News links for Sept. 29 2013 – 3

1. Special report: The punishment was death by stoning. The crime? Having a mobile phone

Two months ago, a young mother of two was stoned to death by her relatives on the order of a tribal court in Pakistan. Her crime: possession of a mobile phone.

Arifa Bibi’s uncle, cousins and others hurled stones and bricks at her until she died, according to media reports. She was buried in a desert far from her village.

2. Muslims Expel 6 Christian Brothers From Village in Egypt

Muslim villagers assembled where the family of Mr. Sabet lives, broke into their furniture and household appliances stores, looted its contents and then destroyed it, looted an adjacent electrical appliances warehouse and a family-owned taxi. Security forces arrived in the village to restore order, but loud speakers were inciting sedition, and hard-line Muslims prowled the streets of the village throwing stones at Coptic homes and calling for revenge.


The Bishop warns that Muslim villagers are now prowling the village chanting against the Copts, demanding the burning of their churches, homes and shops. “A state of extreme tension prevails in the Zakaria village

3. Swedish Government: Press subsidies must depend on attitude to immigration (I’m not sure how to define communist totalitarianism better than this in some senses)

 According to the responsible minister, a “democracy clause” should be included in the new legislation, barring “immigrant-critical” news outlets from receiving the statutory subsidies.

4. A Bin Laden-themed Halloween costume is ‘insulting’, says Sikh community and forces Walmart to remove it from website. (And now its the Sikh community destroying freedom of speech and expression in Western countries. Don’t they get it? If you want to insult AL-Qeada, Bin Laden and that ilk of muslim then make it into a kids costume. Read Freakanomics on how this tactic was used to beat the KKK in the US.)

5. Sectarian Tensions Flare in Myanmar Town

(Sectarian tensions is news speak for when people fight back against Islamic aggression. But I do find it interesting that in all the issues with Buddhists and muslims in Burma, not once have I heard anyone say, “The most important thing to do now is, make sure there is no backlash against the Buddhist community. We implore the muslims to remain calm”. Not once. The backlash BS is always reserved for us. The hated unbeliever and victims of 5 terrorist attacks by muslims per day.)

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  1. 3. This is a sad fact here in Sweden. The whole point with these subsidies is to “secure a diversity of opinions” in a democratic society. XD

    This newspaper that the minister hates does not advocate killing or “hate” against individuals but is critical of the immigration politics and wants to preserve the swedish culture.

  2. #1

    “The Independent” blocks their stories behind a pay wall. Imagine how expensive it would get if you had to pay a recurring subscription fee on every outlet that you get linked to on the internet. Ten bucks a month to FOX, another ten to The National Post, another to the BBC. It can’t work that way…

  3. What is not realized by many, that Hindus, Sikhs and millions of immigrants living in the West of a non-Christian culture, detest Western culture. Unlike Muslims who visibly hate the West, these immigrants do not openly show their dislike, as they are motivated by money.

    If we think that such immigrants, despite being born and educated here, will support us when push comes to shove – forget it. The are here for the money. When that dries up, they will be gone.

  4. Do bear in mind

    It is not Jihadis who threaten the existence of Britain as a historic nation – it is the the so called moderate Muslims, who when significant in numbers, will vote a sharia parliament into existence.

    That will be the end of Britain and the West. Jihadis one can deal with. In fact one cam argue that Jihadi terrorism works in our favour, as they boldly and visibly announce what “moderate” Islam has in store for us in the future.

  5. – DP111

    You’re right, you know. The Anjem Choudary type of Muslim announces his evil intentions so clearly that it’s impossible not to be forewarned, but it’s another thing to watch Tariq Ramadan work over a room full of educated white liberals with his charm and his oh-so-reasonable demeanor. I’ve heard educated white liberals gush over Tariq Ramadan – oblivious to the possibility that such a nice fellow could be deliberately lying or plotting our demise…

  6. 12 donkeys…

    12 car bombs explode across Baghdad during rush hour; 33 killed (CNN, Sept 30, 2013)
    ” A dozen car bombs exploded across Baghdad during rush hour Monday morning, killing 33 people, police in Baghdad said.

    Another 100 people were wounded.

    Most of the blasts struck crowded sections of mainly Shiite areas of Baghdad.

    Iraq’s Sunni-Shiite divide has led to more than 6,000 deaths in 2013.

    The almost daily stream of violence in Iraq is a bitter reminder that the country is still far away from stabilizing.”

  7. All decent christians should dress their boys and girls up in burkas for halloweeen, and maybe the sucked up islamics will get he message, boys wear hijabs, these freaks deserve to be mocked, as the backward halloween monsters that they are

  8. IRAQ At least 54 die in car bombs in Shia areas of Baghdad

    Fourteen car bombs explode across Iraqi capital in apparently co-ordinated attacks

    Altogether 14 car bombs exploded across the Iraqi capital in apparently co-ordinated attacks. It was not clear who was behind them, but hardline Sunni Muslim militants who view Shias as non-believers have been intensifying their insurgency this year.

    Both Sunnis and Shias have crossed into Syria from Iraq to fight on opposite sides of the conflict.

    Al Qaeda’s Iraqi and Syrian branches merged earlier this year to form the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which has claimed responsibility for attacks on both sides of the border.

  9. Iran: Hundreds of satellite dishes confiscated, run over

    Despite illegality, between 50%-70% of Iranian households have satellite dishes, circumnavigating censorship on some foreign media. New report documents regime’s attempt to fight phenomenon

    Pictures published Sunday by the Iranian news agency ISNA document just such a practice. In the images, hundreds of satellite dishes confiscated from residents of the city of Shiraz can be seen placed in the street and then run over by an Iranian army armored personnel carrier.,7340,L-4434607,00.html

    Pics on this page :

  10. 3#. The subsidy method in various areas of the society has been known by us Swedes for decades. The purpose is CONTROL. The strange thing is that the minister says it so clearly.

    It’s very simple. After some time, the market has adapted to the subsidies. You cannot run a newspaper – or a theatre for children – or anything else – without getting subsidies. No new players at the stage can survive. Players who say something “wrong” are killed by cutting their subsidies. The control is total.

    For many years, it was impossible to get any correct information about anything in Sweden. Nowadays, the world of blogs is un unstoppable threat to the traditional medias. For example, they don’t at all like VladTepesblog or Gates of Vienna.

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