ‘Cinema Arabia:’

    The Thief and the Idiot, Black February, The Crook, Over My Dead Body, 30 Days in Prison.

    Or alternatively, consoled themselves that life for Europeans isn’t worth living anyhow with a film from ‘Eurocinema:’

    Upon his parents’ separation…. A divorced couple are forced…. Sophie is not willing to let her cancer…. Following his failed marriage…. With his wife planning to divorce him…. gets lost in a haze of alcohol… old age seems to finally catch up with him….

    Moderate cherry-picking.

    Is it possible there is not a single ‘Alahu Akbar!’ in Captain Phillips?

    Eeyore, FYI: Winds of Jihad, Jihad Watch and Bare Naked Islam are blocked at Abu Dhabi International Airport; Vladtepes, Gates of Vienna, Tundra Tabloids, Atlas Shrugs and Blazing Cat Fur are not. Maybe something in the name…

  3. Don C,

    Two poetic portraits of infantalized collectivist ideologies with populations that want to watch themselves in the movies.

    You provided the imagery of beating the scape-goat under a hail of “Alahu Akbar,” meaning “please don’t let me be the weakest dog here”. So too then the Sociorealist phrase, “Human Rights” meaning ” nobody sane gets custody of the kids”. The vertical and lateral perceptions of humanity totally screwed.

  4. Four die in eastern Saudi Arabia police raid (BBC, Feb 20, 2014)
    “Two police officers and two men they were trying to arrest have been killed in a gunfight in Saudi Arabia’s restive Eastern Province, officials say. The interior ministry said the officers came under fire while trying to detain “armed troublemakers” in al-Awamiya, and had “responded to the source”. It named the civilians who were killed as Ali al-Faraj and Hussein al-Faraj. However, opposition activists said there had been no exchange of fire and that the two men had been unarmed…”

  5. Al-Qaeda: Younger men take up leadership roles – UN study (BBC, Feb 20, 2014)
    “The leadership of some al-Qaeda affiliates is witnessing a generational shift from older men to men in their 30s and 40s, a UN report says. The study also found some cells were now recruiting members as young as 12. It warned of new international networks emerging from foreign militants in Syria meeting the local al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front. The report concluded that the global terror organisation remained “a threat” despite losing “its former strength”. “The ideas, inspiration and networks generated by al-Qaeda continue to reverberate,” according to the report submitted to the Security Council by the UN’s Analytical and Sanctions Monitoring Team. The study on al-Qaeda trends observed a global generational change away from leaders in their late 40s to 70s in recent times…”

  6. 17 killed in Iraqi violence (CNN, Feb 20, 2014)
    “At least 17 people were killed and more than 35 others were wounded in Iraq when several mortar rounds hit an outdoor market south of Baghdad, police said Thursday. The attack took place in the predominantly Shiite town of Musayyib in Babil province. Meanwhile, a bounty has been offered to anyone who would kill a foreign fighter belonging to either al Qaeda or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Ministry of Defense announced. The ministry has offered a reward of about $17,000 for each foreign fighter killed and $25,000 if a foreign militant is captured alive in the war-torn nation.”

  7. Somali presidential palace: ‘Car bomb’ attack in Mogadishu (BBC, Feb 21, 2014)
    “A huge car bomb has blown a hole in the wall of Somalia’s presidential palace, followed by a fierce gun battle inside, officials say. It is not clear how many people died in the attack but a minister told the BBC the situation was “under control”. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has told the UN envoy to Somalia he was not harmed, envoy Nick Kay has tweeted. The al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabab has said it carried out the attack, which it said was still ongoing. BBC Somalia analyst Mohamed Mohamed says this is the first time that al-Shabab fighters have entered the presidential palace, known as Villa Somalia. The heavily guarded complex is home to the president, prime minister, speaker of parliament, other ministers and a mosque, which was hit during the attack. Some of the attackers were wearing suicide vests, police sources have told the BBC….”

  8. Three militants killed in Afghanistan attack (BBC, Feb 21, 2014)
    “Three militants have been killed in Afghanistan after a suicide attack and gun battle with police, officials say. One of the men detonated explosives inside a van as he drove up to local government offices in Sarobi, 50km (30 miles) east of the capital, Kabul. Two men then opened fire before they were killed by police during the gunfight that followed. The incident comes as Afghanistan is preparing to hold presidential elections on 5 April. Police officials were quoted in reports as saying that one policeman was killed and two others were wounded during the attack. The attack forced the closure of the main highway between Kabul and Jalalabad, near the Pakistan border. The Taliban has claimed responsibility, reports say…”

  9. It would be nice if the “views” and the “Nobjects of History” could be posted separately… But that’s the limitations of one post stream.

  10. Good News.

    JW3 to host launch of Islam Awareness Week February 19, 2014

    London’s new Jewish community centre JW3 is to host the launch of Islam Awareness Week.

    The event, organised by Islamic Society of Britain, will be themed ‘’Charity begins at home’ and will showcase some of the social action projects taking place across the country.

    ISB executive director Julie Siddiqui – who has worked closely with Mitzvah Day in recent years – said: “It seemed appropriate to use JW3 as a venue to launch Islam Awareness Week this year. The Jewish community have done a brilliant job at putting faith into real action with projects that really help others who need it.

  11. Perfectchild, I did wonder whether Etihad doesn’t deliberately select its playlists of Euro-movies with a view to encouraging its Euro-passengers to abandon all hope. Or else the choice simply represents the tenor of European cinema these days.

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