Bylaw enforcement in Tower Hamlets. Today’s entertainment is tomorrow’s tyranny.

This video is about a woman who was being irrationally treated by what appears to be a muslim bylaw officer on the matter of invisible dog droppings in Tower Hamlet, one of the most enriched areas of England.

I downloaded the original, linked here, and leveled the speech so it would be easier to listen to. Please feel free to go to the original site and make a comment if you are so inclined as the view count and comments really should go to the woman who took the video, I just couldn’t understand it as it was so I juiced up the volume etc. below:

Below, an article on this brave new world style policing…

Meet Theo… the not so strong arm of the law now patrolling a street near you


In fact, they work for Tower Hamlets Council. Theo stands for Tower Hamlets Enforce­ment Officer. But just days into their duties these sub-plastic bobbies – who have one week’s training with real police – are already being dubbed Keystone Kops.

However, they are no joke. They represent a largely unnoticed but growing trend by councils to assemble their own mini-police forces, accountable to politicians rather than the public.

They are so popular in the corridors of Whitehall that the Government’s “crime tzar” Louise Casey has told councils she is impressed.

And an article straight to the point here:

A park attendant called for police “back-up” after threatening a woman for arrest over an elusive dog foul.

Amber Langtry, 35, was walking her dog with a friend on New Year’s Day when a lone Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officer accused her of not clearing up after her pet.

When she explained to the officer that he’d made a mistake and asked to see the offending evidence, he refused to show her, then pointed to a spot in the opposite direction to where Miss Langtry’s dog had been. He then proceeded to issue her with a ticket and called the police.

Is this enforcing sharia norms in Tower Hamlets? Or just some good old fashioned 3rd world corruption based on salary over tickets written. My money is on both.


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26 Replies to “Bylaw enforcement in Tower Hamlets. Today’s entertainment is tomorrow’s tyranny.”

  1. Yes both! A little down the road she will be beaten, arrested and a little further down raped, being powerless to do anything about it. Muslims must never be in positions of power, if they are surely hell follows.

  2. The ancient Greeks thought that political systems ran in a cycle, democracy leads to dictatorships which leads to royalty which leads to democracy. The cycle is suppose to be unending, the US Constitution was written to prevent the dictatorship but we have Obama and people are ignoring his acting like a dictator.

  3. The whole point of this labour/blair PCSO “officers” (apart from their role of leftist ideology enforcement) is revenue collection.This revenue usually extracted from the indigenous population then goes to the fund high spending labour trendy “money pit projects ” like translation services and asylum seeker grants.
    According to the you tube comments the woman now faces up to a £1000 fine (which is why the council security wanted her address).
    Should she be unable or refuse to pay the fine she will either be visited by council appointed balliffs who will then take any valuables she has.
    Should they be unable to recover her property to sell at auction they will sell the “debt” to a “private debt collection agency”. Who will use further measures to recover the fine including taking the family car etc.The fine can then be doubled through extortionate imaginary management fees.These people have even been known to take the toys from children’s hands to sell.
    They safest people who are virtually immune from these draconian measures are the very poor/unemployed and those who either do not own property or are not registered to a property.
    In these cases the trail runs cold.

    Welcome to England

  4. Poor, poor England! He’s a muslim he hates dogs therefore he goes after dogs and their owners. This is an example of how all English will be treated soon! Heartbreaking really!

  5. Softly Bob …………….The “real police” were used to extract the correct name and address from the victim.Should she then refuse she would then be committing a “criminal offence” and the genuine police officers can then arrest her.,,,,,,,,,

    What Powers Do Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) Have?

  6. more to this. Two real cops did show up and she was given a £1000 “prosecution” by this Sharia law enforcement officer rather than a £70 fine for leaving dog poo in that park and a court date. That is what the citation says it doesn’t give a case name or number just a word “prosecution”

  7. You are suggesting Vlad, that within every submission-invert, (through the Stockholm Syndrome of childhood called Islam), there is a Little Hitler trying to get out. This male attempted impersonating a police officer in arresting her, every ruse to get the woman to submit to his uniform. A £35000 salary for spotting the breaking of bylaws as a ‘good citizen’ warden, targeting those who can afford pay as an agent of Class Warfare, that everyone leaving their front door is legally being watched as guilty before proved innocent and under surveillance. As Hitler sent out his Brown Shirts to intimidate and terrorize the German People, the Socialists sent out their Muslims they invited, with the hope of a Communist dictatorship arise after
    the Night of the Curved Swords. Equality, Diversity and Unconscious Bias – in that order. Why else do you think Kim Jong-un wiped out the whole of his Uncle’s family and relations to every man woman and child?

    Reminds me what a Kurdish businessman recently told me of what an imam reported back to Ayatollah Khomeini about the British political class: “they are just like us”. Just as dark and devious and kiddy fiddling. Or was Tony Blair’s D-Notice on the findings of Operation Ore to protect the morale of the troops? Getting old men via Operation Yewtree seems to be working at distracting the masses from these real pedophiles by presenting young stars who had younger girls throw themselves at them to call that pedophilia, when real pedophillia is hidden from view by those from a “protected characteristic” in a Bible of The European Human Rights Act, by themselves, for themselves.

  8. The images of Marilyn Monroe is the just-turned-to-full-bloom “Bo booby-doo, Mr President” sex, which he duly laid in the sack without knowing the mother’s daughter as a person. This was the culture, behavior and Avon Lady industry that ruined ageing starlets. But it was not pedophillia, only that of a sought-after first rush of the dopermine-sex-addict to whom Edward Bernays promoted subconsciously to have a virgin all for yourself. Today it’s 14 year old boys. Islam got there before The West in Heaven-sanctioned pearls, before The Human Rights Act is amended and determines a child can be consensual.

    What has this got to do with stopping the woman in the park? Everything.

  9. If you really want to get serious about this you take a DNA sample from the pile of excrement. It should contain sloughed off cells from the intestine lining.

    If it matchers her dog then she should pay fine, court costs and DNA testing costs.

    If not the “council” police man should be at least have a written reprimand and at worst fired.

    People curbing their dog is a problem. But you have to catch the right ones. In this case I think it is about harassing dog owners to make certain Muslims happy.

    I wonder if these Sharia types ever red the book dune by Frank Herbert or seen the movie Terminator. I wonder if they are afraid of automation.

  10. ‘Officer Khan.’ Good grief. I suspect I’m never going to catch up. This is a scene from a colonial novel, in which the D.O. has conferred enhanced authority on a petty local official who promptly abuses it, whether to line his pockets or puff his status or both. The D.O. gets wind of it and stops the abuse.

    But in the novel, Officer Khan’s victims would not include the wife of a white education officer walking her dog on the Maidan. Officer Khan would for sure be overstepping his authority with that, and would know it.

    But the setting now is England itself, and Officer Khan is backed by the full force of the state, with free rein to abuse his authority in the time-honoured way of his people. The abuses the white man shouldered his burden to stop in the colonies he now sanctions at home, to the point of seeing his own women mistreated. Revenge of the empire indeed.

  11. Dan, to use the term Paki, is not accurate and tars all originators with the worst of Mankind that country has to offer. You may mean a large subsection, as Blacks are apt to know their Niggerz and Whites their chavs. The are many fine outstanding Pakistanis around the world who are a credit to humanity and the advancement of consciousness. The fact is, these are all ex-Muslims or non-Muslims from Pakistan. Not the slightest whisper of Mohammad divides their hearts. They do good because it is normal, and not for any reward in Heaven for themselves. So do please specify it is the Muslim faith that makes a person develop into backwardness, and not solely dependent upon their ethnicity so that someone from Pakistan with a real story to tell will not take one look here and run.

    A clarification of what you meant would have sufficed such as he behaved like what we have come to know so well as a “paki” due to Islam, and not all for all Pakistanis.
    White Islamists do the same. Waki may be a new term of reference.
    It is all about behavior and their own-inflicted abuse of their hardware as pride. The fact is, they can unlearn it, and your friend, by definition is no longer a Paki.
    Does this make sense? You can discern the man by the deed and not their origin?

  12. There’s never a THEO around when you need one. Too busy pursuing dog poo to do anything really useful. These jokers are paid about $60,000 USD per year. But phone for them to report 10 muslim men making noise until 2am, and the THEOs are nowhere to be seen.

    Here’s how civilisation collapses…

    “A parking warden claimed Councillor Anwar Khan threatened to fetch a machete and kill him during a row over a double yellow line infringement.”

  13. I have no concern for a Pakistani who is not Muslim. Every person, for that matter. They are more moral than the socialist-infected minds around that masturbate in front of the TV. The Muslim is no more than a White Supremicist who pretends to be so when he knows he is nothing of the sort.
    I asked for a definition of paki, I got the retort of one.

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