News links for Oct. 31 2013 – 4

1. Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages

A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called “White Male Club.”

2. Ginger kid not suing zoo for racism,or threatening the ad firm with arrest!l2vx

3. Norway town beams in sun with giant mirrors (Wait, with global warming and all, and Norway is way in there with all that, why would they need this kind of Simpsonesque contraption? Wouldn’t they need to deflect sunlight back into space?)

4. Taqiyah Is Onion Shaped

On October 27, the BBC aired a documentary in which Mo Ansar, a Muslim activist in UK, was shown addressing a group of English Defense League members. He wanted to meet them in order to dispel their misunderstandings of Islam and to prove that Islam poses no threat to their country and their way of life.  How could he do that when Islam’s goal is to become dominant over all religions and nations? Well, he did it like any Muslim would do. He lied.  (Mo’s speech to EDL is at minute 10) […]

5. Saudi sheikh Ali al Hemki declares fatwa against manned missions to Mars


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  1. The one group that is not legally a preferential group, has no government funding, no History Month, but the government pays to tell you they are a preferential group. Class Warfare, North Vietnam style.

  2. #4 Ali Sina says Manji and Judi Yasser are wolves in sheeps clothing. I couldn’t disagree more.

    They are sheep in wolves clothing. They practice wishfull thinking, not taqyya. And that’s fine because their goal is to alter perceptions of what the ideology entails. You can’t achieve anything if you don’t first have wishfull thinking.

    He says the danger they represent is to make us, the targets of the jihad, think the problem will be solved by them alone. But nobody thinks that.

    The reaction has been to lend support, not to leave the problem in their hands.

    If he believes they are wrong and his answer is the way to go then he needs to become more publicly active like they have been. No matter how right he is, arguing from a website won’t alter public perceptions as much as getting on shows like Bill Maher, who’d love to have someone like him.

    I know it’s not a safe option. But if he wants to counter talking heads then he has to become one. You can’t fight a Kaiju with a Smurf.

  3. 1&2, tangentially

    With multiculturalism and continued mass immigration, this phenomenon doesn’t look set to go away, of the future of Western nations being shaped by elected but essentially non-Western leaders like Barack Obama (Geller’s “First Post-American Presidency”) and Christiane Taubira and, on a smaller scale, Edmonton’s Amarjeet Sohi. These examples are politicians-of-colour, or whatever the right pc term is, and a certain amount of the animosity directed toward them will inevitably be race-based. But their race is probably not what stirs most of the public’s anger. Many Americans who loathe Obama as president would vote enthusiastically for Allen West. People are not, in fact, upset about the colour of these politicians’ skins, but about the content of their characters, and how those characters were shaped and informed, and especially in which cultures and systems of belief.

    Though freedom of expression is fast disappearing in the West, we do have a tradition of showing frustration with politicians, and of trying to reduce them to size, through broadly unconstrained satire. But the new non-Western leaders are from protected groups. So while George W. Bush may be mocked by a rodeo clown in a mask, for instance, Barack Obama may not. Bush can be lampooned ad nauseam in the MSM as one or another sort of simian without risk of the charge of racism; Obama cannot. And so on.

    So increasingly we will be in the position of being ruled by politicians whose intention is not to protect the interests of our countries, but to replace our own cultures with theirs, and whom we dare not make fun of while they are about it. We will enforce the new rules on one another and demand punishment even for young offenders. Children have to be taught.

  4. A clear observation don c. on the situation in the West.

    A taboo culture really is a retarded one, because the people do not know how to critically think anymore. They are emotionally overloaded and powerless to act against authority.

    For hundreds of years the Europeans staggered out of their stupor of totalitarian religion and fatalism.

    But two freeloading men, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, dreamed a new utopia of an industrialized world without fathers, having a generous magnanimity between workers. For they saw the traditional family and employment as exploitative, and only a commune society, with a benign dictatorship, would improve lives for all by sharing the burden.

    In 325 AD a polished and finished Christmas story was placed in the hands of the dictator Emperor Constantine. This mind-bending indoctrination fulfilled the Willing-Slave Industry well into America.

    Islam beat the crap out of every child for not memorizing and copying to form, terror was its call. As long as you had People of the Book to tax and booty to steal you could make the disturbed population stand in line. Ease off, and they’d riot in the streets. Islam collapsed as soon as it stopped expanding. The recent influx of immigrants is seen as a revitalized Holy War, that has kick-started their failed ideology.

    And Communism, the ruler of Marx’s faithful, demanded their whole life, to humiliate or praise, defining them to be proud of their smallest features and to their place of usefulness. No one had a calling but a telling. Diversity meant complete submission to the State for there are no Gods or Creeds left to call upon.

    God’s Envy of ‘not sharing and knowing your place’ will now be replaced by Man’s envy. Serving God had meant priests with their mealymouthed oaths and pious claims of unswerving loyalty to the Crown or Sultan; but Man’s envy would have allegiance to the State alone, and that, the politicians could handle at the Petitioning Waterholes.

    Communism wiped out millions of lives, more than the two world-wars combined, through Democide.

    This Socialist idealists holy book, has reached into the Human Rights Acts and Common Purpose policies throughout the West fueled by a resentment of healthy white heterosexual males, (who are tattooing themselves like crazy). The old-order must be destroyed. We see the West is eating its own entrails, proud of not being proud.

  5. #1Didn’t Stalin purge his best generals just before the war? Let’s hope the good guys keep their buttons polished & their powder dry.

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