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2 Replies to “BBC Live cam and coverage of Kenya”

  1. They suspect that Samantha Lewthwaite, the White Widow’ might be behind some of these attacks. You know the one. The British White girl who married 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay.
    If you criticise Islam you’re supposed to be a racist aren’t you? So how do Islamaphobic racists like ourselves explain people like Lewthwaite? That must be a conundrum for our tiny racist minds.

    One thing about these Nairobi attacks is that the MSM are finding it more and more difficult to explain this one away without using the word ‘Muslim’, especially seeing as the terrorists themselves explicitly allowed non-Muslims to escape unharmed and deliberately targetted non-Muslims. No matter how much Leftards like to hide the truth, eventually it always comes out, but this time it’s coming out fast because this is one incident where the Leftards can’t hide it inside their slippery little hands.

  2. last post should read:

    “terrorists themselves explicitly allowed Muslims to escape unharmed and deliberately targetted non-Muslims”

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