News links for Nov 12 2013 – 3

1. Iran-o-tard arrested at Montreal airport now facing explosives charges. (pun not intended)

The new charge alleges Antony Piazza attempted to place, or had placed, an object on a plane that was likely to endanger the aircraft or the safety of passengers.

The charge is the most serious of the four against Piazza, an Iranian-born Montrealer who changed his name in the mid-1980s.

2. Spain now allows inspectors to kick in doors without warrant, people suspected of generating their own power by solar, and not paying a special fee to govt. to do so. 

(This begs a few important questions)

3. ‘Swede’ suspected of urging children to go to war

In the video, the man discusses the virtues of dying for Allah and praises the Muslim Brotherhood, of which he is a member.

Swedish Radio News showed the video to Syrians living in Sweden and to legal experts. Some said it indicates that the man is recruiting children as soldiers.

4. Greek Supreme Court puts sharia law before civil law

The Greek Supreme Court has annulled the last will and testament of a deceased Greek Muslim man as it was not compliant with sharia law. The decision overturns the rights of Greek minority Muslims in Thrace to prepare wills under Greek civil law.

Demeter Simeonidou, a Muslim man that lived in Thrace, had prepared his will in accordance with Greek civil law, leaving all his assets to his wife. The will was challenged by the deceased man’s sister who claimed a share of his assets, claiming that the Islamic law of succession does not recognize the right of a Muslim to make a public will.

5. ‘Fear and panic’ of passengers 30,000 feet up after two men threaten to blow up plane, court hears

 Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to escort the Boeing 777 to Stansted Airport after two men threatened to kill people and blow up the plane, court hears

Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to escort the Boeing 777 to Stanstead Airport after two men threatened to kill people and blow up the plane, court hears

Mohammed Safdar (left) and Tayyab Subhani (right) leave Chelmsford Crown Court following Tuesday’s hearing Photo: CHRIS RADBURN/PA

By News agencies

3:37PM GMT 12 Nov 2013

Passengers watched in “fear and panic” as two RAF jets escorted their Boeing 777 to Stansted Airport after two men threatened to blow up the plane, a court has heard.

(You can tell by the bandages on their heads that they must be escaped mental patients who where normally republican extreme right wing people)

Thank you Bear, Fjordman, everyone who sent in material.

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5 Replies to “News links for Nov 12 2013 – 3”

  1. How is Piazza an Iranian name? Many Iranian names are are like Armenian names and easy to spot. They have a suffix of “deh”.

    I would have guessed Italian. It would be interesting to know his background.

    Whatever his background, this guy needs to be gone.

    I discussed the death penalty and public executions with someone and I learned a new term, GORN. No not the creature from star Trek, but gore porn.

    One reason public executions were stopped was because people were not so much warned away from crime or wanted proof that a criminal was executed as it was thought that they got off on it. Authorities did not intend for this to happen.

    Still it would be good to see a criminal like this strung up.

  2. Turkey’s development agency to supply American Indians’ water

    Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency will supply water to people living in the west of the USA

    ANKARA (AA) – Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) will establish a water supply tank for American Indians who live in Oregon, a western state of the USA.

    TIKA stated that 5,000 people living in 700 dwellings and a school of 850 students, in Warm Springs district, will be supplied with water. “TIKA becomes a source of hope to the community,” a written statement issued by TIKA said.

    Assisting community development in different countries, “TIKA will provide thousands of people to enhance their life standards with this project” said the statement.

    Travis Wells, the manager of the project, underlining the vital importance of the water tank, thanked to Turkey and the delegates of TIKA.

    www (dot) aa (dot ) com (dot ) tr/en/news/249910–turkey-s-development-agency-to-supply-american-indians-water

    The donation of $200,000 to American Indians in Oregon was announced in a ceremony at the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C.

    Turkey’s Ambassador to the USA, Nam?k Tan, TIKA President Serdar Çam, Warm Springs Reservation tribal leader Joseph Moses, a number of American-Indians and other guests attended the ceremony.

    Ambassador Tan and TIKA President Çam presented the symbolic check to Moses.

    The donation will be used in bringing water to about 5 thousand American-Indians residing in Warm Springs region.

    Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Presidency (TIKA) will donate $200,000 to American-Indians in Oregon, USA.

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