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3 Replies to “Tommy Robinson’s whole speech in Tower Hamlets sept. 7 2013”

  1. “As part of the assessment, therapists ask intimate questions about sexual practices and childhood memories. Many transsexuals find this excruciating.” -spiegel.de

    A persons psychosis is challenged?

    “The Neuk√∂lln trans man also tried to convince the civil registry not to disclose the gender of his child, but it refused. He has now registered his child as a boy and has given him a male name. However, the youth welfare office is unclear when it comes to the baby’s “gender identity.” Because the child was not born in a hospital but with the help of a midwife, no one can readily confirm what that identity is. It is possible that the boy is in fact a girl: a girl who is a boy in the eyes of the law and officially has no mother.” -spiegel.de

    This is not a problem if the kid goes to a school with coed locker rooms and parents don’t mind girls routinely knocked up at age 12. Kids strip down to show. If adults are not there to monitor activities a lot could go on. It adults stay to monitor, they could be accused of being pedophiles. Some adults might want to monitor (or participate).

    Liberals create so many problems. They are self imposed morons.


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