News links for Jan. 31 2014 – 2

1. Major drug and weapons bust in Ottawa Canada

OTTAWA — Fears of a gangland bloodbath on city streets led police to launch a “pre-emptive strike” against an alleged Ottawa crime family suspected of trafficking in cocaine, intimidation and murder. […]

The Alkhalil family came to Canada from Saudi Arabia in 1990, made a refugee claim and settled in Surrey, B.C. Police believe they’re originally from Iran.

Three of the Alkhalil brothers moved from the province about a decade ago after two other brothers were shot and killed there. Hisham “Terry” Alkhalil and Nabil, the oldest brother, settled in Ottawa, with brother Rabih going to Montreal.

In 2005, Nabil led police on a 32-kilometre high-speed car chase along Hwy. 401 near Cornwall after a routine traffic stop. When the officer asked Nabil to open the trunk of the white Cadillac DeVille, the car sped off. Hisham was in the seat next to him.

When finally stopped, police found 11 kilograms of cocaine in the trunk. Nabil was sentenced to seven years in prison and has since been ordered deported from Canada but remains in the country as a stateless person.

2. Unveiled, face of the woman who refused to remove her niqab in court as she dramatically pleads guilty to witness intimidation

Today it can be disclosed that the Muslim convert – who threatened a caretaker because he let tourists into a mosque with their heads uncovered – hails from a devoutly Christian family and started wearing the veil only as recently as 2012 after being radicalised by a ‘Muslim vigilante’.

Pictures taken six years ago show her as a carefree teenager enjoying listening to music and dancing with her relatives. But just a few years later, she shocked family members by turning up at the funeral of her grandmother Delcie Dawson wearing a burka.

3. Pregnant pot smokers can damage kids’ brains

An expectant mother’s use of cannabis during pregnancy can prevent a child from forming certain connections in the brain while growing in the womb, a Sweden-based researcher has revealed.

(Just while the US is scrambling to legalize it)

4. Ezra on National hijab day

Thank you Grace, M, Fjordman and more to come shortly. I am watching the so-far-most-excellent film, The Muslim Agenda. Let’s get this to go massively viral.


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  1. 1/ If we have to have Muslim gangland bloodbaths in Canada, Ottawa is the right city for it, preferably up and down Kent Street in front of the Multiculturalism National Office of Citizenship and Immigration.

    4/ Prominent Canadian women condoning this obscenity by their silence are a disgrace to their country, and so are Canada’s MSM for not saying so.

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