Australian-born radical Muslim arrested over near-fatal shooting at Aarows sex club

Daily Telegraph:

Arrest over sex club shooting
Milad Bin Ahmad Sha Al-Ahmadzai has been arrested and charged in relation to the shooting of a man outside a sex club. Source: News Limited

AN Australian-born man known to intelligence authorities for his extreme religious views has been charged over an alleged near-fatal shooting outside a sex club in Sydney’s northwest earlier this year.          

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7 Replies to “Australian-born radical Muslim arrested over near-fatal shooting at Aarows sex club”

  1. Eeyore,

    Did you read the story or were you going to see if we did?

    ‘The establishment is a 24-hour gay, bisexual and swingers club.’ –

    So what is our favorite Muslin form the London School of Economics going to say?

    That Milad was only there for the swinging women?

    How does making it with swininging women or gays comport to have no more than 4 wives?

    “He was doing research.That’s it!” /sarc

  2. Milad Bin Ahmad Sha Al-Ahmadzai cannot enter Kuwait or other gulf States, because they are rolling out medical tests to detect if people are gay.

    Poor Milad, he cannot go home. 🙁

  3. Because maybe there is no gay gene? It is a choice or the result of societal pressure?

    If it is due to societal pressure, how many parents or kids who think they are will be willing to continue to knuckle under to societal pressure?

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