News links for Dec. 19 2013 – 1

1. Murderers of Lee Rigby found guilty.

(Do check the comments out at the sun. The paper seems engaged in a game of musical comments as they appear to be removing and then replacing comments as they come in. Very odd)

2. Dead Gaza BDS Advocate Sought Israeli Medical Care

(Nothing hypocritical about this at all. No sir ee. He only wanted YOU to die to boycott Israel)

3. Here is an interesting idea. It might actually be… well good. If you like that early morning diner smell. Good luck ever getting a taxi though.

4. Mubarak may have been thuggish and corrupt, but he was an Egyptian patriot. Morsi will be charged with being an Iranian traitor who conspired to take away the Sinai and turn it over to the terrorist proxies of a Shiite state.

5. I wonder, is it possible that ‘peak oil’ is FOS and in fact, the earth is making oil all the time? 

6. Jihad on Jesus: Militants Firebomb New Christ Statue and Ancient Monastery, Syria

7. Here is a PDF of the actual court documents on the Geller-Spencer case that has been in court for some time now. More details to follow, but here are the papers just released for the public.

8. Lee Rigby trial: Michael Adebolajo police interview

Thank you UK Pete, M, Richard, Fjordman and all who sent in material. Another day of horror in the tard-o-sphere.

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  1. NIGERIA – A total of 1,111 Muslim couples tied the knot at a mass wedding on Thursday in Nigeria’s second largest city of Kano as part of a government to prome stable families. Divorcees and widows were paired up with suitors in a match-making program.

  2. #5 The evidence that the oil is made deep in the earth started coming in during the 90s, hardly anyone heard about it because the idea went against the leftist narrative that the west had to stop consuming oil. It is starting to get out but running into major problems from the leftist whose religious believes demand that the west become a feudal society with them at the top.

  3. Richard,

    I would have used the term oligarchy instead of feudal, but after thought I think your term is more specific and apt.

    Most people believe in this “natural” progression of form of government with feudalism developing after the Fall of Rome.

    Yet during the time of Rome the Parthian Empire was a feudal one. Also pre-Han China also practiced feudalism.

    We tend to think that we have learned from these periods of history and can never repeat them or their mistakes. They are wrong. I admit I too thought that we would never go back. It would either have Democracy or Communism but not monarchy, feudalism or some other form of government. I was wrong

    Let’s call it the Neo-Feudalism. Of course they would be on top. After all they were right and they have the power. If the defeated opposition”bought” into the dogma, could they really be sure of their sincerity. They might reverse the enlightened policies.

    Of course when the time got ready to retire they would hand the reigns over to their kids and other people on their side. The would not have the concept of “Divine Right’, but they will come up with some other “reason”. Divine Right has those religious overtones. They also will not say they are ruling because they are righteous but that terminology smacks of religion. The concept swill be the same; the words will be different

  4. Blue it is my understanding that the feudalism that was practiced in the west was identical to what had evolved in Persia during the Roman Empire, once again the left is showing its love of things not European.

  5. Another sign of the neo feudal thought pattern, the left is trying to return to the era of the God King, look at how the deify their leaders when they are elected President. They are suppose to be so perfect that they are above the law and anyone that disagrees with their new God King has to be destroyed for blasphemy.

  6. We should push the neo-Feudalism label.

    It is accurate and it will evoke revulsion.

    You did it again with the term “GodKing”. They talk about the cult of personality, but maybe God King is more apt. After all Barbara Walters said she thought Obama was the Messiah.

    Even the 1st revolution of the left, the French Revoluiton had its God King & its’ own religion.

    the Cult of the Supreme Being was intended to become the state religion of the new French Republic

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