News links for Sept. 9 2013 – 3

1. Israeli Defense Minister scoffs at democracy in the middle east, states Israeli policy on Syrian issue.

2. Some war footage of Syria where allahu ackbar guys get vaporized by a passing jet.

3. Religious riots kill 31 in India, prompt political blame game

Police evacuated both Hindus and Muslim villagers on Monday in the district of Muzaffarnagar, 80 miles northeast of New Delhi in the state of Uttar Pradesh and at the epicenter of some of the worst communal violence in years.

Others, fearful after attackers beat children and burned property, hid in fields and police stations, or fled in ox carts and tractors on Sunday. The state’s top security official R.M. Srivastava said 31 people were killed in the violence.

H/T Tundra T

4. Hizb’allah prepares for US attack on Syrian targets.

The Shia Muslim group has claimed many Hezbollah members have vanished from their Lebanese homes this week and turned off their cell phones to prevent intelligence agencies from following their movements via spy satellites’ global positioning systems.

Hezbollah’s newsletter Al-Akhbar reported that the Syrian army has mobilized its reserved units that until now have not participated in battle against the rebels. “The Islamic resistance (Hezbollah) has called on all its officers and members to man their positions,” according to Moshe Medallion, a former Israeli police investigator and member of the Israel Security Agency.

5. Man in town hall suggests McCain is guilty of treason against the USA.

(The USA is still a great nation if a person can say this to power and still walk away without consequences, whether I agree with this speaker or not)

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6 Replies to “News links for Sept. 9 2013 – 3”

  1. #2

    I did not see anything suspicious at 59 on the video. The guy looks up, sees the missile, starts to run, and “Wham!”. Yeah, the whole thing could possibly be fake, but I didn’t see any reason to suspect that from the video. One man’s opinion…

    Is McCain, perhaps, more concerned with the reputation of the office of President of the United States than he is with goings-on in Syria? Is he backing Obama because he feels it is the right and patriotic thing to do, whether he wants to or not? I wonder… This is all so bloody mysterious. Who is controlling the mainstream media? Who is telling them to lie and lie and lie and to never criticize Barack Obama and the Democrats? Why don’t they just report the news instead of trying to run the bloody world with their junior communications degrees.

  2. 5/ Man in Town Hall takes McCain to task but McCain backpedals and asks the man to stand for office himself. Then he gives the coward’s answer and claims that answering to a charge of treason is beneath him.
    Firstly, the accuser does not need to stand for office and has expressed no desire to stand for office. As a citizen and member of the Electorate, he has every right to express his concerns, purely as a citizen and not as a politician. McCain seems untroubled because it’s just a one-man assault. What will McCain say when there are ten accusers? Sooner or later, he will have to face up to the inquisition..
    Secondly, his cowardly defeat and his failure to respond to the citizen’s question has done him no favours. He has backed himself into a corner, and he has done so on camera and in front of dozens of witnesses. He has sealed his own fate. His time will come.
    It’s only a crying shame that this was not Obama on the platform. McCain is small fry. Obama is the big fish that has to be snared!

  3. – OX AO

    Oh, my God! Did Kerry really say that? Now Syria and Russia can begin the process of talks and start the long and winding process of presenting the chemical weapons to the “international community”. I knew they weren’t going to attack Syria, they just had to find a way out. Well here it is. Now the Syrians can play clever little Arab games with the Infidels until the cows come home, the invasion will have been averted, and the mainstream media will forget about it so fast your head will spin. That’s it, folks. Finito! I’ll betcha that most Americans still think that foreign affairs is Obama’s strong suit and would vote for him again if he was running today.

    America is now a tribal society and in a tribal society you don’t vote your conscience or by dint of reason and truth, you vote for your tribe. The whole concept of truth and reason is without meaning. You vote for your tribe no matter what – period!

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