News items for Jan 21 2014 – 2

1. Turkey passes new laws which should be of great concern to those who wish it to enter the European Union. Not the least of which is one which forbids emergency medical care to protestors.

2. This one is a little abstract. Scientists have discovered a way of easily producing new meta materials. Materials which do not have properties typical of known materials and so, can lead to fantastical new abilities typically thought of as, at the very least, counter-intuitive. Personally, I think this article should be read in the context of episode 16 Season 4 of The Outer Limits, called, ‘Final Exam’. The premise of this episode seems more likely by the way. Indeed, not with a whimper but with a bang. This is how the world ends.

3. Sydney: Sergio Redegalli attacked by 4 Lebanese Muslim thugs; promptly paints new mural….

(Sergio is one hell of a great guy. He risks it all for the preservation of a decent society. On top of that, he is a skilled and talented [meaning powerful sense of creativity and the aesthetic] artist. I have interviewed him on some of his thinking and activism March 17/18 2013

4. Swedish court rules it is not illegal to throw someone out of a restaurant because you do not like their politics. However I am pretty confident this will only be a one way decision. If you throw someone out because you do not like their opinion of imposing sharia law on your nation, you will almost certainly be ‘done in’ for racism. Not to mention what would happen if you threw someone out for wearing a Che T shirt or a Mao one etc. On a related note, people who have had absurdly disproportionate reactions for misinterpretations, deliberate or no, of things they said on Twitter that were not spot on with the narrative. Frankly even if they meant it this is Orwellian. Here is Tundra Tabloids with what happened. Why the bar-owner was not arrested for malicious mischief is also an important question.

5. Turkey on the Syrian border yesterday

6. Russian police/soldiers remove 1 mustard terrorist before Olympics begin. Toronto Sun article

Thank you Fjordman, TL, M, and all who contributed so far today.

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  1. As I have said before we are living in a time of scientific miracles, things that were sifi a few years ago are reality and in some cases things that were comic book material a few years ago are rapidly becoming reality.

  2. Iraq executes 26 men on ‘terrorism’ charges (BBC, Jan 21, 2014)
    “Iraq has executed 26 people convicted of “terrorism” offences, according to officials. The deaths came despite international criticism of the country’s increasing use of capital punishment. The justice ministry said Adel al-Mashhadani – allegedly a leader of a local Sunni militia known as Sahwa – was among those put to death on Sunday. Iraq executed at least 151 people last year, up from 129 in 2012 and 18 in 2010, according to Human Rights Watch. It follows calls from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for an immediate halt to executions in Iraq. A spokesman for Navi Pillay said in October large-scale killings were “obscene and inhumane”. The claim that the death penalty helped deter terrorism was a “fallacy”, given the surging violence in Iraq, the spokesman added…”

  3. Actually, it’s quite alright to refuse to entertain anyone in your restaurant for whatever reason you choose – it’s called FREEDOM. The oppression starts when the government and legal system decide who you are allowed to like or dislike, serve or not serve, employ or not employ.
    Most conservatives would be quite happy to not be patronising the establishment of such an inverted bigot – if the playing field were level.

  4. UAE jails 30 over ‘Muslim Brotherhood ties’ (BBC, Jan 21, 2014)
    “A court in Abu Dhabi has sentenced 20 Egyptians and 10 UAE citizens to up to five years in prison after finding them guilty of national security charges. The Islamists denied setting up an “international” branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and stealing secret information from the security services. They will have no right to appeal. Amnesty International said the case was “littered with irregularities”, and many of the defendants told the court they had been tortured or ill-treated. The UAE authorities have denied using torture and the court ordered medical tests for some of the men when their trial started in November. On Tuesday, the UAE Federal Supreme Court convicted the 30 men of stealing and distributing classified files belonging to the Supreme Council for National Security (SCNS), establishing and running a branch of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, and collecting money to support it…”?

  5. Bomb targets bus of Shia pilgrims in south-west Pakistan (BBC, Jan 21, 2014)
    “At least 22 Shia pilgrims have been killed after a bomb struck a bus in Mastung district in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province, officials said. The pilgrims were returning from a trip to sacred sites in neighbouring Iran when explosives were detonated, causing one of a convoy of buses to catch fire. More than two dozen people have been injured, some critically, a police officer told AP news agency. Sunni Muslim militants who often target Shias operate in the region. An extremist Sunni group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, has previously admitted carrying out similar attacks against Pakistan’s Shia minority. Balochistan ethnic nationalists are also waging an insurgency in the region for more autonomy…”?

  6. SYRIA – JAN 21 2014 -Air strike on Syria’s Aleppo kills 10

    A government air strike killed 10 people in a rebel-held neighbourhood of Syria’s main northern city Aleppo today, a monitoring group said.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported that some fighters of the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had refused orders to withdraw from a battle with government troops to fight against rival rebels. “An air strike hit the area of a bus station… In Jisr al-Hajj,” in Aleppo, the Observatory said, with its director Rami Abdel Rahman telling AFP: “We have documented 10 deaths”.

    The Observatory distributed amateur video footage showing a huge fire in the area, located in the westernmost part of Aleppo city.

  7. Russian forces hunt Dagestan militants, ‘black widows’ (CNN, Jan 21, 2014)
    “Police killed a suspected militant leader in a shootout in Russia’s restive republic of Dagestan, state media said Tuesday, amid increasing security concerns ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. It’s also emerged that Russian authorities are hunting two more ‘black widow’ suspects — a notorious type of terrorist that’s emerged in Russia’s clashes with Chechen separatists. The latest incidents have fueled debate over security at Sochi, despite assurances from Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia will do its utmost to keep the Games secure. There have been years of unrest linked to an Islamist insurgency in Dagestan and the North Caucasus region, and Islamist militants have vowed to strike at the Games. Russian terrorism officials named the suspected militant killed Tuesday in Dagestan as Eldar Magato, state news agency RIA Novosti reported. Earlier, the news agency said Russian special forces were engaged in two operations in Dagestan, which lies about a 12-hour drive from Sochi on the other side of the Caucasus Mountains. Security forces killed three more suspected militants in Dagestan on Monday, it reported…”

  8. No sh*t…

    British Muslims with diabetes need more healthcare support during Ramadan (, Jan 21, 2014)
    “British Muslims with diabetes may avoid attending GP surgeries to discuss fasting during the holy month of Ramadan – with potentially serious consequences for their future health, new research by the universities of Manchester and Keele shows. The first study in the UK to explore the beliefs which influence the experience and practices of British Muslims’ diabetes management found tensions often exist between observing the important religious ritual in accordance with their faith and the competing need to manage their health. Lead author Dr Neesha Patel, from The University of Manchester, said the research – published in the Journal Health Expectations – showed British Muslims with diabetes would like support and advice from their GP on fasting safely, providing their GP was trained, emphatic and understood the significance of Ramadan for Muslims with diabetes. There are 3 million people in the UK with diabetes, and a further 850,000 who have undiagnosed Type 2. It is six times more common in the South Asian population and four times more common in the Bangladeshi and Pakistani groups than the general UK population. Recent figures suggest approximately 325,000 Muslims have diabetes in the UK.
    Short-term risks of fasting include poor diabetes control and dehydration. Longer-term risks include a reduced quality of life and increase in mortality…”

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