Bomb detonates at Mosque (Do the Gomer Pyle) killing scores.

In the most recent case of Islamic premature detonation, a car bomb exploded as it was being packed with explosives killing lots of people standing nearby but at least it also got the people building the bomb. Why we allow mosques to be built in Western nations staggers the imagination. This story from Syria. H/T M with thanks.

Second video, Damascus – Oct 25 2013 Barada market

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  1. Car bomb at Syria mosque killed 40, including children: NGO

    The toll from a car bomb explosion at a mosque in Suq Wadi Barada near Damascus Friday soared to at least 40, including seven children, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    The Syrian government and opposition exchanged blame for the carnage in the town.

    Suq Wadi Barada is under rebel control and ringed by troops loyal to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

    “The toll from a car bomb explosion that detonated after Friday prayers in Suq Wadi Barada has risen to 40, including seven children and a woman,” said the Observatory.

    “The number of dead is likely to rise because there are dozens of wounded, most of them in critical condition,” it added.

    State news agency SANA had earlier reported the blast, blaming “terrorists”, the term the Assad regime uses for forces fighting to oust it.–spt.html

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