Explosive oil train collision triggers evacuation in North Dakota

LA Times:

A small town in North Dakota was being partially evacuated Monday evening after a train carrying crude oil collided with another train, setting off a large fire and explosions, according to the local sheriff’s department. […] The North Dakota crash is the fourth serious accident involving trains hauling crude in North America this year.

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5 Replies to “Explosive oil train collision triggers evacuation in North Dakota”

  1. More environmentalist create more damage then if they let it go naturally.

    Crude Oil supposed to be shipped via Oil pipe lines but they are not allowed.

    There is a whole list of environmentalist causing problems that are much worse then this train wreak. Such as Germany not dredging their rivers as they should as a result massive floods.

  2. Warren Buffet owns BNSF the railway transporting oil from North Dakota and Canada. Buffet supports Democrat politicians and several enviromentalist organizations. Doesn’t matter how many people are killed or how many enviromental disasters happen as long as Warren keeps buying those two groups off the pipeline won’t get approved.

    • Anonymous very good point. This is a perfect example of what Karl Marx called useful idiots Or Socialists. Socialism is when the companies work with the government to make a profit.

      Just the sound of that statement makes me want to puke. There was a post on Snowden the other day here on how the government works with Lockheed Martin to sell the F-35 and how Snowden’s information screwed up the deal. It was revolting reading it.

  3. A Building housing a Mosque, Halal market, and apartments has had an explosion and is currently on fire in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis. The Cedar Riverside area is home to a large number of Somali immigrants.

    No word on the cause, could very well just be a natural gas explosion.

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