News links for Oct. 9 2013 – 3

1. Some Jews win the Nobel prize in chemistry

2. Muslims take the gold medal in applied high energy chemistry.

(Search results for ‘bomb in Iraq’ gives 104 million results)

3. More applied high-energy chemistry by the RoP Ramadan scores.

4. Michael Coren covers some classic double standards when it comes to anti-Christian speech or symbols and anti-muslim.

For the record, this clip starts out mocking Richard Dawkins with badly edited video. It needs to be said that his work on evolutionary biology is nothing short of genius and frankly, there is no-one alive who is capable of understanding his books that could not learn something of great value to them. I say this, even if they do not accept the premise or even if they do not believe in Darwinian evolution. For anyone interested, try The Selfish Gene. Just that peek into game theory alone is worth the read. It is a shame that people mock men like Dawkins because his work may not be perfect when what they present as an alternative has far less empirical substance.

Michael Coren. as a public Catholic, may want to read up on the Vatican’s position on Darwin, which is 4 square for it, and is contemptuous of the protestant position of ‘intelligent design’. Just by the way.

(The clip after the one above about the 2 Canadians that needed expensive rescuing from Egypt is also worth watching)

5. French journalist is prosecuted under 19th century press law for questioning Islam during a radio debate

A French journalist is facing a criminal trial under the country’s strict press laws for remarks made during a radio debate about the influence of Islam.

Ivan Rioufol, 61, believes the way he is being treated is an example of how writers are criminalised when the state is able to control the media.

He was summoned to court under strict press laws which date back to the 19th Century following a complaint from a pressure group called the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF).

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  1. As Jews are collecting their well deserved Nobel Prizes, Muhammadans are collecting their well deserved prizes, too. Even this extremely biased CNN article – you will have to read it in full by yourself, I only picked the least controversial part as a teaser – allows only for one conclusion to be drawn… 😉

    Who are the world’s 10 most dangerous terrorists? (CNN, Oct 9, 2013)
    ” … Some are ideologues and planners, others “operational,” and some are both. They think and act in a regional and in some cases a global context. Some of the individuals below have appeared on previous lists compiled by CNN and others, and have lived long enough to warrant a second or third appearance …”

  2. 4. Eeyore – Face reality Richard Dawkins is an idiot. just look at his “The Selfish gene”
    He claims altruism is simply a survival strategy yet he will contradict himself claiming love exists.
    Remember this is the bases of his the book. Please don’t be fooled by him

  3. The attacks by the religious right on the well-supported theory of evolution would be laughable if they weren’t such a distraction from issues that matter. Effort that Americans might devote to keeping mosques out of neighborhoods they waste keeping “creation science” out of their classrooms. Meanwhile the Left says, See, the problem isn’t Islam, it’s religious extremism of all forms.

  4. Dawkins is a mediocre scientist. Can anyone name one of his groundbreaking scientific findings? This old anti-war, hard-left hippie’s position in Oxford is solely to propagandize Darwinism (or Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, as they call it). Hardly a scientific position.

    He is a hobby philosopher at best, with little or no understanding of the field.? That is why he avoids trained logicians and philosophers, like William Lane Craig, like the plague.

    Dawkins is clearly no logician. He is to dim to understand that anything that comes into existence (like our universe, according to scientific consensus) logically requires a cause,? while an ETERNAL entity can logically NOT have a cause. No time before eternal, no point of coming into existence since always there, hence no causality possible.

    When asked about atheism, Dawkins, as most utopians belonging to the cult of “new” atheism, told CNN that Atheists just love peace, life and science. That is utter rubbish. You can love death and hate science and still be 100% atheist as long as you reject theism. CNN of course did not ask any follow-up questions, despite the fact that no one has killed, raped and tortured more innocent people than the atheists. More than 100 million people within less than 100 years.

    Every time fanatic atheists have gotten full power over a nation, from the reign of terror in France to the present day death camps in China, they have turned the nations into atheistic hell-holes.

    Atheists will claim that it had nothing to do with atheism, that there is no causality. Dawkins, the amateur logician, believe he is showing his superiour intellect when he rants about how both Stalin and Hitler had mustaches, ie correlation does not (necessarily) mean causation. To claim that there is no causation between atheists being the worst murdered, torturer and rapists, is just as paralogical and ludicrous as insisting there is no causation between removing breaks from cars and car crashes.

    Furthermore, no wonder Dawkins run away from debates with William Lane Craig. It seems like Dawkins are unable to understand that subjective morality and moral relativism are logically inherent within atheism. The retarded my truth & your truth gibberish combined with the total lack of moral standard within atheism (usually combined with an unhealthy and fanatic godhatred) are the reasons why atheists never in the recorded history of man could build any kind of society. Compare that to Christendom, the greatest civilization the world has ever seen.

    Atheists like to talk about Scandinavia when they talk about their atheistic utopia. Sadly, Scandinavia has traditionally, since the Viking age, always been a place with little crime. However, with MORE atheism, we got MORE murder, rape, divorce, abortion, crime, drug abuse, psychiatric cases, suicide, etc, NOT less.

    Atheists often claim that the communists did it, not the atheists. That is as logical and incoherent as claiming that the Nazis did not kill the Jews, but the Germans. The new atheists that will never pass an opportunity to tell everyone how intelligent and reasonable they are, clearly are unable to understand that their argument is only valid if communism and atheism are mutually exclusive. They are not. If the communists in former USSR and China followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, they would not have massacred tens of millions of innocent people of their own population.

    What we need in Europe, to stand up against the conquering force of Islam, is the kind of conviction, exemplified in Maryam Rostampour and Marzieh Amirzadeh, two Iranian girls, who would rather be executed in prison, then deny their belief in Jesus Christ.

  5. Euro Dude,

    Dawkin’s very public atheism has at least encouraged many people to articulate its fallacies and flaws.

    But what does “Darwinism” mean, in your usage? If you mean natural selection, that’s just a well-attested idea seeing wide practical everyday application. Or are you using the word to describe some notion or other about the origin of the universe?

  6. don c,

    With Darwinism I mean the idea that the only source of the vast complexity of all life on earth that ever existed, can be solely explained by mere chance (with natural selection as some kind of quality control), including the information, digital code and transference of information within DNA, – is chance (ie randomness). Thus giving chance properties that has never been observed, no empirical evidence and not backed up by any mathematical model. In short:

    chance is a magic word to cover ignorance
    chance has no power
    chance has no will
    chance can not produce
    chance can not create
    chance does not have knowledge
    chance does not have information – can not create information
    chance is empty

  7. Having actually read many of Dawins books, which I doubt Michael Coren has done, I understand his language. Maybe it is because he is British and actually uses words according to their dictionary meaning?
    @Euro Dude: Chance has no place in evolution – and while Darwin formulated the first precepts – evolution is a science. There is no such thing as ‘Darwinism’.

    Paedophilia: the condition of being sexually attracted to children. It is not synonimous with child rape. Any more than being attracted to a women who is not attracted to you means you ‘just have to rape her’. Rape is a crime. Child rape should be a capital crime.
    Consenting adults is the key. Thoughts and preferences are not a crime, crime is violence against another person.

    It is such a shame that the level of language proficiency is so low among TV personalities.

  8. #4 Nice link.

    I read the book “A Dark History: The Popes”. The book’s material is not as bad as the title suggests. The scholarship of the book could be a little better. Still it is a fairly good read.

    The Roman Catholic Church is all for science. Pope Urban encouraged Galileo and was his friend. That is not say that Pope Urban may not have had character faults. But Galileo had a surfeit of them. Galileo was put on trial because he pissed off his former friend Pope Urban, the Jesuits, who had been his supporters, many people teaching at universities and others. The list of people Galileo pissed off was long indeed.

    A lot of Protestant churches do teach creationism. But there are so many different denominations.

    God created evolution. Problem solved. I refuse to let radical atheists or others try to corner Christians into you cannot defend yourself because of “turn the other cheek” and you must believe in creationism.

  9. If God created the universe, he created the physics of said universe. We do have a courses university level chemistry called Physical chemistry (or P-Chem) for a reason. And we all know chemistry determines what is possible in biology.

    If you create the physics of a universe everything else is a cascade of things that have to happen.

  10. georgina, I find it strange that you claim to have read numerous of Dawkins’ books and still make pseudo-scientific claims as:

    1. Chance has no place in evolution

    2. There is no such thing as ‘Darwinism’

    This may be a reflection of the lack of philosophical, scientific and logical understanding, conveyed in Dawkins books.

    Have a look at this:

    I can give you many more references, if needed.

    After reading all these Dawkins books, maybe you can answer me:

    A. Who formulated the hypotheses of evolution. Did the hypothesis fulfill all scientific criteria? Falsifiability, empirical indicators etc.

    B. Who, where and when conducted the statistical hypothesis testing? What was the probability.

    Please give science paper(s).

    You claim that Dawkins, in contrast to Micheal Coren (also a Brit, in case you didn’t know), ‘uses words according to their dictionary meaning’. Can you find ANY dictionary before the neo-Marxists butchered academia in post WWII, that uses Dawkins doctored definitions of atheism (strong/weak atheism gibberish).

  11. Eurodude:

    Put in as many hotlinks as you want. Anymore than 2 and it gets held for me to approve to avoid spam but typically I do it within minutes. No need to write ‘dot’ or anything. Its all good if its on topic.

  12. Thanks Eeyore. I will keep that in mind. Great blog, I read it almost daily. Though rarely comment due to time restrictions.

    Thank you for all your hard work, very much appreciated, and very valuable, with a global impact. Thanx 😀

  13. Van G:
    I don’t see how that follows. Many Jewish people are total freaking idiots and others have the most anathema political views and you should feel free to attack those views at will and by whatever means are at your disposal.

    Yes there most certainly are lefty Jews that spout horrific crap that they deserve to be chastised for so please do so. If I had a dollar for every time someone sent me a clip of that Scandinavian woman who said something about Europeans should get used to 3rd world invasion or something, well I could go get a nice dinner at least.

    Let me start the ball rolling.

    Rabbi Baruch Efrati is a myopic idiot of the first order. Civilization does not exist in a vacuum. It needs as many people as possible to participate. If Europe starts to tilt its policies and culture more towards Islam, then the Jews will suffer for it in much the same way they did under the Nazis. This man’s opinions disgust me. They should be ridiculed and exposed.

  14. Euro Dude,

    I got hold of a copy of The Selfish Gene yesterday, thinking I’d look through it again after something like 20 years (the 30th Anniversary Edition: I’d forgotten it was as old as 1976!) then ran up against this on page 1:

    “Is there a meaning to life? What are we for? What is man? After posing the last of these three questions, the eminent zoologist G.G. Simpson put it thus: ‘The point I want to make now is that all attempts to answer that question before 1859 are worthless and that we will be better off if we ignore them completely.’”

    Dawkins footnotes this, and you think he’s going to qualify it somehow, but in fact he amplifies it, making it clear that in his view, pre-1859 answers to all three questions are “worthless except for their (considerable) historical interest.”

    I don’t know what the real value of Dawkin’s contributions to evolutionary theory have been, then and since, but that’s anti-religion polemic, not popular science. Poor way to begin.

  15. Ha, ha, ha, I missed that one 😀

    Why not burn everything from Aristoteles, Sokrates, Platon et al, since none of them offer us anything of value? Obviously every attempt to find the meaning of life before Darwin is utter rubbish.

    To find the meaning and understanding of life post-Darwin, we must turn to Freud. This intellectual Christian-hating giant who had the gift to educate us simpletons, that men are sympathetic to weapons (assault rifles, canons etc) because they all look like erected penises wanting to penetrate something. The sole empirical data and scientific documentation for Freud’s findings are, (paraphrasing) “because I myself believe it to to be true”, “I am not a pervert, and only a hater and sexually oppressed religious bigot, is unable to see that a flag pole is a giant penis saying hello to the sky (symbol for vagina), and has an uncontrollable urge to to kill dad and rape mom”. To make sure that the findings were “objective”, and thus scientific, he asked many of his nutcase patients, – and a substantial minority agreed with his findings. Why on earth would we waste our time reading books from dead old, white men, Aristoteles, Sokrates, Platon et al, when “science” can give us all the answer?

    Ha, ha, ha, what a fanatic nutcase.

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