Invading sunni muslims set up illegal sharia courts in Aleppo Syria

I would have to say this video is in the top 4 of all counter-jihad videos I have done since I started this project. I cannot think of a more clear example of how Islam operates. An area is taken over by any means possible, and Islam, a barbaric and primitive system of living beyond the comprehension and imaginations of civilized people, becomes the law, enforced by chimps and brutally and perhaps worse, arbitrarily.

This video has been a three day project by a lot of people and I would like to thank all of them. First of all, M for finding it and sending it, S. Victoria who spent some time with it, and C.B. Sashenka who stayed up all night writing it out and then working with me all day to time it. I sincerely hope you all feel it was worth the effort.

Lastly and mostly, the people who went and made this thing deserve a Pulitzer. I cannot imagine having the courage to be in a room with these jihadis and when told to stop filming managed to just keep on going knowing what would happen to them if they were caught. I hope they are not upset with our translation and republication.

Clip originally found at F Desouche. 

Youtube has disabled embedding for this video.

But you can see it here.



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24 Replies to “Invading sunni muslims set up illegal sharia courts in Aleppo Syria”

  1. Excellent work!

    And these are the “rebels” that Obama, Hollande and if they had let him do it, CamOron, would support? These are the vermin that Sweden will accept “no questions asked, no papers controlled” if they claim “refugee status”?

    With the cowardly politicians of the West and the pigs’ through that the UN has become, Aleppo is not far from London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Ottawa….perhaps it’s just a little further from Aleppo to Moscow.

  2. I am having trouble trusting a source that names itself for a movement that I know little about — Burmese Ninesixnine — is the moniker on the youtube site.

  3. Certainly has the feel of the future about it. Big beards, rubble, desert colours. Caterwauling from the minarets, the tallest structures still standing. Arbitrary arrest and rough justice in a thousand shattered cities. Women in garbage bags. War everywhere.

  4. – don c

    That’s the thing, Don. It’s not that the Egyptian Army is going to conquer your country and roll tanks into your capitol, it’s that things are just going to devolve into something that will very much degrade the quality of our lives. “Big beards, rubble, desert colours. Caterwauling from the minarets…” Yes -.and a whole lot more. As Islam advances, our day-to-day reality will increasingly resemble Israel and Gaza and the West Bank. We will get used to the “daily car-burning” count on the news, and we will get used to rioters throwing rocks and killing people and fanatics blowing themselves up in crowded places. We will get used to it! Then one day we will be so bummed out by how things have become that we will take the enemy up on his offer and we will submit to Islam. That is how it works, folks. Read the Quran immediately!!!

  5. Something like the old Einzatzgruppe or their russian counterparts back in WW2. FSA takes the fight and hands it over to these crazy people…. And some cries about why the world doesnt want to get involved?

  6. Grace: It’s just a Youtube channel with a name which tips the hat to the Buddhists in Burma who are fighting back against Islamic aggression.

  7. Al Maz looks mighty whitey.

    Around minute 6 they are beating on a guy with has kinky hair and who is very dark. He is the blackest guy in the room.

    And yet so many African-Americans want to turn to Islam.

  8. Game-Changer: Signs of the al-Qaeda-Assad Alliance

    What do people make of this?

    I tend to believe it is true. After everyone else is gone, I would not be surprised if they turn on each other.

    I think we are being played.

    Assad has been helping Al Qaeda since 2003. America was too stretched and had too many anti -war demonstrations to do anything about Assad.

    Now Al Qaeda might be grateful, but still turn on Assad at some point because they can and because he is not as pure as the wind driven snow.

    Any thoughts?

  9. @ Don C

    Today is depressing. My first thought at reading the news and seeing videos here & elsewhere is “Planet of the Apes”

    I really cannot see where silverbacks or chimpanzees with a little more intelligence and AK-47s would act any differently.

  10. @ Rita

    Obama, Farahkhan or any of them.

    I am thinking my ancestors should not have been in the Union army. “What difference did it make?”

    A bad difference. They should have sat out the war. They were probably far enough away from the centers of federal power to not be conscripted.

  11. @ chris Jones

    What car burning count? The French government told French TV to not report it, so it did not happen.

    The French government is run by the left. The left is pathetic (from the Ggreek word disease).

    The left is literally pathetic.

  12. AL Maz or some Iman states that playing games (like pool or table football) are useless and are un-Islamic. The bring hatred when someone loses.

    What brings hatred is when someone cannot afford a wife or he has one and he sees the Iman or some other devout Muslims with 4. That brings hatred. That brings real hatred where people go ape-sh/t and destroy civilization and planets.

    Planets come with expiration dates. When that date is up no one knows. solar systems do not work like clockwork like people though 150 years ago. It is much messier. Our system use to be messier. Stuff use to get flung out, sucked or collided all the time. It has just slowed down is all. the biggger stuff is not immune. Maybe an unstable equilibrium is the best way to describe it. Meanwhile these [email protected] act like they are players in Thunderdome.

  13. So if they execute the father with his wife and daughter, will not the son of the family fight harder for the regime. He will no have a grudge (too faint aw word) against jihadis.

    The guy who was anonymously denounced …who gets his stuff?
    That sh/t went on at witch trials in Europe and it is going on now. In neither case was it good.

  14. We have seen revolutionary courts like this in every left wing revolution, videos like this ought to wake up the low information voters, but like Grace they will demand more and more info about the people doing the reporting until they can dismiss the report as a old report that can’t be happening now.

    Welcome to our future if we don’t win this war.

  15. @ Grace

    “Burmese Ninesixnine”?

    Cannot you see the film itself?

    I visited Universal Studies. They show all visitors the fake scenery tricks they use. After that I would watch westerns or whatever movie and serial looking for tell tale signs of fake scenery.

    Now there are digital means to fake stuff. But it all takes time for one.

    For another if you have traveled around the world, you will know if it fits or does not. Aleppo looks a lot like Iraq to me.


  16. The channel name is one made up for this video. Thats all. Burma 969 was a way of saluting the Burmese Buddhist group who are fighting back against Islam. But the video was done by a very respectable French news crew.

  17. @ Chris Jones & Blue

    On the Arabian Peninsula I see it sometimes as an irrational millenia-long effort to take revenge on their crappy environment. So the world is a crappy sandy stony place? So what. We’re going live in it with such hatefulness and stupidity and cruelty that the harshness of the desert will pale in comparison. And they took this propensity for making a wasteland everywhere. In green and pleasant lands they make a social ruin.

  18. @ DonC

    I saw some nice land in Saudi Arabia (in pictures). There were picture so Holsteins too. This is part of the Saudi governments to be self sufficient otr at least more so. It looked like the Great Plains. They were farming wheat. maybe there were using some irrigation. Yes, it would be hot, but still it looked sweet.

    Here is my point. With a little terra forming we could turn the clock back 6,000 years and have river in the Sahara and the Saudi Arabian Peninsula (More or less like Eden).

    But to do that and this is my more important point, we need education for men as well as women. People have to treat each other fairly and with respect. i do not see that happening with Islam.

    I just don’t

    We are more likely to get a global dustball than terra forming.

  19. @ Blue

    I’ve driven around much of Saudi Arabia. The green bits in the pictures you saw may have been down around Najran or in the rain shadow of the mountains. One doesn’t want to exaggerate but it is on the whole fairly gritty. There is interesting geology if geology is your thing but it wasn’t Mohammed’s. Much nicer 6 or maybe 10,000 years ago as you say when it had grasslands and African animals. I don’t see it happening with Islam either. Arabia needs Israelis.

  20. I thought the pictures more in the direction of Jordan. But I do not recall and could not easily find the material.

    I agree most of it is gritty.

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