NSA Official: ‘We Are Now a Police State’

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From CNS News:

Last year, high-ranking NSA official Bill Binney said, “We are, like, that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.” Now, Binney says that the U.S. has already become a full-blown police state.

Binney told Washington’s Blog on Wednesday that:

“The main use of the collection from these [NSA spying] programs [is] for law enforcement. [See the 2 slides below].”
NSA slide
NSA slide
“These slides give the policy of the DOJ/FBI/DEA etc. on how to use the NSA data. In fact, they instruct that none of the NSA data is referred to in courts – cause it has been acquired without a warrant.”“So, they have to do a ‘Parallel Construction’ and not tell the courts or prosecution or defense the original data used to arrest people. This I call: a ‘planned programed perjury policy’ directed by US law enforcement.”

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3 Replies to “NSA Official: ‘We Are Now a Police State’”

  1. For those Muslims and water treatment files… Back then they were apparently just scouting around, now they seem to be climbing into pipes…

    Trespasser Freed From Pipe At United Water Plant In New Jersey, Faces Criminal Charges (cbsny, Jan 17, 2014)
    “Rescuers have freed a man who had been stuck for hours in a pipe at a water treatment plant in New Jersey. Officials told CBS 2 around 11:30 a.m. that 26-year-old Asef Mohamed, of Manalapan, had been freed and airlifted to an area hospital. He was 10 to 12 feet down the pipe, which was not in use, WCBS 880?s Levon Putney reported. United Water spokesman Rich Henning said Mohamed broke into the plant that treats and pumps water for the township of Manalapan. Workers heard cries for help coming from the pipe around 7 a.m. Friday. “This was a person that purposely climbed a six-foot fence with three or four layers of barbed wire on top,” Henning said. United Water officials said they have no idea why Mohamed did it, but are now looking at ways to tighten up security, Putney reported…”

  2. Jeez that mohamed guy must have been really really thirsty. How mean of the city to charge him for his rescue when the poor desert dweller probably didn’t understand how to work a tap and needed a drink, maybe for his aging mother or something. He can’t possibly have been up to anything bad even though he climbed barb wire fences in the middle of the night and tried to enter a water treatment plant via a pipe because they never mentioned the words ‘terrorism’ once.

    My guess is, the DHS will make sure any evidence is destroyed well before any investigation can be done. That’s what they do now after all.

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