Americans warned of Kenya mall-style terror attack ‘imminent’ in Uganda

NBC News:

Khaled Elfiqi / EPA

Members of the Uganda Army parade during Independence Anniversary celebrations in Rukungiri, Uganda, on Oct. 9. Uganda gained independence from Britain on Oct. 9, 1962.

By Rohit Kachroo and Alexander Smith, NBC News
JOHANNESBURG — The U.S. Embassy in Uganda on Friday warned Americans living in the country of an imminent attack similar to the deadly rampage in Kenya’s Westgate shopping mall just weeks ago.

Americans in the capital Kampala were told to avoid crowded public spaces after the Ugandan government heightened its terror alert to maximum for the first time since al Shabaab bombings in 2010 which killed 79 people. […]

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8 Replies to “Americans warned of Kenya mall-style terror attack ‘imminent’ in Uganda”

  1. “Americans warned of Kenya mall-style terror attack ‘imminent’ in Uganda”

    Surely America warned of Muslim-style attack, a Kenya mall-style attack would be heartburn after alfresco-to-go coffee.

  2. 1. This shows ISI perfidy.
    2. Catch & release or Catch release & monitor?
    3. The left is wrong about Guantanamo, The War on Terror & Islam.

    “Senior al Qaeda leader and former US detainee killed in drone strike in 2012

    He delivered a message from bin Laden to Zarqawi in 2003

    Sometime in 2006, Ghul was transferred to Pakistani custody, but after nearly a year in custody, he was released.

    According to the AP, “former CIA officers who targeted Ghul” said they believed he was released because “he had ties to the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group,” the al Qaeda-linked terror group that is supported by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate”

  3. Does any one see these stories on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC & CNN?

    If we get b_tch slapped by people around the world and many of us die, but it is not reported by the MSM, then did it happen?

  4. When an attack is successful the terrorists will always continue to use that tactic until nations prepare defenses to stop it, in the case of the mall attack letting the customers be armed is a good way to stop this tactic.

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