News items for Jan 20 2014 – 1

1. John Quincy Adams on Islam

(Not news but certainly reality)

2. After Stockholm bar staff threw out top Sweden Democrat Kent Ekeroth on the weekend, legal experts have debated whether political opinion is grounds for a discrimination case. 

I would ask that a vibrant and very loud and all inclusive discussion take place around this matter. This is extremely important that the matter be well defined. If we are to preserve the right of discrimination, can we do it on the basis of religious opinion/conviction? Political opinion/conviction? Just the ones against the left? Because after all I am certain to my last pfennig that had they thrown out a communist the pub would be brought to court and lose. Or a Muslim for that matter, even though that Muslim, if religious, would be advocating and working on the closing of that pub altogether. As usual with the left, ‘freedom of speech and to discriminate for me, yet not for thee’.

Perhaps we can call radio shows and get this topic on people’s minds and write op-ed’s for newspapers. After all, if we can at least force the powers that be to codify what is a legal opinion or religion and what is not, we can start work to beat it and make a fair and just society again.


3. BBC try and show Christians in the CAR in the worst possible light without asking even the most obvious of questions. (So I did it for them)

Article from the Daily mail here:

4. Egypt’s General Sisi Calls for Rise of ‘Modern’ Islam

According to Egyptian media, during his recent speech at the Department of Moral Affairs for the Armed Forces, General Abdul Fateh al-Sisi – the man who ousted former President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood in response to the June Revolution and who is seen as the nation’s de facto ruler – declared that “Religious discourse is the greatest battle and challenge facing the Egyptian people, and pointed to the need for a new vision and a modern, comprehensive understanding of the religion of Islam—rather than relying on a discourse that has not changed for 800 years.”

Sisi further “called on all who follow the true Islam to improve the image of this religion in front of the world, after  Islam has been for decades convicted of violence and destruction around the world, due to the crimes falsely committed in the name of Islam.”

5. Geert Wilders, PVV party now larger than both major rival parties combined. (Dutch politics uses dishonest means to prevent them from representing the people who elected them)

6. Pictures and live coverage of some fairly major rioting in Kiev the Ukraine. 

Thank you M, Fjordman, GoV and all who sent material in

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  1. Sixteen killed by twin bombs at Syria-Turkey border post

    Two car bombs hit a rebel-held post on the Syrian border with Turkey on Monday, killing at least 16 people and closing the frontier, opposition activists and fighters said.

    The Bab al-Hawa crossing is held by a rebel alliance called the Islamic Front, which has been fighting with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a small but powerful affiliate of al Qaeda with a core of foreign fighters.

    It was not immediately clear who had planted the bombs. The attack occurred a few days after a car bomb that killed 26 in the eastern city of Jarablus and which activists blamed on ISIL.

    video ( graphic )

  2. Eeyore, the legal situation on discrimination is very simple : HEADS THEY WIN – TAILS YOU LOSE – simple as that. All very simple, they are out to destroy white europeans wherever they exist in the world. Race laws, hate laws have nothing to do with being nice to black people and homosexuals, and everything to do with keeping us quiet whilst they destroy us.. Abortion laws and the promotion of homosexual lifestyles have nothing to do with ‘choice’ and everything to do with stopping us procreating. Immigration has nothing to do with ‘helping people have a better life’, but diluting and balkanising our countries to the point where we can be picked off – and make no mistake THAT IS THE END GAME !, and if they can treat us like this whilst we are still the majority, just imagine the fate that awaits our children and our grandchildren. Just imagine South Africa or Zimbabwe on steroids, because when it gets to that stage they won’t even have to put a facade of reason on it any more.

  3. If I can expand on my last statement. In every country where white europeans exist the following things are happening, EVERYWHERE, from Australia, New Zealand, to US, Canada, ALL of western europe, and increasingly eastern europe, as the EU extends its tentacles, the following things are happening:
    The promotion of birth control, homosexuality among the ‘indigenous people together with propaganda on overpopulation.
    Endless, suicidal rates of immigration, including huge numbers of assimilable cultures, which are to say the very least from a culture that is hostile to the host.
    Laws that discriminate against the native population, coupled with the selective enforcement of laws which are supposed to apply equally.
    Massive press and media propaganda in favour of immigration, covering up of all immigrant crimes, sentationalising of crimes against immigrants, in fact a TOTAL media conspiracy.
    Stalinist enforcement of political correctness to the point of insanity (unless you are working to an agenda)
    Political indoctrination in education, starting at universities, but now filtered down to kindergarten, so that even four year olds can be subjected to a show trial for ‘thought crimes’.
    Complete trashing of host culture, promotion of immigrant culture in almost all media output.(sport drama, news etc)
    Completely insane welfare spending, coupled with ruinous debt (Can only end one way, should have already)
    Electoral franchise to all incomers, many of whom cant even understand the host language enough to know what they are voting for.
    You can probably add a few yourself. NOW STAND BACK AND LOOK AT IT (mentally)
    This IS A BLUEPRINT FOR SELF DESTRUCTION, and it is being carried out in EVERY country where white europeans exist, NO MATTER WHICH POLITICAL PARTY IS IN POWER – you can’t vote it out you cant change it, ANY political opposition, ANY nationalist party which springs up is immediately demonized as ‘right wing’, ‘fascist’, ‘extremist’, ‘racist’ from all corners of the establishment, especially the media. People can lose their livelihood, be harrassed, even physically attacked with impunity for belonging to any such political party.
    NOW, unless all of our leaders, EVERY ONE, IN EVERY COUNTRY, all at the same time have gone collectively insane, then they are working to an AGENDA, yes a CONSPIRACY, full, tin foil hat.
    As such Eeyore, I am afraid that, largely speaking, any dialogue, argument, as you suggest above is a waste of time. They ARE working to an agenda, they DO have an end they are working to, which they are obviously bent on. Civil unrest, riots, terrorism, public opinion, NOTHING has swayed them from this course in over five decades, in fact with every passing decade the ratchet clicks round a bit more, the grip tightens on our collective windpipe.
    OH we may win the odd argument, have the odd victory of reason, just a bump in the road to them, doesn’t alter the trajectory, the end aims, – a bit faster, a bit slower – doesn’t matter to them – they work on a long timescale – decades at least.
    Sorry if I’m a bit negative, but thats the way I see it. I don’t think they even see people like us as a threat, they’d shut us down easily enough if they really wanted to.

  4. #3 I can see the atheist community saying Christians are as bad as Muslims. That is bad.
    They will also not credit that getting eaten happens often. It leads me to remember people getting killed in Tanzania and East Congo and people carving out bits of flesh to eat so that they can get some of the power. Some, belief that existed in Europe among the Celts and Ligurians.

    Among the Muslims Hind, wife of Abu-Sufyan, is also supposed to have done this. She did so not so much out of cannibalism but to say you wronged us, we are going to kill you and them I am going to eat your heart. And she took a bite of her victim’s liver and spit it out.

    Mad Dog is suffering from persecution and PTSD. The PTSD made the round a month ago saying that people that watch violent news stories could after a while get PTSD. If that is true people who are being persecuted and who hear about ethnic tribesmen and co-religionists get butchered for months on end are going to get PTSD. At least some of them will. Of course liberals will forget the PTSD story and would not think to link it to this story. It does not fit their narrative.

    I remember a story in SOF about the Lebanese Civil War. Lebanese Christians were tortured to death by Muslims. It stopped after Christians replied in kind. Liberals refuse to believe that is true.

  5. With the ‘Christian’ cannibal, its just the prime example of how the media propaganda machine works. I can watch muslim atrocities day in, day out if I wanted to. They are all over the internet, because the perpetrators are PROUD of their actions. Acts so savage,depraved, cruel, brutal, often so surreal in their inventiveness and depravity, as to make Wes Craven (famous horror film director, Nightmare on Elm Street) look to be lacking in imagination.
    From the media ? NOTHING, not one word of even unbiased reporting, let alone criticism or condemnation. IN FACT THEY ACTIVELY COVER SUCH THINGS UP.
    And they find one Christian, ONE !, committing an evil act, and from a stone age village in the middle of Africa,where, alas, such acts are not uncommon, and it’s all over the media. This has been popping up now for over a week.
    These people are working to an agenda ! Nobody lies and dissembles, especially so consistently is working to a purpose.

  6. 2#. Mr. Ekeroth is a MP and was obviously exposed to false accusations – which is illegal even according to the Swedish law. The restaurant did not only discriminate Mr. Ekeroth and his friends – it discriminated some peaceful ten per cent of the Swedish population.

  7. Police warn Sochi hotels of terror suspect as Olympics near (CNN,+video, Jan 21, 2014)
    “New details fueled debate Monday over security at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi: Wanted posters of a terrorism suspect on the loose, warships at the ready and a video threat from beyond the grave. Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that his country has stepped up security and is prepared to handle any threats. But some U.S. lawmakers — and at least one Olympic athlete — have said they’re worried about the situation. Police in Sochi have handed out fliers at area hotels warning of a woman they believe could be a terrorist and who may currently be in the city. One flier, obtained by CNN, asks workers to be on the lookout for Ruzanna “Salima” Ibragimova, described as the widow of a member of a militant group from the Caucasus region. The woman, according to the flier, may be involved in organizing “a terrorist act within the 2014 Olympic region.””

  8. #4 In one breath Sisi talks about ‘a new vision’ and a ‘modern understanding,’ and with the next his call is to ‘improve the image of this religion in front of the world.’ And no doubt in his mind those are identical. It’s the same old same old – ‘crimes falsely committed in the name of Islam,’ which itself is perfect, and doesn’t need to be changed.

  9. Interesting stuff. One little thing though: In the video about the cannibal, the typeface used was VERY difficult to read. Please use a regular typeface next time.

  10. #3 The left has been attacking Christianity for a long time, unfortunately they have managed to distort its message and succeed in making all religious people look like bigots and theocratic, now people that are essentially stone age savages are being held up as the example of how all Christians act.

    One of the comments on the Daily Mail said we are entering a new Dark Age, I agree the big question is how much damage will be done to civilization? If very little is done the Dark Age will be short, if the left succeeds in destroying civilization the Dark Age will last centuries.

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