The new wave of black racially motivated attacks on white people in the USA

I have been thinking for some days about doing this post. I am still uncertain about the logic of it, not because this isn’t a real issue, but because I am not sure it is something I want to deal with. Also there are some sites that do an excellent job of chronicling this phenomenon and should be read as it is abhorrent that the legacy media treats black racist hate crimes against white people in such a drastically different manner than they do the reverse, and worse, so does the judicial system. Selective enforcement is one of the most necrotic factors in a society in my opinion and must be exposed even if it isn’t the focus of this site directly.

I will post a couple of links here, but I will ask Richard, who has been kind enough to send me series’ of links on this over the last couple of months, if he would be kind enough to please post all relevant links in the comments section. He has quite a collection I am sad to say.

1. 17-Year-Old Arrested For Murder Of Man Captured On Surveillance Tape

2. 5 People Who Were Murdered For Being White in America

Please feel free to add links to similar stories below. Again, this seems to be a trend but not an actual race war but it does need to be talked about and treated equally by the law. A quick read of the book on the Duke Lacrosse team should be enough evidence of the truth of that.

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  1. “complained to police in Rhode Island that people were talking to him through the walls and ceilings of his hotel rooms and sending microwave vibrations into his body to deprive him of sleep.”

    I actually feel some what sorry for this guy. Not totally sorry but somewhat. I think this guy’s sleep schedule was messed up from being on the road and being in hotels. In the article it says he was hearing voices and was paranoid. Well if you are paranoid, you pay more attention to to what you hear. He actually did hear at least some of the voices, which fueled his paranoia. Walls are thin in hotels. There are so many nights when it is past midnight and I have to get up at 6 or before and I can’t get to sleep, because .. people are jerks.

    Hotel staff area little better than animal control. Maybe it is because they have a private employer.

    I ams still betting that part of this was fueled by people like Farahkhan, Sharpton and others. You even see it in the service. Not all but a significant majority lap this stuff up.

    – Walls are thin. Walls have R rating to rate thermal loss but not one for sound proofing. Or at least one that most people know about. Avoid Holiday inns and Best Westerns and similar class of hotel. go one step above. that is unless you are in Canada. In Canada they are or were nice. Canada is cleaner. Or it was.

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