News links for Jan 3 2014 – 3

1. Picture of parents of Skype killers indicate that both may be cultural enrichers.

(A ‘British’ man named Ammaz Qureshi and a ‘Norwegian’ woman named Yasmin Chaudry.)

2. General question to readers: In the case of the exploding Minneapolis building, does it not seem that the US government, in the form of Homeland Security, is lying to the general public, putting words in witnesses mouths and destroying evidence before investigators have a chance to look at it? Isn’t that also a crime in the US?

3. Suchdol mayor: Palestinians not welcome

Prague, Jan 3 (?TK) —Palestine’s embassy should move away from Prague-Suchdol because diplomats illegally kept arms and explosives in the embassy’s future seat, violating both Czech and international law, Prague-Suchdol Mayor Petr Hejl said today.

The Prague-Suchdol Town Hall has called on the Czech Foreign Ministry to move the Palestinian Embassy away from its territory.

(Political leaders with this much common sense rarely last in the post-modern era)

4. Court Upholds Willy-Nilly Gadget Searches Along U.S. Border

A federal judge today upheld a President Barack Obama administration policy allowing authorities along the U.S. border to seize and search laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices for any reason.

The decision (.pdf) by U.S. District Judge Edward Korman in New York comes as laptops, and now smartphones, have become virtual extensions of ourselves, housing everything from email to instant-message chats to our papers and effects.

[…] Alarmingly, the government contends the Fourth-Amendment-Free Zone stretches 100 miles inland from the nation’s actual border.

(4th Amendment? I don’t need no steenkin 4th amendment!)

5. Report: Muslim Brotherhood signs pact with al-Qaeda

(This kind of pact is commonly referred to in geopolitical terms as a circle jerk)

6. Nov 2013 video from Al Aqsa’s ‘martyr’s’ brigade showing rockets and issuing threats.

7. ‘Colour blind’ social workers couldn’t see glaring racial clues to Rochdale sex abuse 

(The headline above the photo of course is pure crap. If the social workers were truly color blind they would have held these people to the same standards as white people with no concern as to their ethnic origins. Much like Obama’s America is ‘post racial’ in fact, these social workers were all about race and made all decisions based on race. It is also critically important not to be distracted onto the issue of race when really it is about religion as none of these men where Christian or Hindu, Buddhist or Jew but are almost certainly to a man muslim.)

8. Teens in Muslim burkas try to rob Delco gun shop

9. More than 300 Bibles are confiscated in Malaysia

Islamic authorities in Malaysia have seized more than 300 Bibles from the Bible Society because they use the word Allah to refer to God, officials say.

Bible Society officials told Reuters that two of their members were briefly detained following the seizure.

A court ruled in October that non-Muslims could not use the word Allah to refer to God.

(I have to agree with the mustards on this one. Allah is not God anymore than Lord Cthulhu is Daffy duck. They may not be real creatures but they most certainly have different attributes and Christians are foolish to confuse the essence of compassion and love for the god of hatred, genocide and war)



Thank you Don C, M, Fjordman Richard and all who sent in material. I will try and post more of what came in tonight as well. Somehow, people have to expose what happened in Minneapolis I think. It is becoming clear that a cover up is taking place. This can’t be allowed to happen.


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  1. 2/ If DHS is not lying, priming witnesses and destroying evidence, they’re sure making it look that way. But I suppose it could have been a highly flammable sheep the Somalis were cooking over an open fire on the kitchen floor, I don’t know. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

  2. 7/ The language itself in that ‘official inquiry’ is so blatantly part of the problem, that universities are being used to train people to write such nonsense. ‘The inquiry concluded that it would be “dangerous” and “simplistic” just to explain the men’s actions as a cultural trait.’ ‘It found no direct evidence that professionals willfully ignored the problem out of “political correctness”’. The official inquirers themselves can’t address the problem in plain language because of political correctness (and why the quotation marks?) To whom would a simple statement of fact be ‘dangerous?’ Not to the next lot of abused girls.

  3. True, Al’Lah was just the stone Mo chose not to destroy – his daughters (Al Uzzah; Manah and Al Lat) were also represented along with 290+ other gods and godesses.
    Not to be confused with Jahwe or Jahova. A diffent god, no less bloodthirsty but of a different tribe.

  4. #1 This is typical of Democrat regimes, they lie to the public about their mistakes.

    #8 The only surprising thing is the gun store owner missed.

  5. I recently read the book Girl A, written by one of the victims in the Rochdale child sex slavery case. She was also one of the main prosecution witnesses at the trial of these Mohammedans. It is a truly shocking story, but very revealing about the background to what happened.
    I hope that the impending legal action against Rochdale Social Services does as much damage as possible to them and then the GMP. The inaction of both was absolutely appalling.

  6. 2. Just interesting and while I am sure there is an explanation, news articles are reporting this as having occurred Thursday. Unless you and GoV are a group of psychics, they are reporting the day wrong.

  7. Yucki if he didn’t miss he made a big mistake that is often fatal, never, I repeat never waste your first shot firing a warning shot. Among other things the police can and often do arrest you for endangering the passers by.

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