News links for Feb. 10 2014 – 1

1. Student visa scam in the UK

(People who hold our culture in contempt are likely to try and undermine it in every conceivable way, from raping the children to selling entry)

2. Moroccan Woman who Opens a Wine Bar Receives Death Threats

In view of the extreme character of some of the threats, police are following the affair closely.

3. Two Jews threatened and quasi-attacked in Turkey for being recognizably Jewish

(I do not believe in posting every scrap or conflict a Jewish person gets in of course or even murder. But when the motive is purely political/racial/religious then it is a matter of concern to us all. A barometer of current events which predict the near future more often than not)

4. US citizen at town hall meeting satirizes proposed gun control regs.

5. Terrorism trial begins for former Canadian Idol contestant

Pathologist and one-time Canadian Idol contestant Dr. Khurram Syed Sher will be tried by a judge only.

Specifics of the alleged planned attack are likely to be revealed by federal Crown prosecutors at the outset of the trial, which the Crown tried — and failed — to have held in secret.

Because they will rely on overlapping evidence, prosecutors had argued that news media reporting of the Sher trial could prejudice the fair trial rights of the other two defendants.

(Remember this guy? He did an episode of Canadian Idol where he sang and danced a little. It was, I think, both a feeble attempt to win, while simultaneously mocking us, and our culture so it was a win-win for him either way. The video above was from 2010)



Thank you Snaphanen, M, Fjordman, Tundra T, ML, Grace and all who sent in material. Mucho obligado

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