News links for Nov 18 2013 – 1

1. Turkish Deputy PM expresses ‘hope’ to see Hagia Sophia as mosque

(I know how he feels. I often express hope that the Al Aqsa mosque be turned into a drive-through BBQ pork ribs joint but I get accused of a hate crime when I do, while the deputy PM of Turkey gets a raise)

2. Articles are appearing everywhere about a Saudi-Israeli alliance against a nuclear Iran. I have my doubts. The KSA is a country where every time a light bulb blows they claim it was because of a Jew. (- Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Infidel) In any case, here are some articles on Israel V Iran:

2a. The Sunday Times UK

2b. Israel cuddles up to France and away from the USA. (I wonder if they bought any US made routers? If so, they should probably shred them)

2c. Israel makes more direct threats of military action than usual. (This article is behind a pay wall at Financial times but you can get it free by registering)

3. Edward Snowden’s father to VG: – Much more is coming

(I would like to take this opportunity to mention that someone I know who designs hardware for the internet has told me that there is no equipment out there, and certainly not in the U.S.A. that does not have a back-door built into it for easy NSA access. There is no communications traffic that is not stored and examined by NSA equipment and software)

4. (Breaking) French Manhunt Under Way After Paris Shootings, Carjacking

French police were searching for a man last seen getting out of the car on the Champs Elysees, releasing the driver, after shootings at the offices of the newspaper Liberation and the headquarters of the bank Societe Generale SA. (GLE)

Authorities believe the attacks were committed by one person, according to state prosecutor Francois Molins. “Given the similarities, we believe they were done by the same individual,” he said at a briefing as he called for help from the public. […]

More information and video here at Sky

(Quite amazing how no information is in that article other than the attacker appears to be a white male. No specifics on the threats or motives at all. Mr. Orwell Meet Franz Kafka. Franz, meet…)

5. Lee Rigby trial begins:

6. Today’s pop quiz question:

Which factor would most likely lead to melting of Antarctic ice cap

1. An increase of 2 or 3 parts per billion of atmospheric CO2 in the atmosphere over 150 years?

2. an active volcano under the ice sheet

7. As Ban Ki-moon visits Auschwitz, time for U.N. to get serious on anti-Semitism

U.N. prefers to compare Israel to Nazis


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    Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, called for the “‘intelligence of the heart’, which inspires us to respect what God is accomplishing in every human being” during the opening session of an interreligious forum in Vienna, Austria, on Monday morning.

    The cardinal spoke at the opening general assembly of the two-day Global Forum of the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and intercultural Dialogue.

    […] ” Interreligious dialogue teaches us: to be careful not to present the religion of the other in a bad light in schools, universities, the mass media and, in particular, in the religious discourse; not to demean the religious convictions of the others, especially when they are not present; to consider diversity – ethnical, cultural, vision of the world – as richness, not as a threat. “

  2. Stockholm mosque hit in pig’s trotters attack

    Police suspect vandalism after pig’s trotters were thrown into a mosque near Stockholm after the windows of the building’s main door were smashed in on Monday morning.

    Police are looking for witnesses in the area and have no suspects so far.

    “In Sweden, pig’s trotters are a traditional dish around Christmas time. You can buy them easily,” Lindgren said.

    The mosque was the focus of attention in the spring as it hosted the first public call to prayer from a mosque in Sweden.

    video :

    Stockholm Fittja moske – May 2013 – Swedish protesters try to disrupt the call to prayer

  3. French police name arrested Paris gun suspect (BBC, Nov 21, 2013)
    “French authorities have named a man arrested on suspicion of carrying out recent gun attacks in Paris as Abdelhakim Dekhar.

    He was taken into custody at about 18:00 GMT from a vehicle in a car park in Bois-Colombes, north-west of Paris.

    Authorities said Dekhar had been jailed in 1998 for his role in a string of fatal shootings in Paris.

    Last Friday a gunman threatened a Paris TV station and on Monday attacked a newspaper office and bank HQ.

    Prosecutors said late on Wednesday that samples of Dekhar’s DNA matched that from the crime scenes….”

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