News links for Jan 10 2014 – 1

1. Experts slam DOJ letter telling schools to implement race-based punishments

The letter, released on Wednesday, states that it is a violation of federal law for schools to punish certain races more than others, even if those punishments stem from completely neutral rules. For example, equal numbers of black students and white students should be punished for tardiness, even if black students are more often tardy than white students. (RELATED: DOJ to schools: It’s racist to punish students for behaving badly, texting in class)

(The US must be the most systemically racist country outside of the Islamic world and the far-East now)

2. Former head of pro-Palestinian student group accused of hate speech over violent martyrdom posts on Facebook

CALGARY — A pro-Israel group says it has complained to Calgary police over Facebook comments made by a former university student group president who urged Palestinians to ‘‘spill blood.’’

“My body and soul are ready to fight and die,” wrote Ala’a Hamdan, former president of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, a University of Calgary student group. “This land will be proud that Palestinian babies are born men and women ready to spill their blood.”

In a battle hymn written to a son, Ms. Hamdan wrote: “I will soak a koffiah with your blood and save it to show to your siblings … I will be named the mother of the martyr.“

3. FBI sending staff to help cover the winter Olympics. 

4. More on the macabre and nearly inexplicable murder of 6 people left in cars that were booby trapped with explosives yesterday in Russia.

Thank you Richard, Oz-Rita, CB Sashenka and all who sent in links today.

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  1. AUSTRALIA – SYDNEY – Park predator may be convicted offender

    Police are consulting a list of sex offenders and scouring security camera vision as they work to catch a sex offender who assaulted two young girls in a Sydney toilet yesterday.

    The sisters, aged two and six, were attacked by the man as they used a public toilet in Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve at Guildford about 1:30pm

    The attacker is described as being between 20 and 30 years of age and of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean appearance. He has an average build and facial hair.

  2. AUSTRALIA – SYDNEY – NSW Police say the man who assaulted a two and six year old in a Sydney park toilet followed them in

    “Both children were already in the toilet (before the assault took place). “The little six-year-old was taking the two-year-old to the bathroom and was assisting the two-year-old.

    “The adult male then entered that bathroom area and assaulted the children.”

    The girls were taken to hospital­ after the attack but the extent of their injuries is unknown.

    He is described as being of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean appearance, 165cm tall, with dark hair, a chubby build, and aged in his 30s.

    pic of local residents + video on the page :

  3. SYRIA – Nearly 500 killed in Syria rebel-jihadist fighting

    Nearly 500 people, among them 85 civilians, have been killed in a week of fighting pitting Syrian rebels against the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a monitoring group said Friday.

    “We have documented the killing of 482 people in the fighting — 85 civilians, 240 members of the rebel brigades and 157 members of ISIL,” said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdel Rahman.

    Among the civilians and rebels killed were 42 hostages who were executed in Aleppo by ISIL.

    Rebels also executed 47 ISIL members, mainly in Idlib province in northwestern Syria, Abdel Rahman said.

    “The rest of the deaths came during the fighting. It is likely dozens more people have lost their lives, but it is impossible to accurately document all the killings,” he added.

    He called for “crimes being committed in Syria to be brought before an international court.”

    Jihadist-rebel fighting has raged for a week, mainly in Aleppo, Idlib and Raqa provinces.

    On Friday, rebels continued to advance in much of Aleppo and Idlib, where ISIL’s presence was relatively weak, while the jihadists had the upper hand in Raqa, which has been under their control for several months.

    Several rebel groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime opened a new front against ISIL last week, accusing the jihadists of seeking control and committing horrific abuses in opposition-held areas.–killed-in-Syria-rebeljihadist-fighting-NGO.aspx

    video – SYRIA – FRIDAY – JAN 10 2014 Al qaeda in Aleppo

  4. 1/ A quota system for punishments by race? I don’t see Americans putting up with that, if schools even try to implement it. It’s too direct an attack on one’s children. Any racist/leftist/child-hating teachers who do try to mete out the race-based punishments will have to pick their victims with care, children with parents they think won’t defend them. They might get away with it for a while, but the poisoned environments of their classrooms will undo them. Holder/Obama have overreached themselves.

  5. yucki, It’s very well done, the video and translation. I watched the first 5 minutes then skipped ahead, hoping to see the little deadbeat blown up. Seems he survives, minus a leg though. Hope that doesn’t spoil it for anyone else.

  6. Leftists just don’t get that anyone who seeks to treat non-white people differently from white people in any way is a racist.

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