News links for Jan 25 2014 – 2

1. Militants tell Russians to rebel against Kremlin or face attacks

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A militant group that claimed responsibility for last month’s suicide bombings in Volgograd which killed at least 34 people told Russians on Saturday to rebel against President Vladimir Putin or face further attacks.

(You know, if 60% or more of the mosques in Moscow were to suddenly spontaneously combust for some reason, I bet the ‘militants’ would be considerable less arrogant.)

2. Canada Takes Its Place at the Table

(This is good. And here is a related National Post article)

3. Jan 23: Israel foils Al Qaeda plot to attack American Embassy in Tel Aviv

4. Another US media empire plans to ‘out’ legal gun owners who have concealed carry permits as an attack on the 2nd amendment.

(The NRA has the money to hire investigators to research the backgrounds of everyone on the staff of this “multi-state newspaper chain”. I think they should, and they should release everything from affairs had by the staff, legal but not something Im sure they want generally known, to criminal backgrounds and even previous accusations. If this newspaper thinks it is a good thing to let the general public have this kind of information then, well sauce for the goose…)

5. Muslim high schooler wonders if beard cost him hotel security co-op

(as is the new usual, no one asks the right question. Was it his beard that cost him? Or his utter refusal to follow the rules of the people from whom he was seeking employment that cost him this potential job? To read this article you would think he was fired for being muslim rather than not hired because he was refusing to adhere to their rules)

6. Video and article on the 8 muslims arrested on an Ottawa South end home invasion.


Thank you Richard, M, Act for Canada and all. More to come. The day is young and there are many muslims.

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  1. #1 Putin is going to have a field day with this threat, it gives him an excuse to really crack down.

    #4 Everything should be publicized about the people working for the paper and those who own it, including their contempt for the common man and woman.

  2. Conspiracy, kidnappings, ransom, retaliation – back to the roots – back to the old Muhammadan days…

    Egyptian embassy staff ‘seized’in Libya (BBC, Jan 25, 2014)
    “At least four Egyptian embassy personnel have been kidnapped in the Libyan capital Tripoli, the Libyan foreign ministry says. Another embassy official was seized in the Libyan capital on Friday.
    Several kidnappings of officials in Libya recently have been blamed on militias. They are often paid by the government, but their allegiance and who controls them remain in doubt. On Friday a Libyan militia commander was arrested in Egypt.Shabaan Hadiya is the leader of the Revolutionaries’ Operation Room, one of the militias that sprang up during the fight to topple Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Libyan government officials blamed the Operation Room for the brief abduction of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan in October 2013. Among the Egyptian embassy staff seized overnight was the cultural attache. An administrative adviser was abducted on Friday. A high-ranking member of the Operation Room denied any involvement in that kidnapping, Reuters news agency reported…”

  3. 4. Something tells me that will not do that. It would be to much work to go through the list and remove all those that are ‘accepted’ to let them have weapons permits. Democrat politicians, movie people and so on.

  4. @Muslim high schooler wonders if beard cost him hotel security co-op.

    I know, I know, Islam is not a race, but this is their way of playing the race card – nothing more, nothing less.

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