News links for Saturday Sept 21 2013 – 1

It seems that Saturdays are the really big days for Islamic atrocities against the uninvolved, the weak, the minorities and the decent. I wonder if it could be because the last sermon given at mosques are considered to be the most important of the week and so the imams and so on save all the real hatred, incitement and bile for those ones. I also wonder if the excellent website, has actually had to hire a new person now to help count the ever escalating tard-attacks on the decent people of the world.

Thank you M, Richard, EDL Buck, Wrath of Khan,     who are sending in these reports.

1. Nato troops killed in Afghanistan

A man wearing a uniform of the Afghan security forces has killed three Nato troops in the east of the country, the coalition says.

2. Al Shabab twitter channel bragging about their slaughter of the unbeliever in Nairobi.


(May the unbeliever recognize the threat and fight back for once he does, the threat will end by tea-time tomorrow)

3. More than 50 killed in Iraq funeral bombing

(In Iraq funerals seem to be very bad for the health)

At least 57 people have been killed at a funeral in the mainly Shia Muslim Sadr City district of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

A tent where mourners were gathered was hit by two explosions, one of them detonated by a suicide car bomber.

4. New video of rebel use of Chem-weapons in Syria

Raw footage from the tard brigade

5. It seems Al Shabab’s twitter account was suspended. Interesting.


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3 Replies to “News links for Saturday Sept 21 2013 – 1”

  1. #5 There is no good reason to suspend Al Shabaab’s Twitter account.

    This is just a way for stupid, liberal people to feel good about themselves.

    If it was okay to let Al Shabaab to subscribe to twitter when they were doing terrorism in Somalia that did not hit a significant level of interest in the Western MSM or in the planning stages of this terror operation then what reason would there be now?

    The killed 15 people and wounded 150 and that is over the tripwire of killing 10 people & wounding 100. So now they are bad boys & must be out in a time out!

    -Every time they are connected electronically it might be possible to trace them or to establish a pattern for intel service to get a fix on them somehow. So let them Twitter.
    – The second tweet was so damning let them speak and marginalize themselves. maybe supporters will be embarrassed and wake up and no longer assist them Every guerilla group has a support network. Enough bad press and it will start to dry up.

  2. The Chemical weapons attack happened on the 21st. The UN chemical weapons inspection team entered the country on the 18th.

    This attack, if carried out by the Al Quada rebels, was done soley for the benefit of the UN inspection team. The rebels attacked civilians with chemical weapons so the UN chemical weapons investigation team could investigate it, draw the conclusion that Assad did it and give America the excuse it needs to overtly assist the rebels.

    As sick as it sounds, it looks like the UN chemical weapons investigative team is the decisive factor that precipitated the attack.

    How many reports of chemical weapons use did we hear of BEFORE the UN inspection team entered the country? One would think there would be a lot of cell phone footage of such attacks from before the arrival of the UN inspection team.

    Are we to believe Assad waited 2 years until the arrival of chemical weapons investigators to use chemical weapons?

    So where’s the cameraphone footage of such attacks from BEFORE the arrival of the investigators?

  3. You are right, the Soviets use to do things like this, and while the Dems don’t deliberately kill large numbers of people they will take tragedy’s that their policies create and use them to give the Federal Government more power.

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