The Al-Shabaab Connection

From Gates of Vienna:


The day after last month’s explosion and fire at 514 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis, an FBI agent named Greg Boosalis reassured Minnesotans that there was no evidence of terrorist activity in connection with the devastating explosion.

I wondered at the time — and still wonder — how the FBI could be so certain less than forty-eight hours after the blast that no terrorism was involved. The immediate neighborhood of the demolished building is a known hotbed of terrorist activity, and is especially notorious for the recruitment of mujahideen and funds for the jihad being waged by al-Shabaab in Somalia.

As it turns out, the FBI was absolutely derelict in ruling out a terrorist connection with 514 Cedar Avenue South. Our Minnesota correspondent Henrietta has examined property and business license records for the city of Minneapolis, and found a clear trail leading from the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque to the destroyed building, and from there to a pair of convicted money-launderers for al-Shabaab.

The Al-Shabaab Connection
by Henrietta

A little sleuthing has revealed some interesting facts regarding the Cedar-Riverside property that exploded and burned on January 1, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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    “At least 49 people have been killed in a wave of car bombs in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Hilla, officials say. The blasts come a day after at least 23 people were killed in bomb explosions in the Iraqi capital. Last month, more than 1,000 people were killed in attacks which mostly hit Shia and government targets. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks, but in the past Sunni militant groups have targeted Shia areas…”

  3. Nine killed and soldiers seized in southern Yemen clash (BBC, Feb 18, 2014)
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  4. Off topic:
    Does anyone know were I can view the video called: ““The Wills of the New York and Washington Battle Martyrs”

    It was the last will and testaments given by the 9/11 attackers. i can no longer find it.


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