News links for Nov 29 2013 – 1

1. Police station in Cairo set ablaze during ongoing riots over Pro Vs. anti Islamic theocracy.


3. BBC chairman Lord Patten says political correctness stops politicians speaking the truth on immigration and says Europe’s weak borders have led to rampant crime

It’s proved extremely difficult for political leaders to tell people what they may not want to hear and get elected.

4. Video of car that ran over Lee Rigby driven by his killers. (Article as well)

5. China scrambles jets in air zone to monitor US and Japanese planes

(If the Chinese build their jets the same way they built my flashlight then its the Chinese pilots and the people who live below the flight path that need to worry far more than the Japanese or American flight crews)

6. French jet placed in quarantine after passengers develop symptoms of swine flu and crew discover they had all recently been to Asia

7. Daily Mail coverage of the Lee Rigby murder trial.

Thank you M, UK Pete, Richard, Fjordman and all who sent in material.

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14 Replies to “News links for Nov 29 2013 – 1”

  1. Can anyone tell me why the jihadis in the Lee Rigby cwse are not getting prosecuted for a terrorist act. It was clearly that!!!!1!

  2. #3 Who would have thought the man had that much sense and courage?

    #5 I doubt if any of the US or Japanese planes were in much danger from what I know the Chinese are at least one if not two generations behind both countries in flight and fighter tech.

    #6 I wonder which place was the birth place for this infection?

  3. #4

    And, of course, the police have censored the shit out of the video, and now people are saying it’s a fake. They don’t actually show Rigby getting hit by the car, so someone can always say it didn’t happen. They treat us all like children now. Why are they always so Goddamn stupid?

  4. @Ooh God!

    The reason they don’t charge the Muslim killers as terrorists is because that might lead their eventual defeat, which Western governments obviously do not want to see happen. Our governments want us to be overrun by, and dominated by, Muslims. I do not know why that is, but their actions make their intentions abundantly clear.

    Why isn’t David Cameron just a little bit mad at these guys for dragging a British soldier into the street and beheading him? Cameron’s only response was to start defending Islam – not a trace of anger at the attackers. Cameron, just like our own Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau, are going to keep rushing Muslims into the country until their nothing but a sea of turbans and burkas, and there is nothing any of us can do about it. There is no one to vote for who will end Muslim immigration…

  5. Chris Jones

    It is all about money. They need to feed the ponzi game with people.
    Then fool themselves to believe all people are the same.
    It is a kindergarten mentality as a result of deceptive education system (not poor)

    The result of this is going to be the bloodiest civil wars the world has ever seen much like Pakistan/India. The out come will result of Islam holding much if Europe again.

  6. Ox AO That will be the initial outcome, then the remaining free nations will start working to free Europe, remember North America needs a free Europe as much as they need us.

    • Why do you think that Richard? We never freed Persia, Turkey, Syria or Egypt from Islam when they were all christian countries. We seemed to have drawn a line and let some fall and take back others.

  7. Because the weapons used now are much superior to the weapons used then, the Moslems haven’t been able to stand up to the West in a straight fight since gun powder weapons became the dominate weapon used in war. Granted the reconquest won’t happen in a few short years like WWII, it will be a long drawn out affair where the Moslems keep pushing until we hit back, if they are stupid enough to do it not long after the coming nuclear exchange in the Mideast we willl hit back real hard and liberate the nation used as the staging ground.

    You can use history as a guide to what is going to happen but you have to add in the technological changes and the internationally integrated economy, as I have said on many occasions North America needs a free Europe as much as they need a free North America.

  8. I have to disagree with you Richard. During the Crusades we dominated Islam on the battlefield and we had conviction just not the resources to hold the area. Look at the six crusade as an example of how powerful they were. Today we can dominate Islam on the battlefield but we don’t have the conviction to win.

    We haven’t had a real conviction to do anything since WWII and I don’t see that changing.
    My personal opinion on this is because we have lost our moral guidance as we once had.

  9. Ox AO what lost the Crusades was first the lack of unity among the Europeans and then the way the Moslems were move willing to die, the warfare back then was warrior to warrior and while we in the west had some good warriors they had more good warriors. After gunpowder weapons dominated the battlefield discipline and team work were what won battles, that was when the Islamic conquest went into the coma that lasted until the left gained enough control of the west to semi emasculate the western nations, with the current economic and political messes all caused and dominated by the left in what is sure to be a major economic collapse in the near future and war in the Middle East caused by Irans attempts to bring back the Mahdi their control will collapse.

    We are already seeing signs of this with Putin (former communist and spy) placing himself to be the savior of Christianity, other signs of this are the national defense leagues. Granted Britain has suffered a set back but the others haven’t yet, you can tell how much the left fears them by the intensity of their attacks on the leagues.

    In the short run the left and Islam are going to have victories and Islam will gain control of portions of Europe, but they use to control the Iberian peninsula, Southern France, Sicily and parts of Italy but were kicked out of them. The Western world doesn’t really go to war in full intensity until after one or more major disasters, but once the ordinary people wake up to the threat (because of the disasters) they insists on war to unconditional surrender, they believe in devastating their enemy and putting their boots on the necks of the losers.

  10. Richard.
    Teamwork has always won battles throughout all of history. That is why Islam nearly always loses on the battlefield. Every battle the Crusaders ever fought they were always out numbered. The Dardanelles Gun (Gunpowder) were used by the Ottomans with great defeats on our side. It was the Ottomans that used technology at this time period they learned it from the Mongols.

    said, “Western world doesn’t really go to war in full intensity until after one or more major disasters”

    I am not so sure about that. We had our 9/11 and ended up helping the enemy militarily.
    I believe it is about leadership.

  11. It is about leadership in a time of crisis, if Bush had reacted like FDR the entire nation would have backe him, he didn’t and we now have the situtation where it will take another major disaster (probably bigger then 9-11) to energize the nation. Also in WWII FDR kept the public reminded why we were fighting, in this war they are trying to hide why we are fighting.

    Yes the Ottomans used what was high tech but their victories were limited and in my opinion mainly because gunpowder weapons were not that well understood in the West.

    As for the teamwork, everything I have read says that the Moslems have trouble with teamwork in a disciplined manner when in large groups that was why the Turks kidnapped European kids and raised them to be slave soldiers.

    I will grant you that my statements tend to be less specific then they should, and at times I do skip over sections of history that don’t help support my point, that doesn’t make my point less valid, just less well supported.

  12. I wonder about the character of the current citizens of Europe. They’ve become so wretchedly stupid & passive, can they ever recover the can-do, fighting spirit that’s saved them in the storied past? It might be a cake-walk for the enemy.

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