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1. UK: Three held after ‘substance’ found in Hull

The army’s bomb disposal team was called to Kilnsea Grove in Hull

Three people have been arrested after an “unknown substance” was found at a house in Hull.

Properties on Kilnsea Grove, in the east of the city, were evacuated following the alert but most people have since returned to their homes.

Humberside Police said the incident was not thought to be linked to “any terrorist organisations”.

(OK so the substance is probably not marijuana cause they don’t typically evacuate homes that far for dope)

2. UK seems to be at a sort of ‘stage three’ of creating a totalitarian regime. If I were planning to force a nation into ideological servitude and guarantee its hegemony I would do it in stages.

Stage one would be to change the fashion of the culture so that certain ideas or statements or kinds of speech or symbols would make you a pariah. Ideally till you couldn’t say anything, even if it is clearly and obviously true, without being hated or scorned or dismissed and maybe even losing your job and if you are a public figure, humiliated as well.

Stage two would be to criminalize it so that there was no longer a choice at all in the matter. Ideas which a decade ago were obvious and central dogma are now actually criminal and even people who might agree with you would blush and look both ways if you mentioned something out of the narrative even if it is still illegal to be with the narrative in practice. Homosexual marriage in the US for example. (I will catch flak just for saying, “homosexual marriage” instead of “Gay marriage” for one real-time example, because homosexual groups have taken the word ‘gay’ and made it into something quite repugnant to its old meaning and demand we use that.) For examples too numerous to list please see arrests in the UK for merely saying words that totalitarians find objectionable in any context, as they insist that the context must be the one they say it is, rendering all who use these words, symbols and ideas guilty irrespective of their own meaning or purpose. (One exception is if the user is actually trying to enforce the new totalitarian narrative. Then these tools are permitted)

Stage three has now begun in the UK where you look into the past and persecute people who said things or used ideas and symbols that were central dogma to the period, meant no harm then, and had an utterly different context than they might under the new ideological regime and persecute them for it as if they had said these things today and meant them maliciously. This would mean that the transformation from a free society where people were able to experiment with thoughts and ideas, to freely say things that might offend or freely say things that might better all mankind is nearly over and already partially buried. It is the signal that none of us are free from the state even if we are in goose step perfect sync with the new narrative. Because someone just needs to remember something we said as kids and we go on a list.

Stage four will be where those people on the list go to provide free labour to the state. The Russians had a word for them. The UK will be more clever about it I’m sure.

3. Missing girl fled home without shoes or money after ‘row with her parents over her wish to go to university’

A Muslim girl who disappeared from home a week ago fled without any shoes or money, it has emerged.

Nida Ul-Naseer, 18, was ‘disturbed and depressed’ when she ran away after a row with her parents over her wish to go to university, friends said.

There are concerns for her safety because she was without a jacket or shoes, her phone, money or medication for her anaemia.

Turkey builds new wall along Syria border

(I wonder if any Turkish or Canadian activists will join a flotilla to get refugees from Syria safely into Turkey around the wall. After all, it is largely Turkey along with the US that is supplying the weapons, know-how and supplies that are directly creating those exact refugees)

Thank you Pym Purnell, M, GoV, UK Pete, EDL Buck and all who sent these in.

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13 Replies to “News links for Jan 6 2014 – 1”

  1. Italy: ‘Tunisian arrested for threatening to behead ex-girlfriend’

    Cagliari, 3 January (AKI) – Police on Friday arrested an unemployed Tunisian immigrant on suspicion of stalking his Italian ex-girlfriend for nearly two years and threatening to cut off her head, reports said.

    Police arrested 36-year-old Valid Smiri, as he tried to climb over a gate and enter his ex-girlfriend’s apartment building in the town of Quartu, near Cagliari, the Unione Sarda newspaper reported.

    Witnesses said Smiri was shouting: “I’ll kill you, I am an Arab, you don’t know me. Even if they arrest me, I’ll come back and kill you. I’ll cut off your head!”

    As police led him away, Smiri also railed against the Italian government.

    The 47-year-old woman ended a three-month relationship with Smiri in 2012, a decision he had refused to accept.

    She reported Smiri to police three times after he kept bombarding her with phone-calls and text messages begging her to get back together with him or else, investigators said.

    He also hung around outside the woman’s apartment building and hurled insults at her and threatened to kill her each time he saw her go in or out, saying she was “his”, according to investigators.

  2. #2 My big sister was a selfish bully. My dad would reprimand her: “You’re acting just like a Communist! ‘What’s mine is mine & what’s yours is mine’.”

    Sorta like Muslims in Saudi Arabia call each other ‘jew’ when they’re fighting.

    When I first came to this blog, and Richard or perfectchild or somebody would call something “communist” I kinda cringed. I never did read up about Trotsky or Lenin, but from the context I guess my dad got it right.

    Didn’t he?

  3. Yucki:

    There is a movie on Youtube and elsewhere called, ‘The Soviet Story’. I recommend taking the time and watching it. Frankly that and Bill Whittle’s 12 minute video on the Narrative of political correctness are two of the most important documents out there IMO

  4. 2/ What’s the point of producing an Orwell or a Burgess or a Huxley, I suppose, if a country’s not going to try some of their ideas out? There is a Burmese joke to the effect that Orwell wrote a trilogy about Burma of which ‘Burmese Days’ was only the first part. Not every observer of Burma’s post-colonial horrorshow seems to have taken the same lesson from it.

  5. Yucki from what you have said your father had it right, under communism only the elite have any personal property or any rights, the rest exist to serve the elite.

  6. Yucki back in the 1980s a ;co worker came into the office one day laughing because some of his wife’s relatives from Argentina were visiting and had told him that about half of the stories in the local paper were communist propaganda. I ask which stories and then looks at them in yesterdays paper, he got the funniest look on his face when I told him the visitors were right.

  7. Eeyore you are right about the stages of indoctrination and change from freedom to slavery, I can’t remember the terms and stages that were in the documents I read about the Marxist plan to
    conquer the west, From what I remember your stages are in line with what they had plaaned for taking over.

  8. I watched “Soviet Story” twice, took notes.
    It’s hard to come to terms with this information. The implications are overwhelming.

    It’s not enough to recognize purblind apologists for totalitarian social experiments. You have to challenge them. Stop them before they decide that YOUR children must be sacrificed for the “greater good.”

  9. The director of The Soviet Story should have mentioned that Latvian (and Estonian) volunteers (thousands of them) served in Hitler’s Waffen-SS units. Moreover, the SS veterans have been honored in present-day Latvia and Estonia for a long time, organizing (in daylight) mass processions together with their enthusiastic young supporters. On March 16, Latvia celebrates the Latvian Legion Day or the Remembrance Day of the Latvian legionnaires to commemorate its Waffen-SS veterans. Might this country be called a real offspring of the Nazis’ deeds?

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