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8 Replies to “Marks & Spencer on the issue of muslim refusal to scan pork or booze”

  1. The reporter says “it’s a complex issue” – I dont think so: the issue is simple – muslims rule the waves of Britannia, the Brits – at least M & S and other trades kiss mohamedanian arses. Happy now, David CamOron?

  2. Non-traitorous politicians and patriotic businessmen would see simple remedies for that simple issue. The Muslim employee could get a different job. She could leave Islam. She could leave England, go back to Bangladesh.

    How nice if Imam Ajmal Masroor self-repatriated. Faint hope, I guess – seems to be a big cheese in England: politician, TV personality, celebrity victim.

    ‘On Channel 4, he also presented a programme called Make Me a Muslim – he asks six non-Muslims and one lapsed Muslim to follow Islamic teachings for three weeks.’

  3. Another controversy that is being used by Moslems for financial and political gains.
    I think it is better they find work somewhere else that is closer to their desert.
    If they think pork and alcohol is immoral and against their religious teaching, then they should not work in a shop that sells them. If they think money is more important than their full of hypocrisy religious teaching, then they should not impose their religion on others.
    it is just like if one thinks that prostitution is immoral, one should not choose to work in a brothel.

  4. “..it is just like if one thinks that prostitution is immoral, one should not choose to work in a brothel.”

    So… the British way of life is disease-ridden, immoral and degenerative? Not a great comparison choice. 🙂 Putting the Islamist as the greater moral force, when she clearly isn’t. Islam would work if Marks & Spencer removed haram products? No. They would find something else to bitch about. This is their destiny to smaller and smaller specks to peck at, being raised as a flock of chickens.

    It is only in Communism or Fascism that there is nothing of character or conscience-raising in an existence to do exactly as you are told. .

    Therefore, let’s try something different to describe the comparison.

    The Socialists think Democracy is immoral. When they ruin a country into moribund stagnation, they are shocked when workers vote with their feet. That is why they build walls to keep people in.

    Islam thinks Civilization is immoral. When they crush the soul of the nation, they are shocked when the faithful join less-painful sect-versions of the Religion of Peace of those fighting for the right to stand on the least-scorching rock.

    “..it is just like if one thinks that choice is immoral, one should not choose to be offended in a free country.”

  5. The apology and ‘explanation’ are too little too late. It should not have happened in the first place and that it did demonstrates the Dhimmi mind set of this company in the first place and its willingness to kowtow to undercover Jihad, which it continues to do by now permitting them not to work on the food tills, rotation which all employees have to do in the course of their career training if they want to move up the ladder (and, I suspect, there will be loud cries and claims of ‘discrimination’ if Muslims are not promoted high enough or quickly enough despite this hole in their internal CV).

    Whatever, I for one will never darken their door again and if M&S goes down the tubes because of many like me then that will illustrate a basic business rule – “If you want to keep your business, if you want it to remain viable and profitable, then don’t hire Muslims!”

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