News links for Nov 11 2013 – 2

1. Our local star, The Sun, seems to be about to go into another minimum sunspot cycle. The bad news is, it may well mean a mini ice age at worst (hopefully) or at least a couple of crappy winters and cool summers, but at least the global warming idiots will finally STFU.

For those interested, there is a documentary about a Danish scientist who confirmed the link between sunspots and global climate, in fact the climate all over the solar system called, ‘The Cloud Mystery’ that is very worth seeing.

2. Rioters leave trail of destruction in Polish capital

(I will have to look into this one. The Polish press frequently misrepresents protests against communism and islam in this way)

3. South Yorkshire Police criticised over child sex victim protection

There is “serious concern” about the protection given by South Yorkshire Police to victims of child sexual exploitation, a watchdog has found.

Leadership by Chief Constable David Crompton was “unclear” to many officers and staff, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) said.

The criticism comes in an HMIC report commissioned by South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright

(This will not go away. Please keep eyes peeled on this site over the coming months)

4. Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei revealed to run £60 BILLION business empire covering everything from oil to ostrich farming


(Islam is not exactly a religion of ascetics is it?)

Thank you Bear, M, Tundra T, Fjordman and all who worked on material for this post.

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  1. #1 Sorry Eeyor, but you will have to pay the Global Cooling tax.

    This tax penalizes who uses more energy and so are being unfair to those who use less.

    The government will administer this.

  2. “Our local star, The Sun, seems to be about to go into another minimum sunspot cycle. ”

    I was dismayed when I read that sentence. My 1st take was that the Toronto sun was not going to report real news like putting a PC leash on Ezra or something like that.

    I thought the sunspot cycle mention was an science analogy.

    Silly me.

  3. #1 I have had courses in modeling. The thing about models is that usually if they fit historical data to closely they are horrible at predicting the future. You can “over” model.

    That was about as clear as mud.

    Let’s put it this way. If you include too many terms and too many variables, you can get a model that will “predict past data sets” with near 100% accuracy”

    The future not so much.

    Now I would not expect a person like Al gore who got a D in science and either does not apply himself or does not care since he is milking it to know or if he knows to tell the public.

  4. I’ve done work on that too, Blue. You always have to laugh at the “?” variable (if Greek doesn’t come through, it sounds like “meu”).

    You’ll have 1000s of simultaneous equations, carefully crafted just as Chris describes. Then, on the end of each equation there’s that teeny-weeny “?”. The stochastic variable stands for random, statistical +/- probability.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Doesn’t matter. There’s big bucks in risk-analysis forecasting, based on such proprietary models. [Can you spell – S-C-A-M – ?]

  5. #1, the sun having a quiet solar peak cycle isn’t something new. Its happened before, and can cause temporary lower than average temps. Its unusual the way its unfolding now, but its not necessarily unique. Scientists know that the solar flux varies by small amounts, and as far as global temperatures go, they track them over at least in terms of decades to average out the fluctuations in solar output, among other things. Regardless of the voracity of global warming, it is a non-sequitur to throw it in in order to toss out global warming. What happens when the next strong cycle comes and the solar flux increases and new high global mean temperatures are seen? Does it mean that global warming is true again? You cant pick and choose the parts of science you want. Both the left and right do this to extremes. The left: your all going to fry tomorrow! The right: better break out your igloo, ice age is coming! The reality seems to be more subtle in a gradual increase in observed averaged mean temperatures with time. The best way to stop the left is to follow what was done in Australia and call it for what it is: socialism mascaraing as environmentalism. Much more effective than cherry picking to try to say global warming is false. That gets you nowhere fast.

  6. Adam

    I buy energy saving light bulbs because over the long run they save me $. Do I care about the environment. Yes I do. But the damn environmental lunatics trotted out CF bulbs. They trotted out a headache. I am much more environmentally conscious than the greens. I garden, I hunt, I fish, I hike, I can (& have ) butchered my own food and have done some (very little ) farm work.

    I have no respect for scientists that claim sea levels will rise 2 or 12 or 20 feet instead of 6 ” on the next 100 years all to scare people.

    I have no respect for scientists that downgrade research on the cloud effect only to have CERN say there is something to it.

    The enviros have made 40 years of predictions and have been very wrong from the Ice age, to hurricane intensity and frequency in the last 15 years and more.

    I have no respect for politicians that want us to to tank our economy now buy going electric immediately and then let India and China double down on any CO2 that we cut. … We can do more resettlement of people from flood prone areas with a strong economy than with one that is in permanent recession.

  7. Blue,

    I agree 100% with the issues of politicizing global warming. One major problem with the science community is that it has essentially no PR arm, and cares little about translating its work to the general public. Instead major science publications are the only outlet. This leads to the problem of having essentially MSM journalists and hacks skimming the record and doing half-assed interviews and then spinning a story out of the research. An interesting thing to do is to find a news story that makes an outrageous claim, and then track it back to the actual science publication. It turns out to be a game of Chinese whispers. The actual findings or conclusions of the science study are more conservative and typically don’t bear much resemblance to what we see trolled by people like Al Gore, MSNBC, Green Peace, etc.

  8. Did you see the article here today: Spain plans to fine people who purchased & installed their own solar panels. They’re no longer subsidizing public utility companies, which is apparently a crime in sunny Spain.

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