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3 Replies to “Michael Coren on Afghanistan’s proposal of making stoning women to death, more mainstream”

  1. Personally, I have a problem with expressing whether I think our “intervention” in Afghanistan was “worth it”, and I won’t. My problem is with how would the families of the fallen feel, if they were told it was all for nothing. :/

  2. Human Rights Watch thinks the problem in Afghanistan is “a democracy deficit” and underrepresentation of Muslim women among Shariah lawmakers? That offers more insight into HRW than into Afghanistan.

  3. There is no question that the religion of Islam commands that married Muslims guilty of adultery be put to death by stoning. It is not buried somewhere in the “back pages”, it’s front-and-center in the Hadiths and the Quran. There are three reasons why a Muslim may be killed: 1) Murder of another Muslim where blood-money has not been paid. 2) Apostasy. 3) Adultery committed by married Muslims. To ask them to stop wanting stoning is to ask them to abandon their religion. Why can’t Westerners get it through their thick heads? Muslims do not consider their “human rights” abuses to be wrong, no matter how much people like the Human Rights Watch guy may think so. Westerners are so blind. They think that Judeo Christian values are absolutely universal, and they just can’t see it any other way. The idea that Goliath had a point of view, too, is unthinkable to an “educated” Westerner.

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