Material related to the attack of the mall in Kenya

1236999_664802363560097_322620115_nThis couple shot dead by the Muslim gunmen in the food court spent their last moments hugging each other. – Kenya mall massacre. Stop the madness. From Facebook

The cell that attacked the mall:

According to the terrorist group the attackers all between the age of 20 and 27 years old, are from numerous countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Syria and Russia and where all trained in Somalia.

2 Kenya attackers from Minnesota, CNN reports

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  1. I’m telling you. Our side should be monitoring Muslims 24-hours-a-day, and if they say one word about “fighting Jihad in the cause of Allah.”, they should be captured and placed in POW camps until such time as the war is over or they die of old age, whichever comes first. Anybody you see at a “protest” dancing around, pointing at the sky, and saying “Allahu Akbar”, is the enemy. That’s all there is to it. We need to put pressure on the Muslim Ummah. Our present approach is the exact opposite of what we should be doing…We are encouraging them by covering for them…

  2. Per Daniel Greenfieldof FPM “One image showed a dead child cuddled up to his dead mother inside a car.”

    I have yet to see that photo.

    The photo you posted I am showing to everyone. I wonder how many will curl up into the fetal position?

  3. So why is it that after every Islamic mass murder atrocity, that ALL Western political leaders, no exception, start by saying that the atrocity has nothing to do with Islam?

    The answer I believe is that the West is waging an undeclared war on Islam, while denying the fact. The reason for this simple – it allows us to invade a disunited Islamic world, using one Islamic state as a jumping off base to destabilize a neighbouring one. This policy has worked since 9/11, but has struck a little difficulty in Syria.

    In war, deception is most important, and the West has no equal in waging war.

  4. DP111:The answer I believe is that the West is waging an undeclared war on Islam…

    Many High Streets are full of immigrants living in one homogenous political-religious zone, with their pedophile rings preying on the kufar, violent attacks on any dissidents who point out truths, and dumbing-down of schools to fit the lower IQ level of this passport-rich population … this ideology of the Frankfurt School to get fascists to do your bidding has not changed, as they tried the Civil Rights and violent Black Power, Women’s Rights and violent Feminism, Gay Rights and violent Activists, Muslim Rights and Al Qaeda. Always allowing violence to break out into a community and divide them. After Hitler, Germany and the quisling nations reverted to hard-core Socialism. After Franco, Spain became neutral and compliant.

    This is the psychology: You push, you upset, you deceive, you allow drugs and fornication in the house, until the father gets so mad he goes into a terrible violent rage to impose his authority. Mother then reveals to the kids how terrible all men are, and to be safe they will never want a father again. The European Union: The Socialist Federation of States. Now America is in their sights.

    Islam therefore is just raising the anti. It is a gift to break the back of civilization and its reluctance to Communism – for you need a far right to swing the pendulum over to the far left. Politicians will convert to Islam, if that is what it takes to bring True Socialism into the world. Emperor Constantine brought forth the Cult of Christianity to weld his empire to a religious yoke that offered it protection, and turned the assault of criticism into unquestioning loyalty or death from blasphemy.

    The biggest jerk-male the world had ever witnessed, Allah’s Dhimmi, brought wholesale into every country to destabilize them. The Middle East on your streets subverting and terrorizing the population who will then run into the saving arms of Communism. All those street cameras, all their data surveillance, all those annual Citizen Disbarring checks to prove you are not a criminal or someone cautioned on a protest march.

    The answer I believe is that the West is waging an undeclared war on Islam…

    No, the undeclared war is on democracy. Tattoos are not a spontaneous flowering of the skin. The prisoners are stressed.

  5. From the photo, “Urban” is not the soul-search in your heart for the missing “T” to compete the saving message “Turban” and all will be well.

    It is the anagram of “Unbar” of released Muslims onto the masses until they are sick of them, and the Communists’ total eradication of them from the Earth will be unopposed. TV re-runs of yesteryear will show the Hitlerite Imams raging against the air and have shows like “Islam’s Henchmen” and “Our Brave Socialist Spys” to entertain the after-work employed.

    Mohammad’s mother was Aamenah daughter of Wahab and she had no pain in child birth, should you ever need to vacate a public place in a hurry.

    [The London School of Islam is busy at these times and away from the keyboard].

  6. As the Muslims were allowed out to exit the mall by the Mujahideen, (those who ‘struggle in the path of Allah’), there were no reports that they pleaded for the kufars’ lives or became martyred for the Religion of Peace so that God’s Glory shone all around…. no, they do what they always do, slip quietly into the night like a Soviet, and be thankful they dodged the bullet this time.

    Allahu Akbar, meaning Dhimmitude is Great.

  7. No, the undeclared war is on democracy. Tattoos are not a spontaneous flowering of the skin. The prisoners are stressed.

    Yes – both Islam, and traditional core values of the Western world.

  8. Well, well, well…….

    I take no joy in this, but here it is….

    I am, if nothing else, unswerving in my solution to the Muslim problem, and I have been that for a few years now.

    Fortunately, those persons who listen to my solution are much less quick now to dismiss it as they were two or three years ago.

    I fully endorse the program of deportation of Muslims.

    I have dealt with the initial response to deportation recomendation that points out the GOOD MUSLIMS, to that I say the “good muslims” have not bothered to manifest themselves in sufficent numbers and as such neither should we bother to differentiate between the “good” or the “bad”.

    The deportation program revolves around and acronym I coined called MAID


    The deportation process will take a course of either selective or large scale deportations and guilt by association, even up 5 degrees of association, will be cause to trigger deportation.

    The process will be funded by seizure and liquidation of the arrestee’s assest with remaining amounts placed into terror vitims funds or to bolster the efforts of groups like JTF-2

    In each case the time from arrest to deportation will take no more than 30 days with the deportee being sent to the Islamic country of his or her choice.

    I find remarkable the number of academic bloggers and writers on the Islamis issue who bluster and cough when presented with this solution but when asked for their own solution, one of efficacy and expediency, are dead silent.

  9. Oh Don and Chris you are doing excatly what terrorists want. Living in fear. The reason academic bloggers and others laugh at your idea is because it is just sad and stupid. You want to punish the majority for the small minority. Do you not realize that this itself will create MORE terrorists just like western foriegn policy has for decades? If you have not many good Muslims then you waren’t trying. There are evil people of all religious and non-religious groups. I’m not saying there isn’t a problem but your solution is far from what needs to be done. How about starting with leaving their countries and groups alone? Drone strikes and US enabled civil wars have killed many more civilians then we would like to think. You have to solve the source of the problem not create more divides with your Hitler-like cleansing.

  10. Andrew: Funny you should mention Hitler. As I recall, our way of dealing with a violent supremacist ideology bent on world domination, two of them actually, Nazism and Shinto, was to fight them as we discovered that appeasement and ignoring them allowed them to get very strong and very dangerous. In fact, by the time the US entered WW2, Japan controlled over 50% of the worlds surface when you include the oceans.

    I wonder if anyone back then said, “If you fight the Nazis you just make more Nazis”. Yes Im sure some probably did and we didn’t enter the war till they had taken a large part of Europe. What a shame. Had they read Hitler’s book and taken him at his word there would have been no Holocaust or WW2. Instead we tried it your way.

    As for drone strikes here is the problem with them, and yes there are problems. Western nations like the US and Israel, have attempted to make armed conflict as compassionate as humanly and technically possible. This means that instead of having a million men storm a beach in France where hundreds of thousands die right away and no one knows the names of any of them, we use intel to find out who exactly represents the real threat to liberal democracy and Western interests and target them. On the surface this sounds great. Less death and far far less collateral damage. Nearly none actually. But the problem is, it fails to create much of a deterrent and it allows historically and geopoliticaly ignorant people to turn up their microscopes to the point where they can know the name of any person who happens to have gotten so much as a splinter from a drone strike which may have saved the lives of thousands of people because of who they successfully targeted.

    I might add, that if we were not doing these actions, you, or many people of like minds to yours, would be condemning the US and Western nations for not doing something about the rabid, ultra-conservative misogynistic and racist actions of Islamic ruling groups such as the Taliban. I notice this because before 911 it was one of the prime criticisms of US foreign policy. And of course once action was taken, the very same people representing the same ideologies suddenly felt it was wrong to interfere with other cultures.

    Tell the women in Afghanistan that. Or the Christians, Jews and diverse people I’m sure you think you represent. The gay people and so on. I think you may find it hard to find one to explain it to.

    Remember, Afghanistan used to be a Buddhist country and many Jewish artifacts have been found there as well before Islamic conquest. Same with Pakistan as a Hindu nation and Egypt was Christian. So a little perspective might help that isolationist bent of yours. Its time to establish what your values actually are, and then think of actual ways to help preserve them. If you don’t do that soon, your options will run out like a Kenyan shopper.

  11. More info on the couple in the “urban” photograph …..and may I say that this one image of all the images of this massacre is as powerful as the photographs of the 911 jumpers.Or the picture of the twisted twin tower steel girders forming a cross.

    Gunned down side by side: Tragedy of British architect who cradled his heavily pregnant girlfriend in his arms as they lay dying after being shot during Kenyan mall massacre

    Read more:

  12. @Andrew,

    Did you drop by to give us a perfect example of what a physical manifestation of a combination words fatuous, ridiculous, vacuous and obscenely moronic looks like?

    Living in fear is the absolute least of the descriptions one could use to label my existence in relations to Muslims. Actively, intelligently, articulately and coherently campaigning for the removal of each and every one of them from our midst would be much more accurate.

    I reality, I have made a great many strides in that direction Andrew and count myself responsible for several men and women, in accordance with our agreement of confidentiality, now running for political office on a minor scale.

    I am also working on the initial stages, here in Alberta and British Columbia, of setting in place a network that will be focused solely on the removal of all Muslims from North America. I have been meet with caution at first, guarded enthusiasm later and now, offers of full and complete support. This from a stunningly wide cross-section of Canadian society.

    Initially, I present the argument of internment and deportation as the only alternative and reasonable solution and, initially, I am met with gasps, clucking and a shaking of heads that conclude with the person or persons statement(s) that, like you, they feel deportation and internment will never work nor would they support it.

    Then I go to work.

    I illustrate the laughable farce of the myth of the “Good Muslim”, a poisonous lie in reality. I show them the Toronto 18, Rhandjida Khariri, Aqza Parvez, Aminna and Sarah Siad, the Shafia women and so many many many more, and not one, not one single Muslim at one of the trial to hold the murderers accountable. Not one Muslim group laying a wreath at a gravesite.

    There is the deafening silence of your laughable “majority” Andrew.

    There is the lie of the “Good Muslim”

    Then I illustrate the conniving, overly litigious, sneering, manipulative, arrogant, egotistical reptile of a pompous windbag Syed B. Soharwardy and his draining of millions of taxpayers dollars to assuage his bruised Muslim sensibilities over a fucking cartoon.

    Then I illustrate the 2500 Muslims wandering the streets of Toronto over another cartoon of the 7th century pedophile and lunatic they worship, blocking traffic and causing havoc.

    Right about then…..minds start to change, I can see it in their faces, questions are asked and answered, website URL’s are given out and in those few minute I have moved closer to the removal of every last vestige of Islam from North America.

    We need to set in place the legal and legislative mechanisms to trigger the production of legal mechanisms such as search, seizure, arrest, internment and deportation orders. We will have that sooner than you think Andrew…..much sooner.

    As for Hitler, your gut wrenching historical amnesia betrays the ignorance that defines you. Hitler was supported by the Grand Mufti Husseini, a man who represented the interests of virtually every single Muslim on the planet. The good Mufti visited Hitler many times seeking a franchise for the death camps so he could spread a little Islamic joy across the Middle East and Africa.

    I am working on the creation of the legal and legislative infrastructure we need to rid ourselves of the Islamic threat in North America.

    First steps have been taken to identify and locate, in detail, every single Muslim in western Canada.

    Additional first steps have been taken to identify and locate, in detail, every single person in the academia, the judiciary, the bureaucratic and political infrastructure, the law enforcement and military infrastructure and the legal industry who actively provide support, in any form, to Muslims.

    Dennis Edney, John Norris, Brydie Bethell, Nathan Whitling, Dr. Trish Fulton, Justin Trudeau are examples and are, in reality, topping these lists. The reasons are clear……treason, sedition and active sympathetic collusion with terrorists and terrorist supporters cannot be allowed to be wrapped in the robes of altruistic defence of democratic freedoms…….they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and punished to that same full extent, in either a court of law or a quasi-judicial tribunal.

    In closing Andrew, trouble me not with an eye-watering view of the river of intellectual discourse that flows through your front yard, I am not impressed with the descendants of those tedious souls who tormented Lincoln to the point of his uttering a sage observance regarding fools and silence. (look it up sometime)

    Oh and one more thing… to living in fear…….I don’t wander around making cutesy anonymous comments on blogs as part of my contribution to the political fabric of Canada and the United States of America…..the Muslims and the RCMP know exactly where to find me……and I know where to find the Muslims…..most of them anyway……as for the RCMP……they’re best found in airports tormenting Polish tourists or, like their Cpl Jim Brown of the Abbotsford BC , RCMP detachment, wrapping young women in Saran Wrap, subjecting them to horrific degradation and humiliation, cutting them with a knife and then posting that charming sickness to the internet (you can look that up sometime too).

    Finally, I will not tolerate the presence of Muslims in this country, men and women who have spat in our faces and bitten the hands of generosity, hospitality and welcome we extended them.

    I will see them removed, mark my words.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  13. Don,

    You are right that Islam is a poison of the human mind, but it only came to the West because of a moral vacuum created by the Socialists. The traditional Christian could not speak openly out against the homo-eroticism of its priests, the removal of fathers from families, and children abandoned between the state-educators and mother-narcissists who worship the single-mother God Bearer, for fear of being imprisoned for Hate Crimes by the politicized police.

    It is into this moral vacuum they have come in their millions to exploit the hemorrhaging welfare of Great Whore of Babylon who knows the value of nothing.

    Muslims therefore, appear on the surface to be superior to The West. Vlad recently posted a link regarding an Imam talking about sex between men and women informing them that the anus is weak and not to be used for sex. However, you would never hear that message in schools, on CBC, BBC or CBS or inside a church. Then, where else can a child learn about the truth about their bodies and conscience acts, if they have no father at home? Only from Islam. Not even here, on this board, would such wisdom be directly broached.

    Islam has been handed on a plate this exclusivity to the truth of nature above nurture. Then those who seek to understand their pain of conflict and not the escape of narcotics and into pleasures, can be misled by Muslims who hide its predatory all-consuming paranoia, and draw people in until it is too late to be an apostate, and hate is their ticket to paradise.

    Islam is a sham. You must do as they say, and not what they do; but it is a travesty that you can no longer say that of today’s politicians and priests, for they do what they say. The Mosque is the only place one can to sit and learn about this truth. A white washed wall offers more protection than none.

    For a female, encouraging a male to corrupt himself and go dirty, gives her a sense of being his Creator and his Fixer. And those females who have walked this path and become disillusioned after their marriage break-ups, are enamored by the hijab and the surety of Islam to hide their shame. It is more righteous a life to be a pig-judger than a pig-maker.

    So, carting Muslims off, will only draw other Nazis to espouse the truth, and for other Charles Mansons to prey on the youth The West had abandoned.

    The America and Britain that subdued the Japanese and Germans to renounce Emperor Hirohito as A God, and Hitler as The Messiah, had a moral compass. Decency was in the average joe and tommy.

    The Western Leaders are fops and reprobates. Islam is our plague. Repentance is well overdue.

  14. Mass Expulsion is the only practical answer to the rising tide of Islam. We cannot fight our way out of it by following the niceties of our own intra-Christian wars. The UK is going to have to expel about 2 million, the French likewise. Germany will have to kick out their Turks before too long.

    My guess however, is that the US will side with the Muslims present in Europe and bomb the indigenous white nations. Europe must begin to look to its own defenses as the demographic nightmare unfolds. The Yanks will side with Algerian, Saudi, Pakistani, Turkish Sunnis once the shit hits the fan, Just as they did in Bosnia.

  15. Don, we can & must be alert, without losing our native Yank & Canuck charm. Let those degenerate Europeans cower under minarets & tyrants in nightgowns: We’re made of tougher stuff.

    It wouldn’t hurt us to run through a few civil defense drills. An infrastructure already exists to enforce draconian quarantine measures if we’re attacked by means of infectious organisms.

  16. Hello there…..its me again…..Don Laird………..

    I am sitting in a coffee shop in Alberta and I am steeped in darkness, outside the blackest of thunderstorms is rolling in, sheets of lightning flashing down…..all matches my mood as I reflect on the murders as detailed above……..and to all of this echo the words of James Fenimore Cooper.

    Ross Langdon was a prize winning architect.

    Elif Yavuz was a malaria-specialist.

    Ross and Elif were madly in love and the manifestation of that love weighed heavily in her stomach.

    Now, because of Islam, “the religion of peace”, Ross, Elif, their unborn child and over 60 other souls are now dead, murdered in the shopping mall massacre in Nairobi, Kenya.

    It appears that the wife of the dead British terrorist, a Muslim convert herself, organized this mass murder……ALLAH BE PRAISED!!!

    When I first laid eyes on the photograph I have included with this email I was wrenched back to those moments when I first saw the rotting corpses of the two lovers, Bosko Brckic and Admira Ismic, the Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo.

    I am reminded of the words I wrote as I looked upon the wretched lie that was their epitaph as they lay rotting in their own gore.

    Now, I look upon a lifeless trio and I am silent.

    I have no words but know this, God would never forgive my sins that would follow were I be given a chance to spend a few minutes with their killers………know this…….Lucifer himself would turn away at the extent of my madness and creativity in preparing their killers for the hereafter.

    There they lay, a last act of love and chivalry as he draped a protecting and loving arm across the love of his life and his unborn child.

    So, tell me now of my grief and rage and how it will pass.

    So, tell me now of my right-wing extremist racist intolerance and Islamophobic rigidity.

    So, tell me now of all the “Good Muslims”

    So, tell me now of “the religion of peace”

    So, tell me now of Allah and the lunatic prophet Muhammad’s love for the unbelievers

    So, tell me now that arrest, internment and deportation of Muslims is ridiculous.

    So, tell me now that the leering self righteous vultures, Dennis Edney, Nathan Whitling, Brydie Bethell and John Norris, vultures who sing the praises of the convicted murderer and unrepentant terrorist, Omar Khadr, and seek to release him from an Alberta prison and set him loose amongst the unsuspecting………sing to me the praises of absolution of the crimes of treason and sedition of these litigating vultures.

    Sing to me the requiem mass that will be the farewell to Omar Khadr’s next victims.

    So, tell me now what you will say and what will you do as a Muslim woman wearing a hijab or a burqa sweeps into your presence and in the wearing of those articles of clothing makes an aggressive, hostile political statement declaring her supremacy and dominance over all in her poisonous gaze?

    So, tell me now what will you say and what will you do the next time you pass a mosque or an Islamic association knowing full well that within those walls are cheers of joy at the deaths of Ross, Elif, their child and the other butchered souls?

    So, tell me now what will you say and what will you do when a Muslim man, sneering, bearded and glowering, eyes filled with his supremacist hatred for you and every single member of your family, stands in your way?

    So, tell me now what will you say to the Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenny, as he urges more immigration from Muslim countries?

    So, tell me now what will you say and what will you do knowing that our Canadian academia, our judiciary, our legal industry and our bureaucratic and political infrastructure have willing bent the entirety of Canada over to be sodomized by Islam and Muslims?

    So tell me now what will you say and what will you do when Muslims run for political office. Muslims like Naheed Nenshi, the leering hypocrite and mayor of Calgary, Alberta, knowing that he refuses to condemn the violence of Muslims and the Koran, knowing that he claims membership in that mythical and poisonous group of murderous humanitarians, the “Good Muslims”?

    So, tell me now my friends, as look across the dinner table into the eyes of the woman you swore and oath to love and protect, as you, in the quiet of the midnight hour, open the bedroom doors of your children and gaze upon the faces of slumbering innocence…….so tell me my friends, knowing the grotesque Islamic threat that looms large at your doorstep and seeks to butcher those gifts….. what will you say and what will you do?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


    For here,
    in a reply column to a blog, on the smallest of scales, is that which tears the world apart….agenda, grudges, zealous opinion…..I? am reminded of a line from the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”……it renders useless the arguments offered by those who, weak of will, follow the murderous direction of others.

    The King of Jerusalem, counseling a young knight on matters of conscience and courage of conviction, responds to one of his questions, he says, ” Even when those who move you be kings or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God you cannot say that I was told by others to do thus or that virtue was not convenient, this will not suffice”.

    History has been repeating itself since God said, “Let there be light”. I find remarkable, the complaint of Man, as he? looks to the? heavens for the source of his troubles, as if God is responsible for all misfortune and misery. Now, as children, we seek to blame others not ourselves. I am reminded of the quintessential example of the obscene futility of war, two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo, they too were aware of the futility of war as they lay dying…….in the silence of their death are volumes truthfully spoken to the cause of peace.


    the brush and oils of the poet and statesman…..painting pictures of those men, women and citizens we should be and can be. Yet far to often we play pathetic beguiled rodents to some tyrant pied piper, to never question why, to never read between the lines, to blindly stuff our fellow man head first into ovens to satisfy the ravings of monsters, to satisfy some twisted sense of nationalistic or religious propriety….in the final analysis our failures render us fully complicit, fully compliant…


    the brush and oils of adventurers, warriors, men of courage and conscience, those for whom going against the grain,? never quitting but unflinching and unswerving in the pursuit of excellence, staring straight? into the storm with grit teeth and clenched fists, a way of life, to the soul. Truly some actions speak louder than words, truly some actions a thunderous, withering roar…..


    those among us who, through the fish-eyed lens and with frequent indifference to their own mortality, capture those moments of our humanity. Sweet fleeting moments of our greatest bravery, suffering, inhumanity, cowardice,? treachery, glory, compassion, triumph and beauty and in so doing leave us with reference, reference that suffers not the passage of time nor distance….

    So it was a photographer who immortalized two young lovers whose fervent wish to be together was denied in life and granted in death…the murderous rhetoric, cancerous platitudes and selfish lies fall away and we are left with bits of glittering glass, shards of a shattered mirror that reflects Man’s inhumanity to Man…..

    In closing, I recall the penultimate paragraph of James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Deer Slayer”….We live in a world of transgressions and selfishness, and no pictures that represent us otherwise can be true; though happily for human nature, gleamings of that pure spirit in whose likeness man has been fashioned, are to be seen, relieving its deformities, and mitigating, if not excusing its crimes.”

    Bosko Brckic and Admira Ismic were then, are now and always will be that gleaming….

    Just a couple of thoughts…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  17. “so tell me my friends, knowing the grotesque Islamic threat that looms large at your doorstep and seeks to butcher those gifts….. what will you say and what will you do?”

    Tell your friends and those who will listen about how evil Islam is? Easier to say than done, because Socialism has programmed them to say all religions are equal, all populations are equal, and all lifestyles are equal. If their fear of ‘not to offend’ can be broken, that it’s OK to have your own values, that desiring to be a ‘nice guy’ is a cop-out to let others make the decisions for you, then realization may creep in.

    And then show them how these Western Governments employ people who are superficial and Diverse without moral character, who will jump into any pocket that pays them for their History Month. Failed lawyers who write bad laws and Political Studies students only know how represent themselves correctly at Court. Both look at the free-world with envy, and believe it their divine right to interfere and skim what they produce, for a ‘fairer world’ of course.

    And the feminist who became a musselma? Who couldn’t see that coming? As a feminist it wasn’t legal to ridicule her resentments, but reward her with Pride at getting more females into board rooms, but she soon discovered her unsatisfied desire for dominance over men could not be filled by anything other than A Man In The Sky Himself- who totally controlled over a billion inadequates across the world. Goddess meets the only thing that will complete with her – Allah Himself.

    Her ego-trip had landed upon the most repressed male-fantasy of salvation since Jehovah personally took Jews out of Egypt. An invert’s sense of masculinity rescued in the mind of a boy who married a sterile middle-aged business woman in order to eat. She got his number. That’s a lot of inadequacy Kool Aid to drink. All she had to do was click her fingers as the most victimous of all victims, and they cowered before her as if The Bride of Allah. She found Mohammad’s dirty little secret was theirs too, and they were all going to play up to it. In her adoration she put the Virgin Mother to shame.

    Death became life. The more innocent, the better. Submit and live like a carpet-dwelling slave, or die. The best sex is to extract even their seed-life so they have absolutely nothing left. From her will simply come another slave. They pass their seed around just hoping that some good soil will give life, while they have none. Longing for a secret child that is free. No laughter and happiness when leaving the mosque. A dark world, that the Communists can only dream of will one day happen to all females.

  18. “… male-fantasy of salvation since Jehovah personally took Jews out of Egypt…”
    But Perfectchild, do you mean Exodus is a lie?!

  19. If you had brought food to the table, I would have gladly responded. I looked for your insight to explain such monstrosities paraded openly as peace, but there was nothing.

    To such a tragic event, you pick up ‘Exodus was a lie’ and want to debate me over it.

    Shame on you.

  20. No no, Perfectchild, please don’t think I meant anything like that. Far be it from me to engage in “debate” with anyone about the Bible. And this is hardly the place for scholarly exegesis.

    But I am here to learn. You teach. What’s more natural?

    Despite years as a devotee to “Gates of Vienna”, et al., I find some of the best exchanges here hard to follow. Collective address, certain expressions allude to larger concepts beyond my ken.

    Your passage upset me by what _seemed_ casual *^*blasphemy*^* in service of a metaphor embedded in psychologist argot. While trained professionals can be extremely useful, the jargan itself is not intuitively self-evident to the casual reader.

    And I’m entirely ignorant – and choose to remain so – of feminist meta-blather. Cant expressly devised to promote divisiveness should be excised from polite discourse.

    As yet I have very little to “bring to the table.” Except for requests for clarification and – what I hope to be taken – as gentle humor. Which has to count for something. N’est-ce pas?

    *^*Don’t get me wrong: Clever blasphemy can be enlightening as well as fun to hear, read, or view.*^*

  21. Hi yucki,

    Because you were non-committal and vague with your posts it made them appear vacuous and I didn’t know if you were a government agency agent-provocateur simply phishing for prejudice by stirring the pot to get a bite so that search-warrants and arrests could be made, a Muslim on the hunt for salacious and useable material to close down this blog, or a Muslim-background person looking at how to escape their own mental prison like many rapists too in conflict who beg to be executed because they can’t help their compulsions after waking up from a dream and finding themselves over the dead body of a child.

    I can reveal that your posts have the potential to inflame and trap the unwary.

    For example you wrote above: “It wouldn’t hurt us to run through a few civil defense drills.” and then state “An infrastructure already exists to enforce draconian quarantine measures if we’re attacked by means of infectious organisms.” This reference could be alluded to the earlier Japanese interment camps in America and to treat people with as as little concern as bacteria.

    However, the American Japanese were not tortured nor abused beyond deep suspicion and that decision may have saved many lives because the Emperor-God faith was so strong that they would have been able to blow themselves up in a crowded street in order to go to heaven. To modern Socialists this knowledge is recoiled from with sanctimonious anti-racist horror, that segregation had been forced on innocent Asian-Americans, whose children are now victim-survivors and entitled to have war-repatriations. School-educated are raised to only see the surface, to ‘you look at my hand’, and not at the other.

    Therefore, the western audience we write for, have all their fears implanted: of global warming, environmental disaster, poverty – and it’s all their fault. Guilt. Religion too says its all their fault, that will not get to heaven if they don’t make efforts to remedy the situation. A Facebook picture of a mother holding a plastic gun to her baby’s head as a joke, sends bleeding hearts palpitating that she be must be imprisoned for doing such a crime… so how much more will a phishing expedition be able to report back to a Brotherhood to aid further knee-jerk reactions to supporting their cause that websites like this are full of racists? That is why your complaining about victimizing the Jews, who are quite capable of defending their own theology, raised the black flag of Dar al-Harb.

    To over-stress a stressed person makes them a push-over as they can take no more, to now accept the bully for whatever they say they are. Homosexuals change the culture to get heterosexuals to pig themselves into sexing strangers as mainstream, and then to point to them and say ‘see, we are the same’ thus allowing them to walk unchallenged in plain sight, as do Muslims point to other religions and say ‘see, we are the same’ or Communists point to socialists and say ‘see, we are the same’. Predators poisoning the atmosphere with fear so they can thrive in it.

    Seduced populations are handed candy they did not earn, thus turning them into allies worried that their fringe benefits, they became dependent upon, may be taken from them again, and so acquiesce to the giver’s demands. Crimes are now not determined by their deeds, but by what the person actually thought whilst doing it. There is not court on earth that can prove what a person thinks, but they rule on it on the bases of Chinese fortune cookies. If you have claimed to have acted out of Group-Think, that is good. If you had acted individually – that is really bad. The Narrative is ‘you must not do things on your own, get back in line with the herd’. All human life is to be scripted as God’s or as procedural-bound – it does not matter a jot to which you belong because for a dictator, it is only that you are a willing-slave, and that there are those in place who are Enforcement Officers. Their arms just have to stretch, and your child is taken away. Zombi-ism is power. Individuals against the narrative are denied any access to resources, disparaged, separated from family, imprisoned and/or killed.

    Jesus stood up to the Muslims of his time. Now we’ve have Communists as well. Both degrade and desensitize their populations. Unleashed, sadism is better than sex, for death is a little bit of life as it animates and energizes them. Public executions will make a comeback as a spectacle, to be seen on TV.

    In Socialist Countries, to be offended on behalf of a Preferentially Affirmed Group by what someone says, makes that someone into a criminal. In Islamic countries to be offended on behalf of deceased persons, gets them killed.

    The unwary do not know this tactic:

    “And I’m entirely ignorant – and choose to remain so – of feminist meta-blather”

    “And I’m entirely ignorant – and choose to remain so.” Do you not know how anti-human this statement is? The questioning and unafraid inquiring mind is all we have to advance our lives and raise us out of sickness and poverty. If a child should emulate you, then another and then another, a slave-master will rule all.

    Feminists, which Muslims hate for it so totally blah blah blah, have a lot to say. When you analyze what they espouse, half is true and half is outraged nuts. The nuts part is the enormous intellectualism for the justification of resentments that needs reinforcing to feeding their fragile egos. They are the superior to all Man and Womankind. The brittleness of their religion is evidence of this fallacy, their need for total validation their weakness.

    “Your passage upset me by what _seemed_ casual *^*blasphemy*^* in service of a metaphor embedded in psychologist argot.”

    When everyone here on this thread had denounced Allah, The Prophet and his Koran as the fictional work of a psychotic mass-murderer, suddenly you change tack and became offended by the “casual *^*blasphemy*^*” that Jehovah, The Chosen People and the Torah were likewise mentioned as works of fable. Yet just before you had posted gleefully “But Perfectchild, do you mean Exodus is a lie?!” knowing fully well the archeologists and historians had come to the same conclusion that the Jewish story was faked and solely employed, (as much as the battles of Hindu Gods of good and evil), to instil the fear of persecution in little children and thus loyalty and submission to ‘The One’ that rescued them and will continue to rescue them.

    So you are disingenuous and Machiavellian at worst, because antisemitism trumps islamo-phobia at the moment in The west, so that more leverage can gained from your feigned upset and your sought-after confirmation that all Jews are evil as all feminists are evil. Because you were not upset in the least.

    This thread explored the mind-set of the Muslims who would divide kuffar from non-kuffar in a shopping mall, and then slaughter as many as they could find. You took it onto a completely different trek so that you have unveiled yourself of the mind of a Musselman.

    If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, and squawks like a duck – it is a duck.

    “Despite years as a devotee to “Gates of Vienna”…

    So I am to believe after many years as a devotee there you were never enlightened. Can’t happen, unless you were from the London school of Islam and “yucki” means to get your hands dirty.

    So my conclusions are you couldn’t find any Hate Crimes there, so you came looking here for new targets, for those just coming out of their stupors and seeing things for what they really are and mistakenly using ad hominems which they had previously been allowed to use against all non-protected individuals, to mop up these weak fledglings as haters.

    “And I’m entirely ignorant …. As yet I have very little to “bring to the table.” Except for requests for clarification and – what I hope to be taken – as gentle humor. Which has to count for something. N’est-ce pas?”

    Waving your hands around has not phased me. You had nothing to bring to this table simply because you could not divide against your kingdom. Those looking over your shoulder would have seen this as apostasy.

    Oui, il est si.

  22. The only way to deal with these animals…and that is what they are…. is to be willing to disregard the rules of humanity (as they do)…and wipe them out like rats. The technology does exist to do this….and we should simply go house to house until they are all wiped out…and then feed the bodies to wild pigs.

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