Al Shabaab: US Forces Abort Somalia Terror Raid

Sky News:

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US special forces have aborted a mission to capture an al Shabaab leader in Somalia after coming under heavy attack.

Their target was Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr, also known as Ahmed Godane, who claimed responsibility for last month’s Nairobi shopping mall massacre that killed at least 67 people, according to a Somali intelligence official.

A Navy Seal team staged a pre-dawn raid on a house in the southern town of Barawa after swimming ashore before the al Qaeda-linked militants rose for morning prayers.

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15 Replies to “Al Shabaab: US Forces Abort Somalia Terror Raid”

  1. I do not know why we are trying to capture him. You win a war by breaking the enemies will and capacity to resist.

    Killing or capturing a few of their leaders or even 50 percent of their leaders over a 10 year time period will not accomplish this.

    Killing or capturing a few of their leaders or even 50 percent of their leaders in a years time done year after year for a few years might do the trick, but I doubt that also.

    The Eysenck T factor is too high in the Middle East to deter them.

  2. I agree Red.

    Locate his position and destroy it completely then go in with a squad or whatever it takes to make sure he is dead.

    What is the problem? Answer: Obama

  3. Dan

    The Jewish religion was centered on the Temple in Jerusalem. When the Romans destroyed Judaism survived.

    Might Islam survive the destruction of Mecca?

  4. Dan
    said, “Just Nuke Mecca. That’s the end of Islam.”

    It wouldn’t end Islam. But they are always accusing us of terrorism against them. If we Nuked Mecca on Hajj they would at least be right about one thing.

  5. Ox AO – I’m sure a lot us us could handle that burden, put it this way, it would allow me to fall asleep quicker at night knowing that over a Million of these slime balls are with their so-called god, the problem then would be the ones who have invaded our Countries as they would be working from within.

  6. They were trying to capture him because so many people think we should arrest and try all of the terrorists. These people don’t understand we are in a war, a low intensity war of survival.

    Obama and the left are trying to cut the head off the snake, they don’t realize we are fighting a hydra.

  7. Well I say we destroy the monument at Mecca for a start at least and see what happens. But I don’t think we should nuke it or else Western nations will have to pay a freaking guilt tax for eternity. I say we send in like. 15 city of Ottawa workers. Union ones so there is no problems later on, with jack hammers and the usual tools and just smash the thing to rubble and then clean all the debris away and dump them at sea near the body of Osama Bed Linen.

    We would need some soldiers to guard them but they could probably get the job done in a few days max even with union breaks, although we may have to build a Tim Horton’s near by.

    Once the Kabaa is down we see what happens. If it doesn’t work then we take down the ‘holy city of Qom’ in Iran. To make sure there is no leftist blowback, all workers must wear T shirts wit a picture of the now-destroyed 100 foot Buddhas from Afghanistan.

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