News links for Oct. 10 2013 – 1

1. $2 Billion NSA Spy Center is Going Up in Flames H/T M

The National Security Agency’s $2 billion mega spy center is going up in flames.

Technical glitches have sparked fiery explosions within the NSA’s newest and largest data storage facility in Utah, destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and delaying the facility’s opening by one year.

2. One in three Somalis are insane says WHO. Some from PTSD and most from drug abuse. (H/T Fjordman)

3. Mohamed Harkat challenges use of security certificates (H/T M)

Mohamed Harkat, an Ottawa man dogged by accusations of terrorist ties for more than a decade, heads to the Supreme Court of Canada today to challenge the constitutionality of national security certificates.

In a submission to the Supreme Court, Harkat’s lawyers argue the process is inconsistent with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because it provides scant information about the allegations he faces.?

4. An update on the Tommy Robinson thing here at Gates of Vienna.

(I myself will refrain from saying much other than to point out the horrors of the ‘Think Tank’ Mr. Robinson joined, the Quilliam foundation. Or was it Quisling? I am awful with names)

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  1. There are two ways to learn about the religion of Islam. On way is to pick up the Quran and the Hadiths and start reading them -like Maj Coughlin did – and the other way is to enroll in a certified Islamic studies course and get a million cubic meters of smoke blown up your ass. Poor Tommy may well get lost in all the smoke when they start laying on with the full-strength taqiyya down at the interfaith institute, or whatever it is. They are as good at lying as we are in computer science and technology. No, I am not trying to be funny or sarcastic. They have taken lying to a higher level than we are even capable of comprehending. Islam is the religion of lying and Allah is the greatest liar of all. He boasts about that in his book. Really…

  2. Eeyore: Personally I believe all the anti-Islamist boards should thank Tommy for what he has already accomplished. Disregard what he is doing now because we honestly don’t have the answers.

  3. 2. There is no way 1/3’s of the population are affected mentally by the war. Well gosh .. what a surprise war sucks. In the US 2006 study found some 42 percent of the women who had abortions had experienced major depression within the last four years. New Zealand University of Otago found 85% are affected mentally by abortions. I am not pro or against abortion.. I just present the facts.

    Really I am not. I kinda like the idea what Sharia law says that a woman can legally kill her child up until the baby is 1 years old. Her kid she can do what she wants with her baby.

    getting off track but it is an interesting statistic.

  4. Ox ao:

    “Personally I believe all the anti-Islamist boards should thank Tommy for what he has already accomplished. Disregard what he is doing now because we honestly don’t have the answers.”

    Yep. No argument from me.

  5. Quisling has just been trumped.

    William Quilliam wasnt merely an anti Imperialist Briton. Nay, he egged on the enemy to kill his compatriots. A substantial number of Norwegians were Nazi or sympathetic to German war aims. perhaps they caught wind of the future of Oslo as an arctic Karachi.

  6. Well, according to psyops tactics there are seven phases to neutralize resistance.

    Looking from the outside, this is my impression.

    Phase 1: Planning.
    Rather than running into the arms of European International Communism as intended, people are returning to a sense of British Identity, Nationhood and family. From Fascism to Christian Conservatism rather than to cry out for a LibLabCon Politically Correct Governing-Class Socialism.
    Phase 2: Target Audience Analysis
    White Heterosexual British Males. These are already under the law to legally discriminate against. Now they are joining a popular movement they will wake themselves up, and will cause a backlash against those traitors, present and past, as they are aware they were betrayed by Ted Heath et al in the name of peace.
    Phase 3: Series Development
    Create White Guilt. Out of thin air create a Collective Identity. Then produce The Narrative. Inform them that White Privilege caused the world’s demise. State that Common Purpose Ideal that everyone in power, from politics to employment, must represent the bridge of an Intergalactic Federation Star-ship. Point out that the protesters are “too White”.
    Phase 4: Product Development and Design
    Then direct a government-funded opposition, a Unite Against Fascism, not to combat the ideology of Islam in whose name innocent people have been killed, but to cause violence at every EDL rally. Then infiltrate the EDL with undercover police and paid agitators who cause violence and disinformation to discredit it.
    Phase 5: Approval
    From the top of the European Executive and their Chino-soviet handlers down to the bottom where the British Prime minister resides.
    Phase 6: Production, Distribution and Dissemination
    Get the public to believe from all media outlets that there is no Islamic threat, just isolated incidents, that the ideology is peaceful towards women, (Communists despise women just as much as Islam does – no beauty or creativity), and that the EDL are just rocking the boat to slow down the progress to Greater Harmony from central control. They’ll even save the climate.
    Offer the EDL leaders incentives an a position in return for cessation, like given to the IRA, to promise to stop constant harassment by the police and to offer wealth and influence.
    Phase 7:Evaluation
    Did it work? Have working men no longer a rallying call? Time will tell.

  7. Re: 2. One in three Somalis are insane says WHO. Some from PTSD and most from drug abuse.

    WHO attributes the insanity of Somalis on the war that has been raging in Somalia for decades.

    This is putting the cart before the horse.

    For years I have been writing, that even among East Africans, Somalis are considered the pits.

  8. There is a great BBC documentary about the origin of the species by Dr Alice Roberts, she’s a bit of a looker with brains. She described the Out of Africa migration. Her favored theory is that everyone outside of Africa is related to a foundation population of 200 individuals. The idea
    Is that the Sahara was impassable. So a tribe about 70,000 years ago lashed together some logs and cross from the horn to Arabia. Genetic research shows that Asians and Europeans converge on these ancestors. I offer wonder what they were so keen to run away from (or in this case sail)
    I suspect it was a mad dash to get away from Proto East Africans. Sad to say that the mad evil bastards have caught up with us. We even have one as President.

  9. Dan

    I find the “Out of Africa” thesis difficult to to believe. Let us assume that 70,000 years ago, Africans left Africa. Then why the remarkable racial differences in appearance and manners, that persist through generations, unless there is racial mixing. Why different skin colour, skin texture, hair colour and texture, bone size, intelligence and mannerisms?

  10. The 200 were probably an isolate. All the genetic evidence suggests a bottleneck of 200 individuals who are the common ancestors of Asians and Europeans.

    The 8 mile raft ride between Djibouti and Aden is the only plausible explanation. It’s a curious echo of Noah and Moses.

  11. Tommy did a lot of good while he was active, I don’t know all of the pressure the Brit Gov was putting on him but you can break anyone if you try hard enough. For this reason Tommy will remain one of Britain’s heroes and with luck will be able to re-enter the right in the future.

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