News links for Oct. 18 2013 – 1

1. Wife of terrorist arrested at PMO shows much to raise eyebrows 

Elmi called her husband of 18 years a gentle man dedicated to his Muslim faith.

“I don’t know why he went to Ottawa,” Elmi said outside the Weston Rd. apartment she shares with Jimale and their seven children. […]  Jimale’s struggles have left him unable to work, said Elmi, who is a stay-at-home mom. She wouldn’t say how they support their family.

2. Suspected al Qaeda attack in Yemen kills 7 soldiers

3. Muslim immigrants get community service for gang rape of 12-year old in Norway

One of the perpetrators was also convicted of raping another thirteen year old victim. He was only ordered to pay a fine for that rape.

4. In France, Christians will be forced to violate their beliefs when it comes to gay marriage. Will Muslims?

5. Tommy Robinson in Al Shabab’s crosshairs. 

(I had to check Mr. Robinson’s twitter account to substantiate this one. Still not 100%)

6. British policing. At least thats what they call it.

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  1. 6/ The Telegraph article by Daniel Hannon refers to another by Douglas Murray about his meeting with Tommy Robinson, currently up at the Spectator. In part it’s a sort of mea culpa by Murray. There are many interesting comments. Perhaps it’s been linked at Vlad Tepes already and I missed it.

    While the article is fair enough to Robinson, Murray puts across that the problem is with “Islamic extremists” rather than with Islam. He’s not everywhere this circumlocutory. And then there’s this:

    Robinson “was aided by the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremism think tank, and it was a close Muslim friend of mine who had been guiding Robinson through some of this who called me up to ask if I would hear Robinson out. I agreed.”

    Did the message go out somehow that whatever the Quilliam Foundation does or says is to be accepted (or at least presented) at face-value ? All very curious.

  2. LONDON – Muslim convert threatened to kill non-Muslim passers-by for drinking beer

    -Jordan Horner, 19, walked around Tower Hamlets berating non-Muslims
    -Members of the ‘Muslim Patrol’ said ‘kill the non-believers’ and threatened to stab people who drank beer
    -Horner pleads guilty to ABH after getting into a fistfight with a passer-by
    -He was previously jailed after telling photographers at Anjem Choudary’s house that they would end up like Lee Rigby

  3. re:#4

    The issue of homosexual marriage is going to be very difficult for all Muslims. If France insists on this and others issues such as burqas, and coming soon, Halal meat, then it going to get tough for Muslims in France.

    I reckon all these issues will be coming to the fore, once our troops are out of Afghanistan – provided we don’t intervene in another Muslims country.

  4. #3 People, who force this multi-cultural enrichment, should be deported to Saudi Arabia, so they can culturally enrich Saudi Arabia, fertilize the soil or become sex slaves.

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