News links for Jan 18 2014 – 3

1. Anti-mosque protest met with counter demo in United Kingdom

2. Caroline Glick: The Truth Hurts

3. Three related links: (Haven’t read them all fully yet, but they are related. Thank you UK Pete)

3a. Mikaeel Kular: Police find body and detain mother

3b. The beauty therapist mother from an upmarket home who sparked search for missing son after telling police he had disappeared from his bed

3c. Lined up around the block

4. A wave of deadly blasts in Baghdad. (Video)

(CNN) — At least 19 people were killed in bombings in Baghdad on Saturday evening, police said.

The deadliest blast was caused by a car bomb that exploded near a Western-style mall in the western Mansour district, killing at least six people. At least 13 other people died in six other incidents across the city, Iraq’s capital.

At least 74 people were wounded in the Baghdad bombings — six car bombs and one roadside bomb.

5. Is a mini ice age on the way? Scientists warn the Sun has ‘gone to sleep’ and say it could cause temperatures to plunge

6. Two Britons and two Canadians killed in attack on Kabul restaurant.

A suicide bomber detonated explosives outside the restaurant on Friday.

Two gunmen then went inside and killed people inside “indiscriminately”.

7. 18 people killed and 50 injured in stampede as thousands gather for funeral of 102-year-old Muslim spiritual leader in Mumbai

(A high profile funeral where muslims are involved has to be one of the most dangerous places on earth)

8. Islamization of Germany:

Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, UK Pete, John H, Fjordman and all.

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  1. #5 Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn of Weatheraction has been saying for a number of years that we are already in a mini ice age that will last until around 2040.

  2. #-3b

    It was announced this morning that the Police have Detained & Charged the “mother” and a “man” from Fife, (uncle) in connection the disappearance and Murder of the Boy, he was a beautiful looking wee Lad, and to whoever done this,..IF THERE IS A HELL THEN SUFFER YOU BASTARDS.

  3. IRAQ – Diabolical’ Arab countries behind Iraq strife: Maliki

    Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki blamed “diabolical” and “treacherous” Arab countries for a protracted surge in nationwide violence in a speech on Sunday, but stopped short of naming individual countries.

    The premier said suicide bombers were coming to Iraq from as far afield as Morocco, Libya and Yemen, but did not single out countries he described as “evil” which he said were supporting violent extremists in Iraq.

    “Iraq is the target for some countries that are backing terrorism, and backing evil,” Maliki said in a speech in the southern city of Nasiriyah.

    “The world has united with us,” he continued. “The (UN) Security Council, the European Union, and most Arab countries, except some diabolical treacherous countries.”

    video – Jan 19 2014 – ISIL female suicide bomber killed at the border ( Syria / Iraq ???? )

  4. LIBYA – Italian cemetery in Tripoli attacked by Qaddafi supporters

    Dozens of Qaddafi supporters waving green flags attacked the Italian cemetery in Tripoli yesterday evening.

    Informed sources told Libya Herald that the assailants smashed up the guardroom at the cemetery entrance but the guard was uninjured.

    However, local thuwar (militias) and the neighbours quickly confronted the attacker, chasing them out of the site before they could penetrate the graveyard itself or cause damage to any graves. The police later arrived to secure the site.

    This incident comes after two Italian workers in a construction company went missing on Friday between Martuba and Derna in eastern Libya.

    But it also comes against the background of pro-Qaddafi supporters attacking and occupying an airbase in south of Libya as well as a series of unconfirmed reports of green pro-Qaddafi flags being raised in a number of places in Libya.

    Pro-Qaddafi supporters have also been broadcasting recently through a satellite TV channel, thought to be broadcasting on the Egyptian-based Nilesat satellite.

    In 2012, over 100 World War II Allied war grave stones in Benghazi were smashed.

  5. 7/ Koran says bury them before sunset the same day, or as soon as possible. That’s one law that hasn’t been abrogated, nor is it subject to friendly fatwa.
    These people wanted to display this old guy, wait for guests to arrive from all over, the more the merrier.
    That’s HaraM, big time.

    Or maybe they’re thrilled. Shia – right? They’re so totally into death, this is even better than self-flagellation.

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