News links Jan 3 2014 – 4

1. Tards torch tree in Azerbaijan

2. CA schools prepare to implement new school transgender laws

(Schools now not only do not teach you important things, they force you to unlearn the most obvious of things. Like whether (or in this rare case, wether) or not you are a girl or a boy.

Sacramento – The law allowing transgender K-12 students to choose what bathroom they want to use, what gender-specific sports they want to play, and what dress code they adhere to is set to go into effect, and public schools are gearing up to comply with the law.

3. Feminist writer Camille Paglia speaks out AGAINST the loss of masculine virtues and its negative impact on society

(Whatever you may think of Camille Paglia, I bet she knows which bathroom to use)

I wonder what universities are like these days? (Skip ahead to 6 minutes if you are pressed for time)

4. 50 years ago a new elite came to power in Britain. We’re still paying the price for their contempt for ordinary people, writes DOMINIC SANDBROOK

5. Unemployed gipsy mother demands new council house – because her beliefs ‘do not allow her to live in a home where someone has died’

6. I don’t know if this is a legitimate quote from his book or not. But it remains true in any case and should be watched.

H/T M, Richard, Fjordman, EDL Buck, Ted L, and all who sent in material. Thank you.

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  1. 3/ I thought the opening chapters of Sexual Personae were very good, though it was a while ago, I would have to look again. But here is a quote that doesn’t seem past its date (maybe the next stage in transgendered California):

    “Kill the imagination, lobotomize the brain, castrate and operate: then the sexes will be the same.”

    And another, not out of line with her thinking here:

    “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”

    Also if it had been left in the hands of just about any civilization other than the one now committing suicide.

  2. #3 the whole business about offence is, as Penn and Teller would say, Bullshit. People claim they have been offended only because it cannot be disproved. It is a wholly subjective experience like happiness or sadness.

    If someone claims they are offended and want something in exchange for supposedly having that experience, it’s the exact same thing as a con artists trying to get your money because they promise you something they have no intention of providing you in exchange for your money.

    Someone who claims to be offended has no intention, because they have no ability, to prove to you they are offended. And no intention or ability to prove to you they have really been mollified by the reaction they demand from you.

    The next time someone tells you that you offended them, MAKE THEM PROVE IT!

    And if they say something general like that they think it would be offended to others: MAKE THEM PROVE THEY ARE PSYCHIC.

  3. 3/ It’s desperate, what has happened to college. Here is John Merriman rounding off his European Civilization 1648-1945 series of Open Yale Course lectures on Youtube (lecture 24):

    “I believe, nobody asked me, but since we’re talking about the view of Europeans, I believe that people like Bush and Cheney ought to go before the tribunal at The Hague, if human rights is going to mean anything….”

    John, right, no one asked you. How it in any way your job to tell undergrads what you think should happen to Bush and Cheney? That slant affects the whole lecture series, and his course on France Since 1871 as well. Merriman’s opinions on immigration particularly are inappropriate in this academic setting (not to mention offensive!)

  4. #3 She is right and the process was done deliberately to let the left take over after the collapse.

    #6 I agree that the quote is correct no matter who made it, and if fits with what Hitler and his clones in the West did and are now doing.

  5. 1/
    No, they burned a Christmas tree. But that’s religious intolerance. Somebody must pay for this. There should be an attack on an Embassy somewhere in protest against this despicable video. Christians everywhere are going to start rioting. Maybe a U.S. ambassador will be murdered. Violence will now erupt across the Globe and it’s all our fault!

    Oops, sorry….. wrong religion!

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