News links for Feb 8 2014 – 1

1. Iran sends warships to US territorial waters.

     TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian warships dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean will travel close to U.S. maritime borders for the first time, a senior Iranian naval commander said Saturday.

The commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet, Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad, said the vessels have already entered the Atlantic Ocean via waters near South Africa, the official IRNA news agency reported.

2. Fjordman translated the gist of this article from a Scandinavian news site:

A “Swede” called Yassin Ben Salah has been killed as a Jihadist in Syria. He was apparently active in a left-wing radical movement called The Panthers in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. This organization received hundreds of thousands of kroner in support from Swedish tax payers.

3. Interesting statistical analysis of births within the UK

4. Suspected militants killed in Dagestan raid

(CNN) — Russian special forces killed five suspected militants and took another into custody Saturday during an assault on a house in the volatile Caucasus republic of Dagestan, a Russian security source told CNN.

Russia launched a search for anti-government militants in the run-up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The group’s alleged leader, Alexei Pashentsev, was among those killed, the source said. Pashentsev is a man of Russian ethnic origin who converted to the Islamic faith in 2010 and began contacts with militant groups, the source said.

(Terrorist hunting and exterminating isn’t an official Olympic event, but its the one I follow the most)

5. Jihadwatch: Interfaith outreach in Malaysia: Muslims break crosses, desecrate graves in Christian cemetery

These vandals were just imitating Jesus, who according to Islamic tradition will return at the end of the world, at which time he “will fight for the cause of Islam. He will break the cross, kill pigs, and abolish the poll tax. Allah will destroy all religions except Islam” (Sunan Abu Dawud 27:4310).

Interfaith dialogue in modern, moderate Malaysia: “Unknown vandals desecrate eight graves in a Christian cemetery in Kuantan,” from Asia News, February 7 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

6. Egyptian reports highlight alleged Morsi-al-Qaida cooperation

(Just in case anyone was still uncertain of the relationship)

Thank you Shabnam, M, Fjordman, Lena N, Snaphanen, and all.

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  1. Married Muslim woman had sex with a man from her local mosque before having him charged with rape

    A MARRIED Muslim woman tasked with finding a wife for a single male from her local mosque instead had sex with him several times before having him charged with rape.

    The Shi’ite mother of two and the Alawite man would regularly have sex in her car after attending prayer sessions, with naked pictures of the woman ending up on his mobile phone.

    But, before rumours of their sexual activity could circulate among those who attended the mosque in southern Sydney, the woman alleged the man had kidnapped and raped her on multiple occasions.

    more on the page :

  2. Central African Republic: Rogue Chadian Peacekeepers Facilitate Armed [ Muslim ] Leaders’ Movement

    On January 26, at 4:30 p.m., Human Rights Watch researchers witnessed and filmed a heavily armed convoy of Chadian peacekeeping troops about 60 kilometers north of Bangui. The convoy included at least eight pick-up trucks carrying Seleka fighters including some leaders, such as General Mahamat Bahr, the head of military intelligence for the Seleka

  3. Muslims flee Central African Republic

    Thousands of Muslims fled Bangui, the capital the Central African Republic, on truck convoys and headed towards Chad with the protection of heavily armed soldiers and Seleka rebels

  4. CAR – This is the former Seleka rebel headquarters in the Capital City of Central African Republic. This is what they left behind — stockpiles of weapons and a young man whose throat was slashed

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