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3 Replies to “Former Dutch army member trains terrorists in Syria.”

  1. They are smarter then the leftist, during Nam the left refused to go into the military and often blew themselves up with their own bombs, this man had brains to get some training.

  2. He’s really good, almost got me going. Stupendous propaganda.

    The Dutch must screen volunteers for psych fitness and other qualities deemed essential for soldiers in a Western army. I’d guess their standards are pretty high. But what about the slobs they train?

    Imagine significant numbers of guys like this heading to Syria. Ex-soldiers from European countries who are Muslim or convert to Islam. Fewer jihadis blow themselves up, come home, then what?

  3. Yucki all military organizations screen their recruits, despite what the left puts in the movies and books the military needs intelligent people who can think on their own. They use to screen the recruits to see if they were a danger to the home nations but political correctness has stopped that, just as it has stopped the training of people to recognize potential terrorists. Political correctness is going to get a lot of people killed before this war is over.

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