News links for Nov 6 2013 – 2

1. Some hard core diversity in Sweden. They should use this as a tourist video!

2. Nigel Farage explains to the EU how they are accomplishing what Guy Fawkes could not.

3. Bruce Bawer also noticed that two Norwegian writers have a rather insulting, degrading (and in my opinion) racist world view and did an article about them.

(I say racist because it is. The racism of lowered expectations. More on that another time.)

4. A video of the protest against the obscenely tilted ‘history’ (read dawa) book in florida schools.

H/T M, Fjordman and many others. Thank you.

There will be more today. I am currently editing a lot of material which takes a lot of time and means fewer posts but those should be posted at some point today.

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  1. SAUDI ARABIA – Saudis detain 16,000 foreigners:

    More than 16,000 migrant workers were detained by Saudi authorities since crackdown began two days ago

    A Saudi-owned newspaper has reported that authorities have detained more than 16,000 migrant workers in the first 48 hours of a nationwide security sweep targeting foreigners working illegally in the kingdom.

    Asharq al-Awsat quoted Saudi officials Wednesday as saying that nearly half of migrants were arrested near the southern border with Yemen. Another 5,000 had been detained in Mecca, where some Muslims stay on illegally after pilgrimage. Less than 1,000 were detained in the main city of Riyadh.

    A resident in the poorer neighborhood of el-Manhoufa in Riyadh told The Associated Press he saw police stopping people outside a mosque after prayers and arresting those who did not have the correct papers on them.

    The sweep is aimed largely at creating more job opportunities for the kingdom’s local workforce.,-foreigners-Report.aspx

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